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Date posted: September 20, 2011 By Aisha Thai.

Escort: JOANN
Height 5’3”
Stats 34c-24-36
Body Petite
Location Bayswater, W2
Availability 24hrs
Bookings 07747 521 438
30 mins £100 n/a
1 hour £150 £200
90 mins £220 £300
2 hours £280 £360
3 hours £380 £500
4 hours £500 £600



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Joann’s escort feedback and reviews

Follow the page down to see all reviews and feedback about Joann. Remember, you may text in feedback following a booking if you find that the most convenient method. Alternatively you can post a comment below. Aisha welcomes your feedback and fellow punters will also appreciate it.

5 stars -
7 reviews

13-Dec-11 Escorts feedback on Joann by Tony Champagne


“Hi Aisha, the flat is nice and clean but not easy to find (!!) and I expect you will get other calls from the odd ‘lost’ punter! The shower works well and the water was hot. Poor girl thought the booking was for 10.30 and was asleep, which is why she couldn’t hear me knocking on the door. I did offer to cancel and see her another time if she was tired, but she was insistent I stayed while she got ready. Well she certainly made up for the delayed start – I got the full monty – the works, everything – with even more enthusiasm than normal. Round 1, then a professional full body massage followed by round 2. She was going for round 3 and we were already over time. Then the all time show-stopper ….. “you can sleep here if you want” !!! This was a free sleepover ‘because she likes me and I looked very tired’ (there’s a surprise!) so she wasn’t trying to scam you. I can’t believe your girls – that kind ‘offer’ has never happened to me before and with Nana cooking me three course meals I think I have died and gone to heaven at Invasian !! I will be in town next Tuesday evening and it’s time I treated myself – I’ve had the rest now it’s time for the best …. is Aisha free about 10.30pm ?”

- Tony Champagne, 90 minutes incall, 13.12.11 10pm

25-Nov-11 Escorts feedback on Joann by Tony Champagne


“Hi Aisha, sorry this is a bit late but just to let you know, I had an awesome booking with Joann earlier this week. I still recall our first meeting – I’ve seen her 3 times now – when she said “I want to be as good as Aisha – tell me what she does and I will try and do it for you”. Well Aisha is special to me and no one will be better – she is just magic but trust me, Joann is trying very hard. On our first session she was almost a novice and this week she was almost fisted – amazing. I’ll be booking her next week!! You can recommend her with confidence – even her WS delivery has improved!! Have a good weekend. Tony”

- Tony Champagne, 1hr incall, 23.11.11 2pm

29-Oct-11 Escorts feedback on Joann by John


“Joann was very good thanks.”

- John, 1hr incall, 29.10.11 7:30pm

16-Oct-11 Escorts feedback on Joann by Bruce


“Please thank Joann from me I had a great time. Thank you.”

- Bruce, 1hr incall, 16.10.11 10:20pm

5-Oct-11 Escorts feedback on Joann by Pedro


“Joann was a delightful date this evening. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. A very sweet and charming girl but absolutely top service. I don’t punt very often but I might do so more often! Arrangements were very efficient as always. I don’t punt much but use your service almost exclusively. I’ll be trying another soon. Lack of repeats in no way reflects on the girls. When I do repeat it’ll be a difficult decision!”

- Pedro, 1hr incall, 5.10.11 9pm

4-Oct-11 Escorts Feedback: Joann, by Worldpunter


“Hi Aisha, Thanks for directing me to Joann. I can see why. She is an all service girl wanting to please her client. She would not say no to anything.

She was dressed as I asked , black stockings and suspender belt, a black thong and bra. She has soft natural breasts, and when I didn’t squeeze them enough she did herself.

She just loved her pussy and bum licked and let me do it a long time for her. She had the bath ready and offered drinks, and never asked for the money first, all the things I like in Thai girls. She told me I was the most handsome man/customer she has had in London. She says all the things the punter wants to hear.

She likes An*l, I didn’t try. She gave me WS in the bath and let me watch a little as she peed later. She likes kissing, OWO she rimmed me and sucked hard on my balls.

She got on top in reverse cowgirl so I could see her bum while she f**ked me. Then asked me to CIM and she insisted on swallowing all.

She is attractive, a bit tall for me ,she has a slight tummy ,says she put on 3 kilos here in London. Lovely eyes, no tattoos, soft skin and soft breasts. She let me suck on her toes, nothing was too much trouble for her. She wants to make money ,she is hungry for work, pleases her customers. She will do well for you. All her reviews I agree with.”

- Worldpunter, 1hr incall, 1.10.11 2pm

4-Oct-11 Escorts feedback: Joann, by TonyChampagne


“Oh my God ….. I’d originally booked Joann for 1 hour, but after only 5 minutes I decided to add another 30 minutes, I just knew she was going to be an absolute treat. If I’d had the time, I would still be there !

Joann is another great recommendation from Tom and her other reviews on the website are spot on. I don’t share David’s view that she is better than Aisha – no one is better than Aisha (!!) but she does have the same ‘customer service ethic’ as Aisha, where the customer is important and comes first (excuse the pun). She is new to this but really eager to learn fast. She’s very pretty (better than her photos) kisses softly and is very affectionate – a true GFE but she wants to add the PSE to her skill base. When I arrived, she didn’t know what watersports and snowballing was – but she did by the time I left ! She was really enthusiastic about trying these little favourites of mine and actually eager to learn ‘new things to make the customer happy’. She’s only been working for less than a month but has already ticked anal off her ‘to do’ list.

I will definitely see her again soon – she will become a favourite of mine. However there are things that Aisha does (sorry again David) where Joann is light years away from catching her up but she is trying really hard to follow in Aisha’s footsteps, so why don’t you book her and give her a hand – she need you and me to practice on ! You will not be disappointed, this one is a rare jem. Tony Champagne.”

- TonyChampagne, 90 mins incall, 28.9.11 4:30pm

4-Oct-11 Escorts feedback: Joann, David’s 2nd booking


“Joann is a gem. I saw her for the second time, and she just gets better and better. Aisha is truly building an agency that is a cut above the rest. Aisha’s attitude is contagious, and you can definitely tell this is not the typical london agency.

I cannot wait to try more of aisha’s hand-picked ladies. But for now it will be very difficult to stop seeing Joann!”

- David, 1hr incall, 25.9.11 5pm

29-Sep-11 Escorts Feedback: Joann, Queensway


“I’m going to do this in reverse … the conclusion is to go and see Joann and have yourself a lot of fun.

Joann is a sweet woman, and what the pictures don’t show is that she is one of those women who have a wonderful sensual cat-like quality, looking at her stretched out on the bed caused a definite reaction. She has only been in London a few weeks and to some extent she’s a bit of a diamond in the rough. There were a few minor cons: there was no bath run, she ran one and we had fun in it and while waiting for it to run so no disaster; she forgot to put the music on, to be honest I didn’t miss it; lastly, and this is annoying, she played with her mobile phone during our session. I’ve been spoiled by Aisha’s fantastic attention to detail, those of you who’ve visited Aisha will understand.

Joann is pretty, easy to get along with and a lot of fun. We did all sorts of things and I suspect she’s happy with many more things than I would try. She left me panting, covered in sweat with a big smile on my face, and then she got me hard again and wanted more! I had a lot of fun with Joann, I will see her again, and I suspect she’ll get better and better with time.”

- Adrian, 2hr incall, 3pm, 27.9.11

22-Sep-11 Escorts Feedback: Queensway, Joann, 22.9.11

“Joann was nothing short of amazing. Just the right blend of sweet, girl next door and pure sex-on-a-stick. She made me feel like I was the king of the universe. I could have stayed with her all day long.”

- David, 1hr incall, 5:30pm 22.9.11

21-Sep-11 Escort Feedback: Joann, Queensway


“Thanks. Feel free to put this onto your website. She is by far the best girl on your website, dare I say it, even better than Aisha

- Graham, 1hr incall, 8pm 21.9.11

21-Sep-11 Escorts Feedback: Joann, Queensway, Incall


“Hi Aisha – had a bad experience with one of your girls a few months back but a mate has persuaded me to try again. What about 2:30pm today who is available? Like the look of Joann and Maylo, but happy to take recommendations among Cherry, Maria or Nana. Or Aisha obviously! Hope to hear back. Luke.”


After speaking with Luke he decided on booking Joann for incall in Queensway. Prior to the appointment the reception sent the following:


“Luke, I do remember your booking with **name-removed** going bad. We didn’t debrief after the incident and so didn’t have on record bad feedback for **name-removed**. As you will see she is no longer on our website due to other cases of negative feedback ruling out her as being good enough for Aisha’s site. She was never very busy so with such low numbers of bookings it takes longer to build up enough negative feedback to warrant her expulsion from the portfolio. Please do provide feedback on Joann, even just a few words…”


Following the booking the client replied:


“Excellent girl – how about this for feedback on Joann; ‘just the right combination of asian submissiveness and down right raunch’.”

- Luke, 1hr incall, 2:30pm 21.9.11


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