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Date posted: November 10, 2011 By Aisha Thai.

Archived content relating to the now retired escort Grace consists of:

- The site update announcement of her offering escort services through this website, originally published 27th April 2010;

- Grace’s photo gallery that made up her personal page when she was active on the Invasian portfolio.

PLEASE NOTE: Grace is no longer available for bookings.

Grace of Bayswater joins INVASIAN

  • Apr – 27

Hi. Good morning na ka!

This Aisha speaking. Just let you guys knowing is being new update come on-line now. Sorry I know is delaying little bit from what I promise last week. But is having do very hard work for make everything looking good.

For sure I want my site looking the best. More than 100% I wanting this because all good feedback getting from all the punter following Invasian is tell me. Thank you for say kind words. But must let you know is make me feel more tired from work hard for keep make the site looking beautiful.

Anyway, enough sure I talking about the site. Now let’s talking about the new pu**y! Yes my best thing for talking about. OK maybe my second best thing talking about. All you guys is knowing how girls like me love the UK sausage! Not my fault! Really, in Thailand we not get big sausage like here for enjoy so I think lucky for me come work here.

So, new update today the is my friend Grace, working the Bayswater has gallery now for you enjoy. Not look too hard na, you is go blind sure. Maybe little mouse get hurt if you clicking too much too.
Grace she first come London not long now. Well feel not long before anyway. Last summer the 2009 she start work come stay same road my old flat before in the Lancaster Gate.
I go for meeting one friend for work together and Grace living there so I go saying to Hi Hello for her. Was cute. She looking fresh. Ready for hungry person same me bite them! Heeheee. (Not tell them please, they scared sure!)

About Grace looks. She is the very sexy girl but is different most the rest the girls. She Thai but looking same the Spanish. I like joke Grace calling her J-Lo.

Is funny alot the people same the student from the shopping and bars Queensway is misunderstand her for same them Spanish and is try speak the Latin her. And sure the Europe guys all love her style and is try speak sweet for her. Funny because headache she get try stay away everybody asking her question but not speak English every time she is going the shopping on the Queensway. They is try with me one time before I going the Boots Queensway. Maybe 4 young guy all them try for stop me ask me come drink with them the pub. They is all look cool guy wear the sunglasses. You know my style character joke the guy. I is just keep say “Que?” “Que?” same the Manuel from English TV funny show. All the UK people is laugh a lot stand form outside the pub, this joke them love but 4 Spanish guy them confuse and after shy from little petite girl. Heehee heee.

About Grace character. (Sorry I not sure I spell 100%). She is lovely girl. Not same many the girl just like to keep gossip gossip. When first meeting her I feel looking myself when am younger girl first start work in Bangkok. Her style for keep quiet and listen so she learn quickly. Most time she know everything already and can sit listen them other person talking them know everything same pro but really just full the buffalo pooh.

Grace work style is very active for learn new thing and try the new fun experiences. Her style never for show scare or if she excited, yes this can scare some the guy think them same Rocky, but when she get serious for sex she is do full work out same the pro sports do exercise for them enjoy. Trust me I is hear from another room. And is see the guy walk out same he lost something very private form him! Just why she remind me myself!



Gallery of escort Grace in Bayswater W2

  • Grace – Lethal dose of Passion
  • In-call Escort Bookings: Bayswater, London W2
  • Tube Stations: Bayswater, Queensway
  • Hours available: Normally 9am till 1am
  • Provides Out-call Services: Yes
  • *Promotional Discount Rates apply*

Gallery of images of Grace, a top escort operating from Bayswater London W2. Her services are available through this site.

Grace provides in-call services from her base in Bayswater, Central London, W2 postal code. She also offers out-call services. Any enquiries that we may help you with or should you wish to fulfill your desires, don’t hesitate to contact us. Organising your dream appointment is only one phone call away on 07747 521 438. For more information please visit the bookings page.


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