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Date posted: November 10, 2011 By Aisha Thai.

This page is dedicated to all content published concerning Iris, now retired, who was once listed for a short time with Invasian, before being pressured to leave by a rival agency.

Readers will find the original post that introduced Iris, first published on May 1st 2010.

Following that is her gallery featuring her studio photos and also includes several custom artwork images created exclusively for Invasian.


UPDATE: Young escort Iris of Bayswater.

  • 1st May 2010

Iris, currently one of the most in demand is shown here in an exclusive artistic rendition of one of the signature photographs taken from her latest photo-shoot. It is the aforementioned photo-shoot of Iris, taken to promote her that has caused such a large positive interest in Iris. Shown here in this post as it constitutes the confirmation that Iris is now available.

Hi everyone. Hope you is doing well and have the good day today. Yes I know is sad weather in London but not worry have the good news for all you horny guys. Good news for forget cold weather and start to think the about the hot Thai girl!
Same I promise at start the week I having the new update you keep for asking about.
Today’s update is having my good friend, name Iris. Iris is the one young hot Thai escort working in the Bayswater/Queensway area. Have her lovely photo just up top the post. Yes no worry cartoon graphics, she is the very sexy young Thai girl have been wet dreaming for. Iris is for sure one of the most popular just now.
My feeling is the exciting time because have too many the Punter keep for ask about Iris. I thinking maybe two week before have many the Punter from the forums is to keep talking about Iris. And same is everyday my customer keep for ask me having the Iris for booking.

Latest photos featuring Iris.

Another exclusive artistic manipulation of one of the photographs produced for the portfolio of the sensational Iris. This particular artists rendition is applied to a contemporary Cowgirl style photo of the model Iris, and clashes a 1970's Rock n' Roll background with a centre fixed neon glow silhouette surrounding the model. The inspiration for creating this effect comes from the carefree happy-go-lucky attitude of Iris, repeatedly described as the most playful character available.

For sure is Iris new photo she is take that is make the Punters going mad for try a taste of her. New photo she take only last month and is first update for her photos she do from first time when she start work the last summer. Not many time girls who is staying here long time already is get that much attention just from take the new photo. But when I seeing her new photo I understand.
And really her new photo make me shock. Is 1000% better than her last photo-shoot. New photo show how she look really when you see her for your own eye. Young, soft skin, eyes same like a sexy cat and beautiful ass.
Why her photo is be big difference have the reason who Photographer do the photo-shoot. Have two different studio do about 80% all the escort photos in London. For new photo she change photograph guy and go try the other studio. This same guy do my photo with me wear the Supergirl panties. He is excellent take the photo and having do start time before I even get born. I just hear two week ago that him retire and not be take any photo any more. Is lucky Iris get chance for do photo with him before he finish. And lucky for us too enjoying look sexy photo. Must say thanks for photographer and wish him good luck for future.

Iris can do duo booking together with Scarlett, Grace or with Natasha. Or can book all four them same time if you think you Superman and no have play football next day!
They all very good friends so them work very good with each other. And also I can do duo booking with Iris as well na! This I wanting do alot because I not work with her before and after looking her photo all week am feel very horny wanting same bite Iris young ass. I upset because Thursday my regular customer I do the duo with for checking new girl have to cancel booking with me and Iris duo. So come on punters make me happy lets going together taste this young spicy girl na!


Ambiguous Oriental Pictures

Yes I knowing you thinking this word ambiguous is the very big word for me say and I how I can understand this. No is not me go the school for learn English. Only time I wear schoolgirl when boom boom with the horny London guys! This words I taking from forum. Is good thinking in my mind for me showing here because is the problem a lot for choosing the girl and easy for get confuse and not good idea sure when you spend the money. This what I mean is make important here on my site.

“…on Asian (Name-Removed) site is Alice (advertised as Iris on most other sites) and Isis the same person too, as their pics/stats look awfully similar…?”

Iris from Bayswater / Queensway area of Central London. Her latest photos having been released on this site since she joined Invasian. Currently with the best promotional rates on the web.

Ok is time for stop and finish get Punter confuse, and I not want my customer confuse.

Please them look confuse enough after them c*m! Iris is start work from last year about August I thinking. She on most the top sites and use the name Iris from first time she start. On two other site them give the name Lisa for her. And on one more site they use her old photo for name Isis, and her new photo for name Alice to try showing have two girl! Yes is easy for get confuse enough when you feeling horny and much more confuse when someone trying have the plan to get you confuse. Sorry I think my English get you confuse now! Sometimes I’m a bad schoolgirl, are you spank me now please?

Iris photograph gallery

Exclusive artwork created INVASIAN escort agency.

Iris from Bayswater London W2 Post code. Available now for both incalls and outcall hotel visits.

  • Iris – Young Temptation to Forget Faith and Reason
  • In-call Location: Bayswater & Queensway
  • Booking Hours available: 10am till Late Evening
  • Provides Out-calls: Yes
  • *Promotional Discount Rates apply*


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