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]]> 2 Escort Patsy new kit: boots and strap-on Fri, 15 Aug 2014 22:47:35 +0000 Read more]]>
Hi guys. Just the quick update for let you know I get some new boots and a strap-on toy for Patsy. I know how too many guys get excited from read her review from Marshall1 about how sexy she look in her new boots. But bit of the problem last one I get her not the right size bit too tight for her. So today I go see she give her new boots. Here the photo. I hope to get some new photos of her in the boots, is come soon don’t worry big boy.


Before I want to get her some shiny PVC style boots but this one I think is good because she can wear to the Hotel when have out-call no problem. And one more thing I know too many clients keep ask for is the strap-on, so relax guy I give she new toy already. I serious about relax… That’s right relax and open up honey. 555 :lol:


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Escort Gigi’s new video update Thu, 24 Jul 2014 01:33:24 +0000 Read more]]>
Hello horny guys. Hope you are enjoy lovely hot summer. I know maybe is get you hot and sticky so am sorry I have new update for Gigi going to make you more hot and maybe sticky in your boxer shorts.

Now on Gigi page can see new video we make together. Just a short movie and sorry not professional. Is just me do the camera. And one my favorite toy my pony tail rosebud. Well maybe you hear from gossip from them naughty boys on punternet that Gigi she start learning for do A level. So just my idea for go check how much she be learning. Must say thanks for some you guys like Tongue Twister I hear you open her bum same like you do to me before :grin:

Anyway she still bit new for A so I not want any you crazy guys go visit her. Please be respect her choice and be gentleman.

Escort Gigi video update

Same before when I put on Emma’s exclusive video please if have problem when you try for watching the video can let me know.


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Rise and Shine Thu, 17 Jul 2014 05:00:37 +0000 Read more]]> Rise and shine
]]> 4 Hot Dolly Summer Selfie Thu, 17 Jul 2014 04:58:55 +0000 Read more]]> Hot Dolly Summer Selfie
]]> 1 Emma’s new video and photos by Aisha online now Wed, 02 Jul 2014 02:20:24 +0000 Read more]]>
Hello my naughty guys. Hope you are all be OK and be having enjoy your summer.

I very happy for let you know have new update can see my exclusive video of Emma. Also have some photos from same night I take her video. I know is not the professional video because I make myself. So not have good light and probably not look same video have on another website. But I take because my feeling is horny from look Emma’s sexy bum and I want you for see same my eye do that night. Is make me feel funny inside when thinking about she and how her bum feel when touching from my hand :eek: Make my feeling want to jump inside her for taste she.

OK sorry I be lose you go into my fantasy!

I’m wake up now :oops: come back for talk with you.

So I hope you is like the video I make. Same I say before is not the professional so please if you have the problem when try to watching please can let me know so I can be fix for make everyone enjoy.

I take video in her room is only 1 week ago so is not too good quality but I hope you can get some horny feeling from watching. And have some photos I be take on same time but because not have good light is come out not very good.

Last week I also go with Emma for her take new studio photos. So soon we get that update when studio is send photo for her.

I’m sorry for many you new guys maybe first time for you see my site and is be the difficult for you understanding from my bad english what I talking about :???: ! So here is some photo for you enjoy and can better explain what I going on about!


Please let me know what you thinking about video and photos. If you have some idea for me be make better can please let me know.

You can be send message from ASK AISHA. If have some problem with my site you can always be send report for SITE ISSUES. And if more easy, can just text to any my booking line for reception can forward for me.

Oh and nearly forget, is be gone 4 year anniversary for my twitter account @Aishainvasian. Thanks for all people follower and for them naughty boys favorite star my tweets. I’m sorry I still trying for learn twitter and is sometime difficult how I can send reply for you message :oops:.

OK my horny boys I be go sleep now. See you in your dream. And remember for wake up before your wife. She not going be happy if Aisha give you the wet dream :twisted: .

Big kiss ka.


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Photo from Emma New Video Wed, 02 Jul 2014 00:06:01 +0000 Read more]]> New photo from Emma video shoot
]]> 1 Bum Shot from Emma New Video Wed, 02 Jul 2014 00:06:00 +0000 Read more]]> Up close bum shot Emma new video
]]> 1 Filming Emma Amateur Pov of Aisha Wed, 02 Jul 2014 00:05:59 +0000 Read more]]> Filming Emma amateur POV with Aisha
]]> 1 Considering booking requests by email Tue, 10 Jun 2014 06:27:35 +0000 Read more]]>

Hi Aisha. Have you considered taking booking requests by email? Other agencies do. I often find it easier to send an email than to make a call, if I am working in my office for example. I would like to support your agency, but I would be more likely to do so if you accepted email requests. Take care. Roger.

Hi Roger thanks for you question. Yes good idea for me answer this question so I can be explain why I don’t be take booking request from the email. I see yesterday also on the forum have one punter say about this. I understand you like to make booking by email and feeling it be more easy for you. So I am very sorry if me not taking booking by the email is make more difficult for you. But there many important reason why I not allow email booking from my agency. And also extra things I be setup for make booking easier for my client.


Even if you can’t be call in to the booking line because you in the office, is no problem for send text to us.



Keep bookings safe for the girls.

The number one important thing for my agency service when do bookings is for make sure the girls are going be safe.


Is sad because the truth be is that there are dangerous man that are not safe to be stay alone together in the closed room. And there are some guys have problem in them head, some kind of sick thinking, them love for give problem to working girls and like to play games for scare escorts. Is make them feel have power or give them good feeling because them mommy not give them enough love when they young. And can not forget there are be many gangs who make them business from rob working girls.


If you are working as the independent escort you are invite guys you never meet before into your home. You not want to have some bad person come into your home and hurt you. If you want be safe you not just going to give your address out for anyone. And when the girl is promote with an agency they are be give the agency the job for try make sure only give them home address to safe clients.


So in my agency we not take booking from unknown or the withheld number and not take bookings by email. When do booking by text message still I like for ask new client for call in before confirm the booking. Because I want to make sure we speak with client for get better idea who they are. This is be why I pay the British male guy for work reception because he can get better idea just from 10 seconds talking with a guy about them going for be good client or not. Yes I know this still not make all the bookings 100% safe but is just one thing we try for do make more safer bookings for the girls.


I know another agency them don’t care much about the girls safe or not. And they not try hard for keep girls safe if have chance of make some money. For them is about get commission is only thing they care about. Have to understand when do email booking is more cheaper for that agency owner because them not have to lose some percent of the booking commission to the person working reception.


In my mind as be working girl for sure I not be feel safe if some agency who promote me is just going to give my home address out to anyone on email. I would not be allow agency do bookings for me like that so I must do same for another working girl who I promote on Invasian. I want to make sure for every booking we have do everything we can for keep safe. Many of the girls on Invasian they are my friends so how can I be look them in the eye if they get hurt because something I not do for try keep them safe because I chase after money from commission? No this not me.


Really I am say true that for keep the girl safe is more important than make money. This not same other agencies I know. Same reason why I only do outcall bookings to hotels and not for private house or apartment. For me I am fine for lose some money for make sure the booking be safe.



Knowing who you do business with.

Similar about the safety is be when get booking from email you can’t be know this person real client or maybe him just some horny guy in the night who be going forget about making booking the next morning. Maybe this guy just like to waste the girl time. Yes I know have problem like this when do booking on the phone also. But is more easy and free for make new email address and continue play game like this. And can’t be forget that there are many horny guys under 18 on the internet and if you care about your business you don’t want to have serious problem that be possible with anyone too young.


I not just get some other Thai girl answer phone or some Thai guy who can work answer phone much more cheap for me. (My English bad enough ;) ). For my agency I pay more for have British guy answer phone for me. This not just because the client can better understand my receptionist. From quick call my receptionist him can better know answer for when the girl asking: how old this client? Where the client come from? From different areas in UK people have different English accent or accent from another country this my receptionist is much better for know this. Is more difficult if English not your first language for know the different accents and double hard for help a customer can not speak English good if you also can not speak English well. (Just look how hard for understand my English :oops: )


One problem I worry with email is you don’t know if the guy him in the country or just some horny guy other side the world, not have any plan for come to London. About bookings for clients from another country maybe can say this is be why have email booking service for make easier for the client. But from my experience run my agency 4 years now nearly 25% of my clients them booking from another country and them fine for use international mobile for text and calling us.



Smooth appointment process.

Big problem if make a booking by the email be the agency and the client can not contact each other close to booking time. Sometimes have some important update about the booking, maybe the client come late or the girl need to move appointment time. Maybe the client lost and him need help find the girl location. This is easy for fix if can communicate between client and the agency by the phone. What if the client him get to the appointment but the girl not answer the door. How he going to let the agency know that the door bell not working? Is be take too long for him have to go find internet cafe for log in email and get message to agency. Yes maybe client him have internet from the smartphone but then no point for do booking by email anyway if have the phone.



Give quality booking service to the girls.

The way I be think about my agency is not that just the punter is my customer. For me the booking service I do for the girls is important same. They are also my customers and I have to make sure I professional and make appointments for them with no problems. I don’t want the girl to lose bookings even if this from another agency my competition. I want to make sure we have do professional job make sure this a real client for her accept appointments from my agency and give up chance for get appointments any other way. I want the girl to make money I not care if this she do with another agency.



Your call is important to me.

Same I say before for Roger and another client who feel similar, I very sorry if not taking email booking request is make it more difficult for you. For help my client make bookings more easy I get a British person for answer phone. But another thing I have setup is we have two phone numbers for bookings. So if one line busy you can get through on the other number. And for make more easy for call my bookings line my website design for help make quicker to call us, in June 2013 I blogpost about this update: Quick call to bookings line.



Thank you for your question Roger. I understand is difficult sometimes to make a phone call if you in the office. Remember you can always be text in to both the booking numbers.

Big kiss.



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Poster style splash play Mon, 02 Jun 2014 15:26:58 +0000 0 Sexy Young Macy Selfie Wed, 28 May 2014 11:42:06 +0000 Read more]]> Sexy young Macy Selfie
]]> 0 First Release of Aisha 2014 Photos Sat, 10 May 2014 16:54:40 +0000 Read more]]> First glimpse from boudoir invitation revealed
]]> 2 Gigi on a Night Out Sat, 10 May 2014 16:53:17 +0000 Read more]]> Gigi on a night out
]]> 2 Kilburn Escorts Thu, 08 May 2014 21:43:15 +0000 0 Foxy Student Fantasy Selfie Fri, 02 May 2014 00:46:00 +0000 Read more]]> Foxy student fantasy selfie
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]]> 1 Mesmerising Eyes of Gigi Selfie Wed, 30 Apr 2014 19:19:41 +0000 Read more]]> Gigi selfie - gives her sexy girl look
]]> 1 Naughty Thai Girl Emma Selfie Wed, 30 Apr 2014 19:19:40 +0000 Read more]]> Naughty Thai girl Emma Selfie
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The correct answer about Foxy’s Breasts Sat, 22 Mar 2014 13:08:29 +0000 Read more]]>

Aisha, Foxy does have enhanced breasts w silicone, or if not silicone, something much harder. I know you aren’t trying to lie. And I didn’t write any reviews. But I don’t want your people to not trust you because you are so strong in your answer that they are all natural breasts. They are not all natural.

Yes honey you right! I’m very sorry before I get confuse with Lilly and also because Foxy breasts small size for have silicone. Most time the girl have silicone be have size 34D and up. Thank you for check and correct my mistake! Big kiss for you darling… and if you see me you can give me spanking. :oops:
Please send me another question with your email or your name so I can make sure we can get you discount on your next booking for say thank you.
Also another update today from Foxy, she confirm can do lesbian duo with Lilly and Love.
Big kiss.
(naughty girl) Aisha

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Is a lot of body hair a problem? Tue, 18 Mar 2014 04:32:41 +0000 Read more]]>

Body Hair

Hi, just wanted to know if having a lot of body hair is a problem for any of the escorts, because sometimes in the past I have found that some wg’s don’t like it and refuse to do oral to the balls for example.

Hi. I don’t think you should be shy or worry about your hair. I don’t think it is a problem for girls and is not true them be find unattractive. You are a man. Your body hair is be natural and nothing for be shy about. Don’t be believe the TV and all the music videos try to make you think that for look good you have to look like them. Most those guys you see on TV are gay and really only young silly schoolgirls is think they are handsome.

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Lesbian Duo Suggestions, Advice and Options Tue, 18 Mar 2014 04:05:10 +0000 Read more]]>

best lesbian duo

Hello…I had the best lesbian duo with Nana and her friend. Who would you recommend to give the same experience?

Lesbian duo

Hi Aisha
Is there a Duo that does provide a true lesbian show?

New booking / Duo advice

Hi Aisha

I’ve been punting for a long time now and sadly, most of my experiences have been bad. I absolutely LOVE Asian girls, i think you’re truly beautiful, but I have had problems finding a good girl who will treat me right. Some are unclean, some give poor service… etc.

I have problems with shyness, partly because I have a very hairy body (so English girls find me unattractive). But I’m good at sex when the conditions are right and if the girl I’m with is being nice and friendly.

I am also a qualified massage therapist, so I like to do massage for some of the time during the punt. Some girls don’t like this, which is disappointing.

Anyway, i’m looking for a good experience and I’d like your advice. I’m waiting to hear about a job I’m doing, which will bring me some extra money. If it happens, I want to spend some money on a Duo Experience. I had a Duo many years ago and it was terrible. The girls didn’t want to do anything except massage and hand relief, but I paid in advance for full service and lesbian play. Not very good.

Can you recommend a duo for me who will be good together, who will treat me well? I like to do DATY and 69, rimming and maybe A-Levels. So what I want is 2 girls who will be open to all of these activities, and lesbian + 3-way play, and not try to change the rules after I’ve paid. I’m clean and average size, so assuming the girls are OK with a hairy body (trimmed in some places), maybe you can suggest which girls I should book.

Somebody recommended Mercedes. But I’d like you to tell me who are the best girls to book for a duo if I’m uncertain. Thank you.

I’m a nice guy and if I find the right girls and the right agency, i will keep coming back for more business.

Finally, if I don’t get the good news on my job, I will have a single punt with one lady. And I’d really like it to be you. Please tell me what days you are available for first appointment (11 am?). I’ve read your reports and seen your pictures and I want to find out for myself! You look stunningly beautiful :-)

Thanks for your advice, Aisha.

Hairysteve xx

Hi Hairysteve. I will be answer your question about body hair in another post. Don’t be worry.

Best options for 2 hour threesome?

Aisha, who would you recommend for the most kinky mind blowing 2 hour lesbian threesome duo?

Email me at (email removed)

Yes this is very popular question I get from punters. This because can be hard to find Asian duos who be fine for do lesbian with each other. Most Thai wgs don’t do lesbian.

So from what my regular clients is book when they want the bi-girl duo I would say can try Mercedes, Patsy and Leila. Mercedes and Patsy been with my site more long than Leila. So many time we make booking for this type of the request with Mercedes and Patsy. Sometimes when one of them can not work and also when some my client feeling really horny and think him superman we need for find another girl who them can do lesbian with. So in the past Mercedes and Patsy always recommend Leila for come join them for the booking. And just why after we get Leila for come join my site.

Another good bi-girl duo we make regular booking for is Olivia and Emma. Just recently have one my long time clients Marshall1 go see them and do good feedback for them. Thanks to him because have many the regular clients who be see Olivia and Emma nearly every week they don’t have time for give feedback. I think after the appointment maybe them too tired!

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New exclusive photos for Patsy online Sun, 16 Mar 2014 01:17:32 +0000 Read more]]>
Hi guys.

Have update for Patsy page with some new photos we take in her flat. I know many you punters is been asking me again and again when I going for take more photos of the girl in them home. So about week ago I go shopping buy some clothes for Patsy, I want get her some outfit for dress same sexy secretary. Because I know when you guys going work everyday and you see the Asian girl in the office is make you very excited. And probably is make you do the many mistake at work ;) . And I think many my punters is get bit boring with schoolgirl uniform.

So when I go for drop off new secretary outfit for Patsy I think good idea to do a few the photo same time we drinking wine and she trying on new clothes. Is good because I like for get to know the girls better so I can understand why them popular with my clients. Patsy is sweet girl so is easy for understand why she popular.


On Patsy’s profile page now have all the thumbnail links for her exclusive new photos. For these photos I be put them online in the photo blog post. So please can remember to give rating for the photos and also can put your comment on.

I know the photos is not from the professional studio so maybe you not think good, but I think most punters is tired of studio glamour photos and them want to see the real thing. So I try get some super closeup of her bum for show the real thing same make want you touch, lick or spank. :twisted:

I hope you enjoy. We not have lots the time for take photo because we too busy talking! And can send in some more your idea for next time when I go take another girl photo. Can put some comment under this post or in any the photo blog posts.

Take care naughty boys!

Big kiss ka.


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Another Day in the Office Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:26 +0000 Read more]]> Another day in the office
]]> 0 Focus of the Meeting Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:25 +0000 Read more]]> Shifting focus of the meeting
]]> 0 Spotting a Gap in the Market Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:24 +0000 Read more]]> Spotting a gap in the market
]]> 3 Sexy Secretary Outfit This Evening Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:23 +0000 Read more]]> Sexy secretary outfit this evening
]]> 0 Getting Hot in the Board Room Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:22 +0000 Read more]]> Getting hot in the board room
]]> 0 Closeup of Tight Bum in Army Hot Pants Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:21 +0000 Read more]]> Closeup of tight bum in army hot pants
]]> 1 Dressed in Something More Comfortable Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:20 +0000 Read more]]> Dressed in something more comfortable
]]> 1 The Stresses and Strains of Sexy Human Resources Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:19 +0000 Read more]]> The stresses and strains of managing sexy human resources
]]> 0 Trying to Find the Light so Sexy Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:18 +0000 Read more]]> Trying to find the light switch never looked so sexy
]]> 1 Looking Tight and Firm from Behind Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:17 +0000 Read more]]> Looking tight and firm from behind
]]> 0 Read the Sign This Office is Occupied Sun, 16 Mar 2014 00:35:16 +0000 Read more]]> Read the sign, this office is occupied
]]> 0 Announcing the release of the updated Reviews Landing Page Fri, 07 Mar 2014 13:21:05 +0000 Read more]]>
Hi guys.

Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying doing the naughty things we love to do! So I just want to tell you that have today be update the reviews page. Yes I know for long time maybe is get you confuse why only have old reviews when you go on that page for the last couple the months. Sorry about that!

So I hope you already is see that now on every girl page I put all them reviews on there for make easy to read. After her details and keep go down after her photos will show her feedback.

And so about the Reviews Page this I want to do something different. I not see any other escort agency website do before and you know my style is like for keep update with the fresh new ideas. I think you punters can see already how after about 3 years slowly slowly now have another agency site borrow some my ideas. No problem for me.

So now have put together different things about the data is get from all you guys feedback. Yes I want to say thanks to everyone who take time to put feedback.

And about the time for do feedback, I would like remind you and for some the new client for my website show you how quick can do feedback.


From your phone is just two taps you need to do for get to the on-line feedback form. So after you finish your booking can just take you couple the minute for give some feedback and get yourself discount on your next appointment.

And please if have any problem with your appointment give call to my reception straight away and we be work hard for help you and hope for fix any thing happen. Is no point not for say anything and then just after go do review somewhere else for complain. Sometime I not see reviews on another site, so is not the best way for fix any complaint you might be have. And I only can keep make sure the girls be giving the best service if my client is stay in contact with us and give me feedback direct.

Big kiss for all you guys.



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