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Welcome to the personal page the UK Escort Phenomenon, Aisha. Enjoy your stay.

Ask yourself, how many girls do you remember being described as "the best ever"? Think about all the websites visited whilst surfing on the internet. Most probably your answer is that they all do but none you can exactly recall from memory. Furthermore, none of the agencies that you do remember are because of it.

The reality is that every establishment publishes strong statements about the girls they are promoting. Agencies would love you to believe their spin. But you switch off once encountering anything of the sort. Many visitors just pass over all the text found on an agency website, going straight for the photos.

Don't misunderstand. Aisha by no means thinks of herself as "the best", she isn't that shallow. She says:

"Can't nobody be say this escort the best. And any girl be try for be the best is not thinking for be the good for her client. She only going be thinking about herself and worry only how she want make herself number 1. I be see many girl have this problem and after about 4 months maybe longer if them lucky they still popular. Most them not be good service after. Them get confuse about why them doing this job and many them just don't enjoy work anymore because the headache them give themselve for try be number 1. From time I start this kinda work and still today I enjoy my work and always keep for try new things and learn more and I like enjoy meet new people. I never think I the best. Is not simple thing for say who the best escort. This impossible for know. Not same I can say I am the best escort at Guitar Hero Metallica. This I know for sure! Too many song I get 100% 5 gold star on! Sad.. but True! Heeheee. This is Aisha. No confuse honey I not a little princess live with my head up my bum."

So describing Aisha as the UK's Asian escort phenomenon could be considered another such exaggeration, merely a regurgitation of the standard market lines used in the escort industry. A bold statement it certainly is.

Presented here is a collection of the most popular feedback published on Aisha's incredible hostess service. These testimonials will assist in justifying such a comment, should any doubt its validity.

These archives seek to document how unique this amazing woman is. They are a testament to a hostess like no other, one that has been more popular than any preceding her. Around the world, she is hailed by so many as their best Oriental experience. A first for any Thai born escort in the UK, Aisha has earned an international following and a reputation as one of the finest in the business.

Creating her very own uniquely fashioned website displayed an innovative and fresh take on an escorts agency. Aisha set herself yet further apart from her contemporaries. Her unorthodox approach to offer an alternative to the tired, somewhat lacklustre, examples of current escort websites was much welcomed by punters. Her website has constantly evolved and after two years it is still improving. Many praise her dedication and the effort such a task entails.

Her character, stunning beauty, sharp wit, independence, passion, deep and powerful sexuality all serve as examples of how special an individual she is. Those lucky enough to have met her yearn to discover more, wanting to be closer to her. So many want her to be a part of their lives.

Never has a petite, young Asian female had such an impact on so many, a phenomenon you may call it....

Aisha's Photos

Portfolio: escort Aisha has 21 photos published. Click on one of the small preview thumbnails below to see the full photo in all it's glory. Remember to vote and maybe post a comment / *Pic Punter® caption - Get £10 off a 1hr incall* - submit 10 successful image captions.

1 comment

Aisha's Reviews

2012-12-16, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Hebgen

A wonderful visit. Felt very much at home with Aisha. Just like my girlfriend. She looked stunning and smelt so good. Had a wonderful time and can not wait to return…

2012-12-15, 1hr incall, return-visit by Tongue Twister

If there is a heaven, I was there for an hour or so yesterday.

2012-10-19, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

Energetic and sublimely satisfying sex with a amazing little lady who knows when to be sophisticated, when to be sexy and when to be just great fun to be with. More delightful than anyone has a right to be!

Encounters with Aisha are an erotic dream come true. Her beauty, her charm, her wit, her awesome body, her gloriously slutty little outfits, her skills, her energy and her enthusiasm all overwhelm the senses. Once you have got in the door and taken your shoes off everything seems perfection. The only disappointment is when you have to go – and even then you leave with a warm glow, which lasts for ages.

Hi Dr. Steve! Thanks for remember do review for me. I know is long time we see each other and is happy for see you again.

2012-12-01, 1hr incall, return-visit by Tongue Twister

Another blissful hour spent with the sexiest escort on the planet!!

2012-11-27, 1.5 hours incall, return-visit by Marshall1

Feeling stressed or out-of-sorts? Don’t see the doctor; see Aisha instead and have your troubles blasted away by a top-drawer, raunch-a-go-go, sexathon session with her! Although possibly unable to walk afterwards, you’ll be care-free and euphoric! Aisha is truly exceptional at what she does – none better. You can find my field report of the great session she gave me. So, gents, get yourselves some Aisha ‘therapy’ – waaaay better than ‘happy pills’ any day! Couldn’t recommend more highly!

2012-11-17, 1hr incall, return-visit by Tongue Twister

Another wonderful hour of intense sexual action with Aisha. See you soon honey! xx

2012-10-26, 2hrs incall, return-visit by Tongue Twister

Another special afternoon with a very special lady!! Thanks for a very hot session Aisha. xx

2012-09-11, 2hrs incall, return-visit by Tongue Twister

Another fantastic time with the lovely and very horny Aisha.

2012-08-19, 2hrs incall, return-visit by Tongue Twister

Amazing session with the Queen of the escorts!! See you when I recover!

18/07/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Bob

Aisha is very, very pretty. She assessed me as requiring a sexy GFE and delivered just that. Petite perfection!

05/25/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by chapman1

“Beautiful lady. The first thing you will notice is her beautiful sexy eyes which will invite you to get closer to her. You might fall in love!!”

04/18/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Reverend Dick

“Stunning. Couldn’t stop staring into her big dark eyes. 4’9” with a silky-soft, flawless, curvy body, fabulous (enh.) boobs and a peachy bum. Lovely smile, which she did a lot.

Aisha is a beautiful, enchanting girl with amazing skills, and she gave me an unforgettable time.”

02/22/2012, 2 hours incall, return-visit by Marshall1

“How good was this? Difficult to say, because I’ve had some fantastic duo sessions, but this could be the BEST EVER!

When you’re banging away at one, the other is all over your body, licking, sucking, caressing, massaging, tickling, tweaking – they REALLY did get me going and kept me outrageously hard all session (they are my Viagra 1 and Viagra 2!) – not had better. They are a totally mind-blowing PSE-GFE duo without equal in any Agency.”

02/10/2012, 2 hours incall, return-visit by Marshall1

“Gorgeous petite, raven-haired Thai babe with deliciously soft, olive skin…

She devoured me in the most passionate of DFKs, and shot me cheeky winks whilst doing hugely pleasurable things to me – a complete turn on! She really gets me going and brings out a bit of the animal in me – I find her irresistible. And, the big thing is how absolutely lovely Aisha is as a person – you couldn’t wish to meet anyone nicer.

I’ll certainly be going back yet again!”

09/26/2011, 1 hour incall, return-visit by bottom liner

“Aisha has put her prices up, and tends now only to see regulars and favourites, an indication of the demand that she is in. Great session. Started with shared bath. This time she did a hot then cold towel wrap. Very nice. She is just so responsive. As I left I promised her I wouldn’t leave it 8 months again and I won’t.”

09/05/2011, 2 hours incall, return-visit by cuteman

“Aisha is tiny, perfectly formed, with all the right curves and a very pretty face that becomes truly beautiful when she smiles, which she does often. Aisha manages to be both slim and voluptuous at the same time, don’t ask me how just go see for yourself. Save your pennies and go see her… Of course once you’ve got your breath back and your legs work you’ll want to do it again …”

08/26/2011, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Arthur

Aisha, many thanks for a lovely time. I will sleep well tonight. See you soon. x.”

08/13/2011, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Worldpunter

“Aisha greeted me wearing a white blouse and a black tight short skirt. Her hair smelt fresh from washing, her skin soft and slightly damp. Her legs were bare. I put my hand up under her skirt to find she wasn’t wearing any…. that was enough to start me off and I got on my knees and lifted that tight skirt up to her stomach and got to kiss her couchie koo.”

06/21/2011, 2 hours incall, first-visit by Marshall1

“This fabulous Thai fire-cracker is hotter than a Khao San Road red curry with extra chilli! I’d read the reports on her by others, so was hoping for a raunch-a-go-go session. And Aisha absolutely delivered, and more! She really went out of her way to give me a complete GFE-PSE, starting with undressing me (how great is that?!) and joining me in a luxurious bathing session, through a relaxing Thai massage, to the final, delightful kiss goodbye at the door. Never rushed, no obvious clock-watching, it was a one of the nicest-and-filthiest-combined couple of hours of my life.”

05/26/2011, 1.5 hours outcall, return-visit by Tony Champagne

Punter: “Yet another amazing session with Aisha. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have seen Aidha (?)…”

Punter: “Ignore that text it was sent too soon!!”

Agency: “Please in your own time sir.”

Punter: “I’m getting there slowly – the trouble is I’m still trembling and I can’t keep my hand still -blame Aisha, it’s her fault. My legs don’t seem to work either, thank God St. Thomas’ is close!! I’ll have another try with the text..”

Punter: “Yet another amazing session with Aisha. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen her over the last 2 years or so, but each time gets better. You really can’t have too much of a good thing. A new twist on WS (a weakness of mine) this time – a first for me after 40 years at this game, where does she get these ideas from? I’m going to take an extra blood pressure pill and then it’s bed. TonyChampagne”

04/18/2011, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by steveb

“….door opens and a lovely 5 foot nothing Thai girl is there – really curvey and beatiful – her attention to detail is incredible…. man you have got to try her…. ”

02/10/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by HepSteph

“She does look better than what she does on the website. She took very good care of me. She is a star.”

02/10/2011, 2 hours incall, return-visit by cuteman

“Aisha is what you want when you go to see an escort. She is physically beautiful, she has a lovely friendly personality. She is sexy, focused on making sure you have a good time, and when you’re intimate she can be as dirty as hell. I could give you a detailed account of what we did, but it would be pointless as Aisha does not seem to have a routine, she gives you what YOU want, and she does it wonderfully. Aisha has to be one of the best escorts available, do yourself a favour save up and go see her. Her new prices are a bit more than I would normally pay, but she’s well worth it. I’m already planning on seeing her again as soon as I can!”

01/24/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by bottom liner

“Proper boudoir… The attention to good service is almost unnerving… Blessed with natural beauty great breasts, a petite body with curves, and a brown skin, she is adorable… she drank a Penfold wine. A higher-end merlot too. This girl oozes class. I’m no looker but by God she made me feel young again. An unforgettable experience which I intend to repeat just to make sure I hadn’t imagined it.”

12/04/2010, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Worldpunter

“… the 10th time I have visited Aisha this year…one of the best thai escorts working in london today, I would even go as far as to say if you paid her a visit and didn’t enjoy, I would personaly refund your money.”

11/22/2010, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Airrift2010

“… Aisha looks as good as, if not better than, the latest photos on her arty website. Fabulous body, great breasts, peachy arse, silky smooth light skin and come to bed eyes, put to great use when she smiled and winked at me when my c*ck was in her mouth. It would be hard to think of a better way to spend an afternoon.”

11/10/2010, 1 hour incall, first-visit by cassit

“… She gave me her full attention – no phone in sight – and made me feel special. She read my wants very cleverly, responding to what I wanted, but also making some interesting suggestions. All in all a wonderful time.”

11/05/2010, 1 hour incall, first-visit by zacman1970

“… I have been punting now for two years and I can honestly say that my time with Aisha was the best punt I have experienced so far. There are numerous other reports that detail Aisha’a sexual talents and I can only echo those remarks. A top class experience.”

09/14/2010, 1 hour incall, first-visit by JD007

“… beautiful petite Asian lady who in my mind was perfect. All services were offered with great enthusiasum. A truly excellent experience.”

08/31/2010, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Ant007

“She ignored my usual nerves and made me feel like a king. It does not get much better than this little Thai bombshell.”

09/01/2010, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Jimmya57

“… she is a pocket rocket and a very uninhibited girl. Her oral is stupendous and she also gets off on anal. A great girl and I would return again and again.”

08/24/2010, 1 hour incall, return-visit by TheMaverick

“… Website photos are accurate but don’t carry the warmth of her personality. I have seen Aisha several times now, and punts have been increasingly enjoyable. Aisha, you are really a superstar :-).”

05/05/2010, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

“… her body represents pretty much physical perfection by my standards. Aisha’s web site boasts she is a superstar. Well actually it’s not really a boast, because she is. This was my tenth visit to her, and like the other nine it was delightful. Aisha’s wit, intelligence and joie de vivre makes her extra special.”

06/18/2010, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Paulmn

“ I can be something of a difficult and preplexing client for many. However, Aisha was fantastic with me. The pictures don’t do her justice. All in all, a fantastic lady and experience.”

05/14/2010, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Siliconfan

“Fantastic session.

Aisha sank her mega-tight p*ssy reverse cowgirl-style onto my engorged c*ck… Best duo I’ve ever had in London

-wish I had more energy.”

05/08/2010, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Worldpunter

“…a perfect body, beautiful breasts and everything in proportion… you want a double f*ck, she asked… This girl is a dirty,horny girl.”

03/17/2008, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Oneeyedpanda

Aisha reveals her bare body as she lifts her tight white t-shirt up to one corner.

Hi Punters.

Hoping you is all well and have the good weekend. Thanks for all the call I get this weekend I sure because all you guy read my review make you too horny for want come see me. Is good I enjoy read it same and like think about when have my customer f*** me before. Good luck for us all can enjoy together and read nice hot story.

So for give you some more nice story for you read before the sleep and have the warm wet dream I have one more. This my review from one my customer when him come see me when I escort for the agency A1 Asian, nearly 2 year ago. This time I work escort with my friend Alicia in flat on the Edgeware Road. Was fun time for me when I first coming the Central London to work escort job like this and have the good memory for exciting time.

This review my customer him do long time ago and put on the Punternet. But have the problem after and can not get to see any review about A1 Asian anymore. Lucky I is speak with this customer now on the forum, and after I ask him and tell about Dr Steve review him give me copy his Field Report have the save the copy. So thanks to him and hope you all enjoy.

Date & Time: Mon 17 Mar 2008; 12:30

Her Place:

Nice discreet flat on side street off Edgware Road. I Missed the place, having taken a coffee more or less looking at the entrance, then walked all the way down the road and back looking for the place, silly me. Buzzer entry, 2 flights of stairs, then Aisha smiling at me as I entered a small but very nicely decorated flat. Some mirrors around and two nice large pictures, one of Aisha and one I would guess of Alicia in Gauguin-esque poses. P**n on a big TV, hardly noticed it.


Inevitably petite Thai lady, pretty, very slim of course, slight boob job but I wouldn’t complain. Lovely person, charming and friendly.

My advice is double weetabix before you go and see her.


I was a bit late having walked straight past the door and by the time I got inside my hands were cold and Aisha immediately opted to warm them up by placing them on her warm buttocks. She was wearing a very short dress with just a tiny thong underneath, and her her nipples were poking cheekily through the gaps in the material. A pair of very nice f-me shoes brought her nearly up to chin level on me! She offered me a drink, we sorted out the finances and no sooner had I sat down in one of the comfy arm chairs when she knelt between my legs and after a quick feel to check there was something there, began to undress me. I returned the favour, took 4 seconds at least, as she began to suck on me through the boxers, quite novel and typical of her inventiveness throughout. The boxers came off and after some excellent deep throat oral with eye contact – you have very strong eye she said which I assume means in Thai that she’s uncomfortable with such a direct linkage so I make do with getting the action from a different angle via the mirror.

By now she is kneeling on the floor and I slid down to give her some oral, only in the position it was easier to reach her a(censored) so I rimmed her instead, which had her squealing with delight.

We then engaged on the bed, with Aisha kissing me deeply, her quite long tongue flicking into my mouth at every opportunity, no holding back at all. A bit more oral and I suggested Aisha fit a condom the start of a long session of sex mostly on the bed, in a great variety of positions, with Aisha demonstrating how fit and athletic she was with several bouts of forward and reverse cowgirl. Also there was quite a lot of banter about how much she liked screwing and c(censored) etc, a bit forced at the start but absolutely genuine when she realised she was going to get pretty well done! We switched to doggy with me standing, the bed level meant Aisha was at a perfect height. After a while she decided I was going to take her a(censored)y – while there were other reports of her doing this I had been looking at her small figure and slim hips wondering if it would go in – well after some lube she more or less inserted me herself, and she clearly thought I was mad when I checked if she was OK before I began to move. While I couldn’t thrust that hard I kept going by holding her firmly.

Then she produced some toys, first a small lady toy like a mini rabbit, which she inserted and I could feel the vibrations.

She followed it with a rather larger toy completing her DP, to her obvious (!) enjoyment. After she had come I gave her my c(censored) to suck and she duly finished me off orally, no hands as I ensured by holding them as she sucked. When I came she kept sucking while I generally squeaked and gibbered – you sensitive she asked and carried on sucking till I more or less begged her to let go. Only when she cleaned me up did she spit, before disappearing for a quick freshen up, i.e. a shower while I took my only opportunity for rest and had a drink.

As soon as she came back she was onto me, kissing deeply and as soon as she thought I was ready, oral to revive me, which to some surprise was very quick, and after a few minutes she was back in the saddle, first on top, then mish, then cowgirl, bouncing around.

Her energy levels were just amazing as I was pretty done by this point and reaching a second climax while not exactly a problem was proving difficult.

I went briefly soft in one position but was quickly revived, and after more oral we eventually reached a shared climax in mish. My arms were completely dead as I had to support most of my weight with Aisha being so small.

I was absolutely shagged out at this point – 90 minutes of non-stop action is a bit much at my age, but Aisha went bouncing happily round the room picking up all the condom wrappers – there were lots because she changed condoms regularly but was so good at putting them on that it hardly affected the action at all. I staggered into the shower and when I emerged Aisha was waiting, smiling with a towel and proceeded to help dry and dress me.

What a girl. Some people don’t think much of blow-by-blow field reports but without it in this case it’s difficult to give a real impression of what it’s like to spend time with Aisha.

She complained, but nicely, that some guys go just to have oral but her real forte is shagging and she does it with energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes I steered her, sometimes she steered me, but she treats you like a lover throughout and can take everything you can give her. And she’s a genuinely lovely lady too, even thought her english naturally isn’t great her personality shines through. She was very disappointed to hear I am an infrequent visitor to London, in fact I had made a special diversion to see her, anyway, not that she knew that. One last long snog and the hope-to-see-you-agains and then it was out onto the street.

Staggered into the nearest shop for some recovery food!

05/04/2010, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

Hi Punters. This is Aisha speaking. Hope you are all well, horny and healthy.

Today I have a special Post for you all to read and enjoy. One of my best customers name Dr Steve writes some of the best reviews for his visits to all the escorts he sees. His reviews are very popular on Punternet and everyone enjoys his very detail reports.

Before I had already talking about him because he has write 5 reviews for me that I upload already when I was working for my last escort agency. Only problem is that agency is not allow full detail for the customer to write. This problem as its all the best horny detail that we missing. The same detail that all you horny guys really want to be reading. This I talk about before and I wishing Dr Steve could write full review for me.

Lucky for us Dr Steve is get in contact with me last weekend and tell me him keep his own private record of all escort review him doing. So him give me his full uncensored review of our meeting. So enjoy guys. And not get your keyboard too sticky please! Say thanks to Dr Steve also if you see him on the forums.

Explanatory Notes:

I visited Aisha a number of occasions while she was registered exclusively with her last agency. For historical reasons Punternet does not allow field reports from this agency. Equally the agency likes feedback to be discrete about what actually happens during a meeting. I have however kept fairly detailed private notes of these encounters and the following is a slightly edited version of my account of the first of my delightful interludes with Aisha.

Obviously what happens on a visit to Aisha varies from time to time and depends a lot on the personal preferences of those who visit her, but my impression is any gentleman who arrives clean and sober and treats this young lady with politeness and respect will have at least as much fun as I did on this occasion. Certainly I’ve has as much fun if not more on all my subsequent encounters with Aisha.


My first with Aisha meeting took place in Bayswater (Lancaster Gate not Bayswater!) on a Thursday in May 2008 at midday in the basement flat she was working from at that time. Outside it would have been very discrete but for the building works being carried out along the street. The room where Aisha entertained me was very spacious, with footstools and armchairs as well as the large bed. There was also a huge TV showing porn and several mirrors – which is always something I like.

Uncensored review for Aisha.Description:

Aisha’s photos are accurate – she is a very pretty Thai girl with an almost flawless body.

She is very petite (she says around 150cm or 4′ 11″) and has nicely enhanced boobs, a slim waist and a lovely little bottom. Pretty much physically perfect to my mind.

Beauty however nice is second to personality when visiting an escort and this is where Aisha really excels.

She is simply delightful to be with – very friendly and very eager to please and pamper – and very skilful at doing so too. Her English is rather eccentric, but we managed to communicate perfectly well for all that.

What Happened:

I’m fairly careful on time keeping so got to Aisha’s door pretty much dead on time. I rang the bell and then after a moment or two’s wait for her to answer the door I was discretely invited inside. Aisha was as pretty as her pictures, even more petite than I expected and very friendly. She looked very sexy dressed in just a gauzy slip and a tiny thong.

Aisha asked me to remove my shoes before conducting me to the bedroom. Once in there she asked me if I’d like a drink. I asked for a beer and while she disappeared to fetch it, I took off my socks and jacket. Aisha returned and having given me my beer asked me what colour boxers I was wearing! An unusual opening gambit. She soon was unfastening my trousers to find out.

After s(censored) my c(censored) a little through my boxers she tugged them down to reveal that I was damn near fully erect. She took my manhood in hand, told me it was very big (it isn’t really but who cares) and then popped it into her mouth and began sucking on it. Wow! I still had my shirt on and my trousers and pants round my ankles. While Aisha continued sucking me I contrived to pull her slip off so she was dressed only in her thong. Now I could grope her boobs, which I did, while somehow managing to divest myself of the rest of my clothes. I suggested we move to the bed. Once there Aisha continued giving me some lovely oral. After a while being a bit fearful I might get overexcited, I encouraged her to give my b(censored)s a good licking. With a little encouragement she delved a little deeper and soon I was getting an excellent rimming too.

I was in seventh heaven. Thai style oral, with c(censored) sucking, b(censored) licking and a(censored) licking is just awesome.

Aisha kept me on the boil for ages then seeing I was getting very close went at it really hard taking my c(censored) deep into her mouth as her head bobbed up and down on me. Finally I erupted into her mouth with a loud cry of delight. She was in no hurry to pull away making sure every drop was drained before letting go and discretely spitting out into a tissue.

Aisha left the room for a moment or two to wash her mouth, but was soon back on the bed giving me a cuddle and having a sip of her wine as I sipped my beer.

To our mutual surprise my c(censored) was already getting hard again. Before I let Aisha start playing with it again though I decided I’d like to indulge in some p(censored) licking, so got her to sit on my face so I could feast on her bald little t(censored)t. She seemed to enjoy this considerably, but wasn’t happy about not involving me and after a minute two span around so we could indulge in some 69.

Pretty soon I was as hard as a bone and aching to f(censored)k her. Aisha grabbed a condom and rolled it on before squatting down on me facing my feet and impaling herself on my c(censored). It felt awesome and looked damn spectacular too. Pushing up between Aisha’s taut little buttocks my c(censored) looked exceptionally long and thick and her t(censored) gripped it very tightly indeed.

F(censored)g me like this was obviously a bit of a strain for the young lady because in a little while she put her legs down so she was only kneeling astride me. It still looked and felt great – but now I was feeling it was my turn to be in charge. I asked if I could be on top and grinning agreement she dismounted and laid back, spreading her legs so I could enter her in mish. Aisha was quite happy for me to push her legs up over my shoulders and soon I was pumping full length into her spearing her hard and deep with my c(censored). As she moaned and panted beneath me she stuck out her tongue and leaning forwards we kissed deeply as I continue to f(censored) her. I looked around admiring the sight in the mirror. Yes that really was me f(censored) this beautiful little lady.

Having shagged away with her pinned beneath for what seemed an age, I let her up so I could take her from behind. This was as much fun as taking her missionary style pumping hard against that taut little rump and still watching us in the mirror. Again I was at it some time like this and beginning to get a little tired. I slid us over onto our side so I could spoon Aisha then had to take a breather for a minute.

Leaning back I passed Aisha her glass of red wine and took a sip of my own drink too. Revived a little we carried on Aisha rolling onto her belly with me kneeling astride her taut little a(censored) and pumping my c(censored) deep into her tight Asian t(censored)t. Leaning over I asked if I could f(censored) her up the a(censored). No problem it seemed.

Uncensored escort review for Aisha.

We disengaged so she could grab some lube and having smeared it around Aisha rolled over onto her back and invited me in. I was a little surprised by this since I expected to be taking her doggy style however I had no objection to starting like this. As was to be expected it was a bit of a squeeze to gain entry but once the head of my cock had breached her sphincter the rest of my shaft was able to slide deep into her bowels. Aisha tugged her legs up giving me full access so I could bury myself to the hilt in her bottom. I started slowly but was soon giving her a good firm rectal reaming. Aisha seemed to be enjoying herself almost as much as I was.

I sodomised her like this for what seemed an age then withdrew. As a finale I had something special in mind. There was a footstool at the end of the bed and I got Aisha to kneel on it tiny little bottom in the air. I mounted her again, gently forcing my swollen member into her anus. Once more I started slowly but upper my pace until I was pounding hard against her taut buttocks, skewing her entrails with my whole length. We both got quite vocal at this point. Aisha didn’t protest but urged me on as her tight bottom did its work. Finally I erupted deep her fundament roaring in ecstasy.

We remained in position until slowly my c(censored) stopped its mad twitching and I gently pulled it out of her rectum. Aisha cleaned me up then went to get me another beer. Then having got my breath back we headed to the bathroom for a shared shower. Finally Aisha helped me get dressed and took me back out to the lounge where she helped me on with my shoes and gave me a cuddle and kiss before thanking me and letting me out. With a struggle I tried to keep a grin of satisfaction from spreading all over my face until I’d passed the builders working on the other side of the road.

Overall this was pretty much punting perfection. Things went pretty much exactly as I had hoped and while I had high expectations, it was even more fun than I had anticipated. I’ve had many very good punts with many lovely ladies, but this one with Aisha has to rate as one of the very best.

11/19/2009, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

Thanks Dr Steve for 1 more lovely review. Hoping you is ok and happy I making you smile after. Hoping for see you soon.

Dr Steve was regular customer for me. He has seen many escorts maybe too many! No I only joking. Maybe better me saying he is big punter (I not talking big about his friend downstair so not getting dirty mind idea please)! But yes big for sure, just why I like call him Anaconda.

He like to writing review about some the escort he see. Punters loving him field report on Punternet because have very long review same like a sexy story. Thinking make everyone horny sure when read. Make me horny sure. Good and enjoying for reading him field report. Have checking yourself please. Just now him having 36 field report! Lucky him Doctor so not worry shy for have to go hospital when hurt him dick, he can take care himself!

I thinking because Dr Steve see from when him do review for me before can not talk too much dirty because agency censor words alot. So just why this review short. Can checking and read him past review. I hope for put on all him review for me this website.

Dr Steve I give idea for you, one day I hoping you write a book with all your story and reviews in your life. For sure this popular, can be book for make horny or book for teaching about sex. For you stay secret can put name Dr. Dick instead Dr Steve.

I always like for check my review it important for me. Most time them customer that doing review of me is coming visit me again so we talking about him review do for me.

Yes for sure I want saying of big thanks to all my customers take time after booking for writing review of me. Meaning for them time we spend together important for them same important for me trying hard for make all bookings special.

“My experience was pure bliss.”

“Aisha has moved out of her old flat and her stay at this location is apparently only temporary, but she had made sure her boudoir was very inviting – as of course she was herself. I’m under rather a lot of stress at the moment, but an hour in Aisha’s company is the ideal way to get relief from it.”

“She is so beautiful, so friendly and so skilled in the arts of making a man happy. I left as always with a smile on my face and spring to my step. Glorious fun with a gorgeous girl!”

11/10/2009, 1 hour incall, return-visit by ChrisTongue

Thanks Christongue for write one more good review for me.

Chris is a lovely guy. Good heart sure. He a regular customer mine long time now. Once a week him come for see me and always giving me gift of bottle red wine. He know red wine my drink I liking the most. Maybe he also buy because make me horny and trying of make me little drunk. Ok now I understanding Chris you naught boy your plan. Yes him lovely guy but still can be naughty boy sure, same most the horny guy!

“10 as always”

“With this little bombshell, words fail you. All you can do is gasp in amazement. She was out of action far too long with the flat-moving palaver. I won’t be the only one delighted to see her back again.”

11/06/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by James

This review was time when I move out my flat Lancaster Gate and go for staying in Bayswater for short time before I started my own agency.

I thinking this first review for me when I move to Bayswater flat. Taking me nearly 4 day work hard and not sleep much for get room ready for customer come visit me. When I read James review make me happy him saying of good thing my room nice. I worry too much Bayswater flat not good same flat before. Oh I missing of my old flat Lancaster Gate a lot!

“Aisha and I had a lovely time together, I was warmly welcomed and her lovely personality put me at ease right from the start. We definitely enjoyed ourselves. I hope to be in Aisha’s company again soon. J.”

08/28/2009, 1 hour incall, return-visit by ChrisTongue

Thanks Chris for nice time maybe every week and lovely red wine always you bringing for me. We having lot of fun joking and playing together. Lot of laughing and making noise from sex. One time I having friend stay with me she telling me she never hear loud sound guy make when him cum like that before. Ask me what I do to him thinking picture in her mind I stick big dildo up he bum! (No I not doing like that so no shy please Chris). Was funny and I relax have happy time after booking because I feel good from make booking for Christongue very nice time.

“I have met Aisha several times now, and it only gets better. She is attractive, attentive and just fun to spend time with. And the rest is great too.”

08/27/2009, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

This number 4 review from Dr Steve he do for me.

Same like he say “I could write pages on what we did and how much fun we had” I wish him do so can read for myself. I like alot read his field reports on Punternet is always make me horny. I thinking if I can read one them full report about me I enjoy for sure. Same like is dreaming for me have sexy story.

Thanks for say lovely thing about me Dr Steve. Best bit make me very happy when say “I just can’t imagine a nicer to way to spend an hour than in her company”.

This was last review in my Lancaster Gate flat Dr Steve doing for me before I started my own agency. Having one more review after him do in flat Bayswater.

“I could write pages on what we did and how much fun we had, but in deference to the rules I’ll keep mum on the details. Suffice to say that time with Aisha is fulfilling, exhilarating, exhausting and unforgettable. In may sound OTT, but really I just can’t imagine a nicer to way to spend an hour than in her company. Many thanks to her.”

08/20/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Nick

Thanks Nick for review very good. Make me feel special choosing me for you take time doing your first review for escort. Yes I understanding what you saying about my photo. For sure is better for play with real more than play yourself looking photo! Hoping what we doing together make you still have happy (and horny) memory. Thinking now you have better photo of us together in room. Aisha. x.

“Absolute top girl, I know I’m very late to review for which I am sorry but I had to mention how great she was, this is my first time posting a feedback after many many visits to the girls of asian selection but it has to be said, Aisha is definitely one to remember. Flat was very nice and was made to feel at ease very soon with great hospitality. Her photos do her no justice at all I reckon and the services were great, obviously cant say much here but guys treat her well shes a star. Thanks Aisha.”

08/15/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Mr R

Thanks Mr. R for do review for me. Yes this review customer speak straight and write not alot but am feeling is important for me. This because customer first trying for book another escort but having problem so him booking have to cancel. Most customer them after have problem them booking never having feeling for take more time for do review. But after him enjoying time with me is easy forget angry and problem with booking before. And this review important me because this customer was first time for going see the escort. So am double happy that all him worry was easy forget when we get to meeting with eachother. So big thank you and kiss for Mr. R.

“After a mix up with my original booking. It was suggested I see Aisha. This was my first time doing this type of thing so not to sure what to expect. Aisha was a really sweet girl and very sexy. Flat was very nice and Aisha put me at ease. Thanks Aisha”

08/12/2009, 2 hours incall, return-visit by Steve

Steve was very happy customer. I sure. No sorry I double sure!

Most customer I see always come back quickly. But Steve him enjoy so much he come back and booking me again same day! I liking to have bubble bath ready for all my customer but that day hot water not working my flat. I worry so much and feeling for stop work for day so happy for meeting Steve. Enjoy sex with him alot the first time and then second time him come back I shock. Make me feel funny inside and exciting. We both have same feeling we needing to do again with eachother. Second booking was… god I feeling horny now again same that time.

“Aisha is tiny beautiful and very eager to please. believe me when I say 1hr is not enough time to spend with this girl, that is why I booked her for another hour later that day. The only down side was that there was no hot water but she promised next time we could have a bath together. look no further than Aisha you will not find anyone better.”

08/11/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by James

Is good feeling when having booking with customer see many girls. Thai girls are call them butterfly, my style for call them same Wasp. Them can sting and fly away for sting again! For me feeling like sport game start.

I liking for see what they thinking about my service. James see many Asian Escort before me so I happy alot my tricks and secret moves working for make him have good time enjoying new experience different from the other working girls.

For sure is very important for this kind of work. Is much very easy get lazy when working and just do same style but can not stay at top recommendation for Punter. Because if the girl she lazy the punter get boring quickly and go looking another lady for play with. My idea I doing feeling same excited for change style and trying new thing for customer keep me enjoy my work.

“A very sweet and sexy girl who made my time with her very special. I have a good deal of experience of Asian poppets and she is a real gem. Treat her with respect and she will give you a fantastic time.”

07/29/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Tim

“Just the most gorgeous girl. Friendly and welcoming, very sexy and eager to please, and finished off with a good firm massage. Aisha speaks excellent english and is very easy to have a conversation with. All in all a special experience with a special lady.”

07/17/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Alex

“I had a wonderful time with Aisha, although I made a mistake at the start of commenting on how small she was, only to be corrected she is not small, she is petite. Sorry for this Aisha my mistake, you really are very petite! All services were eagerly offered, I can not tell you enough how willingly and enthusiastically Aisha performed. Here English is very good and I also enjoyed talking with her. Her eyes are amazing and I got lost in them very easily. Apartment was very nice. Thank you Aisha.”

06/23/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Charlie B

“Fantastic. From the moment we met till the moment I headed off for home. Many thanks for a really good time Aisha.”

05/18/2009, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

“10+. I stopped in to see Aisha before heading off on a business trip abroad. I hate flying but after an hour of Aisha’s company to reminisce on I came though the trials and tribulations of travel with a smile on my face. Hard to express how delightful it is to spend time with this little lady. Awesome fun to be with and then at the end she tells you to come back soon. I will! Thank you very much to her.”

05/02/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Bangkoky

“My god this is the best hour of my life. Aisha is so attentive and offers every kind of experience that you could wish for. She is just so amazingly and refreshingly engaging at every level and i can’t recommend her highly enough. Her photos do not do her justice. I will return soon.”

03/30/2009, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Retail

“Another return visit to Aisha. Gents, I can’t imagine a better punt. Charming, sexy, very very talented… Be nice, and she’ll reward you handsomely.”

03/25/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Jamie

“She was very pretty and has a lovely smile. I enjoyed my time with her very much, my only regret is that after leaving and having the pleasure of kissing a lovely sweet girl a little older than myself. I couldn’t stop wishing I had a girl like that of my own.”

03/20/2009, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

“Astonishing! Aisha is very pretty and blessed with a beautiful body but it is her enthusiasm and skill that are really remarkable. My first visit to Aisha was utterly awesome, subsequent ones have been even better – this one being a case in point – building up from a slow and relaxed start to an energetic and exhilerating finish. All the ladies I’ve met through AS have been lovely but Aisha is a star among stars.”

03/04/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by James

“Aisha was wonderful. Her place was clean and well-prepared and she herself was breathtakingly beautiful (even more so than her pictures). Her room was tastefully decorated and candle-lit; the perfect place to spend a relaxing few hours together. I am going back to the States tomorrow but will definitely visit again the next time I’m in London. Thank you Aisha. xx”

02/26/2009, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Retail

“My second time with Aisha — certainly couldn’t have been happier. There may be *slightly* prettier girls out there, but Aisha’s service is second to none. Will be back.”

01/19/2009, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Rosco

“Can’t get enough of this girl. Lusciously hot. A real sex kitten. Will see her again and again (until funds run out!).”

01/15/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Dreamer

“An excellent experience. She was friendly, attentive, and an absolute dynamo! It would be ungentlemanly to talk about details, but let’s put it this way: It’s the only time I’ve gone to a cash machine so I could stay an extra hour! Highly recommended.”

01/07/2009, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Retail

“Wow wow WOW! Aisha is a stunningly hot, under 5′ spinner with a roaring (censored word) drive and finely honed skills. Everything offered without me even asking. I’d recommend highly to anyone. Possibly the best punt I’ve ever had.”

10/17/2008, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Paulllad

“Aisha is as her her pics really – Pretty – but really tiny and maybe a little too thin Aisha provided the full oriental experience – Very nice flat with candeles etc. Big telly and mirror – and – all services you could want with a smile. Nice”

09/24/2008, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Seabirdseven

“10+. I put this on the Eroticreview I hope it is not too graphic. Aisha is one hot girl. She is tiny but incredibly well proportioned and whomever took the pics on the web site should get a different job. He is no photographer. She is stunning. So peck on the cheek – in the room I gave her the m(censored word). Clothes were off and she was on my c(censored word) in a second. Fantastic B(censored word), D(censored word) licking anywhere. I hung on for awhile until I just let go when my c(censored phrase) and that was that. She (censored word) the lot. No problem. A little chat and then another B(censored word) – I asked about a(censored word) and all of a sudden a really large d(censored word) arrived and went in her p(censored word) as she hopped on me for cowgirl a(censored word). She was making herself c(censored) with the d(censored) while fu(censored) the hell out of me in CG. A beautiful but tiny girl impaled on me. Too much for me and I lost it. Cleaned me up then she offered a massage and I reckon one of the best I have ever had by anyone anywhere. To finish up we had a bath together, then she cleaned me off with the shower, dried me and dressed me and I was gone. Talk about the ultimate c(censored). Aisha should be a legend and for 150 pounds for a real hour – fantastic. I will be back to see Aisha and her girlfriend.”

09/12/2008, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Mr Moonbeam

“10+. My time with Aisha was one of the best punting experiences I’ve ever had.She looked georgeous, I know some of her other reviews say she looks better in person than in her photo’s and I have to agree but you really need to see her in the flesh to appreciate just how stunning she is. The hour I spent with her flew by but it was a goodun. Flat was easy to find, clean & tidy. No clock watching just a real nice girl to spend some time with. Will probably see her again and again, bankruptcy here we come.”

08/14/2008, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Brennie

“A lot better looking in the flesh very petite under 5 foot tall but amazing service probably the best i have ever had i will definitely will be paying a return visit also saw her friend Anne when i was leaving and she looked nice.”

06/13/2008, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Ashok

“Aisha does not look like her pictures. (Client is referring to photographs paid for and used exclusively by the establishment she listed with prior to starting her own agency.) She is actually much prettier! These girls should not resort to Photoshop so much-it hides their natural beauty much of the time. I had a wonderful time and judging from her response, so did she. The key, I think is being as open minded as she is. The perfect end to a hard week. Aisha suggested that I try a duo with her and Anna next time. I might just take her up. Better start saving!!”

06/09/2008, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Dr Steve

“About as fulfilling an encounter as one could ever hope for. From the time Aisha asked me to remove my shoes on entering her flat to the point she retied my laces as I left everything was sheer delight. The flat is convieniently located, spacious, well furnished and very pleasant. Aisha is herself is very pretty, has a lovely petite figure and is very friendly. She also knows all about how to entertain and pamper a gentleman and is most eager to demonstrate this. Hope I’ll be able to arrange another meeting with her soon!”

05/16/2008, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Marc

This is one of my escort review before I started my own agency.

Punters comments: A1 performance by Aisha. Excellent flat and excellent (censored) provided as described on profile. Would recommend to anyone.


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