Aisha kisses her rosebud

Sexy Asian Aisha kisses her rosebud sex toy as she lays on her bed on top of a large red coloured fetish vinyl cushion. Photographed on Sat 3 Mar 2012, 07:32:39 escort Aisha in Paddington, London from her Collection Private photoshoot March 2012.

| Posted: Jul 8, 2012 |

Aisha kisses her rosebud
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  1. Chris

    Wow…Aisha…I want to feel this in my a** please…

  2. Great Guy

    The pose of a divine goddess as she sensually kisses her rosebud. She is the delicate beautiful flower that everyone admires but only the select few can experience.

  3. dedalus

    After those lips, that rose will never wilt!

  4. Jon

    A taste of the exotic East. A kiss of ecstasy. xxx

  5. JC2K

    Such nice lips 😉

  6. Alex

    One of my best friends when lonely and horny….

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Paddington, London, England, GB

Bookings Tel: 07920-156-455

| Date photo taken: March 3, 2012

| Date published: Jul 8, 2012 by


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