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Exclusive Topless Petite Asian

Petite Asian Aisha photographed topless as she ties her hair back. Photographed on Tue 8 Nov 2011, 03:03:18 escort Aisha in Paddington, London from her Collection Private photoshoot November 2011.

| Posted: Jul 8, 2012 |

Exclusive Topless Petite Asian
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  1. Surfy

    Nipples…Nipples…Who Wants Nipples? Have you ever seen a nicer pair? I could suck those all day long! Aisha, you are perfect!

  2. Great Guy

    Amazing, Alluring, Awesome Aisha: Paragon of Beauty!

  3. dmcm

    I have been cruising the sites looking for a good agency and some pretty girls. Flaccid whole time until I saw this—now I have a raging erction. High Voltage, indeed!

  4. Jon

    My eyes are ravenously drinking in your stunning sexiness! xxx

  5. Alex

    This is a wonderful photo. It shows a lot of personality and the natural beauty Aisha has in abundance. Makes a man appreciate her as a person, as well as her body’s beauty.

  6. admin

    yes, this true worldpunter how u remember because u i think u always looking at my p*ssy! aisha x.

  7. worldpunter

    This is how she ties her hair back just before getting in the bath with you . It’s at this point when you know why you came to see her and why you will always return . Aisha Addiction .

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Paddington, London, England, GB

Bookings Tel: 07920-156-455

| Date photo taken: November 8, 2011

| Date published: Jul 8, 2012 by

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