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Anna July 2013 Model Pic12

Photographed on Thu 1 Jan 1970, 00:00:00 escort Anna in Bayswater, London from her Collection Anna July 2013 model.

| Posted: Jul 12, 2013 |

Anna July 2013 Model Pic12
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  1. Jon

    I know that Anna is on holiday at the moment (well-earned, I assume!) but I feel compelled to say what a exceptionally beautiful young woman she is! There is also a poise and sophistication evident in her photos which I love. Whether she is poised and sophisticated in real life, I have yet to discover -perhaps a call for a third case of ‘fizz’ perhaps just for Anna alone! I will add her to the list of Aisha’s lovelies whom I would dearly love to visit. Who knows, one day this desire will be manifested. Jon xxx xxx xxx

  2. Express

    Is this fire or ice? I am burning with desire — but she seems so cool!

  3. shaka


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Bayswater, London, England, GB

Bookings Tel: 07920-156-455

| Date photo taken: January 1, 1970

| Date published: Jul 12, 2013 by

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