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£30 million approved for London’s garden Bridge

December 5, 2013.

George Osborne has recently given approval to a wild and wonderful new project which is formally known as London’s Gardens Bridge. Fundraising for the project will start very soon and is set to get a lot of backing as this will be a huge selling point for London’s tourism. There will also be extra funding from other areas of the government such as Transport for London. Confirmed private investors have agreed to invest £30 million for the project too. So lets have a look at what this bridge is all about.


The bridge has already been coined the slowest river crossing in London and offers an oasis of natural beauty for passers-by. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the man who designed the famous torch for the London Olympic Games – this is going to be his biggest project as of yet. It will promote British engineering and design to the world and keep a tradition of new-age monuments in London that have wowed the world such as the London eye and the millennium Bridge.
London is about due a new land mark and this is the perfect one in the minds of many people. As always with new projects there are people who have been sceptical; Boris Johnson has been heavily criticised for putting money into the project while ignoring other bridges along the Thames that have fallen into disrepair in recent years. Some people in London feel that a project which severs only the purpose of leisure is one which is “disgraceful” as many people will not even be able to afford to heat their homes this winter.


If London wants to be a world leader in tourism new attractions must be created in the city. So projects like this should have extra leeway in finance because the number of visitors that potentially many decide to visit or re-visitor London may make the London garden bridge a financially feasible monument. Overall Londoners should be focusing of making things that make them prouder of their city as this has always been the case and this is just the next brick in the wall.

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