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£65 Million mansion to be sold half price.

November 25, 2013.

The St. John’s Wood Mansion is considered by many to be one of the finest modern buildings in London. The property on Park road, London is now for sale at just over 37 million. Designed and build by Bill Bennette the mansion offers a contemporary family living space which is both stylish and functional.

This beautiful house is priced so low supposedly because of the massive over inflation in the housing market in London. For this price you get 11 bedrooms which are furnished to the highest of standards and much much more. The property has a large staircase which is situated in the centre of a drive way which has amble room for two cars. Upon entering the building you will be greeted with a spacious hallway which stretches the depth of the house, on either side of the hall way are living spaces which are lightly coloured, again in a contemporary design.


A view of the living room.



The living quarters are very cleanly laid out and an open-plan format is observed throughout the ground floor.



For those of you who love cinema the St. John Wood mansion has it all sorted for you. I love the grey marble which surrounds the T.V. – a very professional touch to a beautiful cinema room.



There are several areas in the property which are perfect for entertaining guests. The Snooker room features an ultra modern table and a contemporary feel.

If you have some spare cash in your wallet it could be the bargain of the century for you.


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