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Truly a remarkable view from Taylor’s early escort review

May 27, 2010.

Hi Punters.

Hope you all have the good week and enjoy last weekend hot weather. Yes I know is feel same summer finish already, having the cold wind and bad weather come back London. I just already last week packing my electric heater for keep in the store room because too hot. I know you horny guys come see me my room feel hot, just why I take heater away, one hot Thai girl and one horny naked guy jumping on the bed is make room very hot! Now cold again, I feel same have to have more guy jumping around my room for keep me warm in the night time. Lucky for me and I think for you too, one my lovely punter is send nice surprise for me Tuesday night.

One Eyed Panda last time send the very hot review about me and him have the good time when I live in Edgware Road area before. Is very nice, and horny guy, send me another review him do from the past. This time he send review from when he see Taylor just when she start work, long time before I meet her. Have to say big thanks for him and his little (joking!) friend for take time do like this. Thinking he see my update about Taylor come back to work again. Him and many other punter is help for make Taylor famous for be the hardcore wg in London so is cool for read one the first report that start all the horny guys talking and wan*ing about Taylor.

For me I like this review alot. Because from time I know Taylor she is very strong girl and for sure she love do the very dirty thing same me. Is why we good friends having do so many stuff super dirty for we enjoy too much when working and party together. This review from when she first start work for the agency A1. It show her for be very shy girl but still horny enjoy the time with the guy. Is make me feel horny for thinking about her young and shy and have the London guy teach her how to be a dirty girl, is same when I first start work like this. Thank you One Eyed Panda for make me hot in the bed when time for sleeping and dreaming! Big kiss na ka! X

Author “One Eyed Panda”
Location Area
Central London Earls Court
Date & Time Type of Visit Time Spent and Price
19 March; 13:00 Incall 1.5h for £220

Her Place:

Small, charming little house just off Earls Court Road. I wonder how many people have been directed there by the magazine seller outside Earls Court tube as he gave me a funny look when I asked for the street..


Petite Thai lady, typical slim build with tiny waist and two nice natural handfuls. Limited English, has been here three months, but charming personality.(Just now Taylor speak very good English and she more Charming too! -Aisha x) Difficult to tell her age but not that young, an advantage for a mature guy like me.

General Comments:

Taylor met me in a nightie and gave me a beautiful smile and a kiss on each cheek at the door, took the nightie off so I had an eyeful of buttock as I followed her up the stairs. She asked for payment then invited me to the bathroom where a bath was already run. We got in together and she soaped me with special attention to my bottom area, then gave me a soapy tit massage which had the inevitable effect – then she turned over and ground her butt into me. We showered the soap off and adjourned to the bedroom. She offered me a massage which I declined in favour of a more physical introduction.

Taylor then explored almost very inch of my body with her tongue, very nice. She liked to kiss, giving me her tongue to play with at every opportunity before starting on you know what –

I returned the favour and she gently clenched her thighs around my head to let me know when to stop. She then applied the condom rapidly and we had a nice doggie session where I could admire her hips narrowing to a small waist. I finished up pushing her into the bed with Taylor stroking herself and my b*lls from underneath before I pulled the rubber off for her to finish me or*lly, which she did expertly before spitting into a tissue.

Then I got my massage, another untutored one but these Thai girls seem to have a natural understanding of the body and work every joint and muscle. She wasn’t very chatty as I think actually she was rather shy, and her English was limited – however she had such a nice personality that I barely noticed. After she had done my front we started some nice kissing and stroking, I was soon ready to go again and after some spoons I entered her an*lly in doggie and she was really into it, considering she was quite small and I’m well… not.

She was always bending around to french kiss during the sex something I really appreciated.

We changed positions and condoms a few times, she wasn’t keen on going on top so when I lost the plot for a while when we were in the wrong position she took charge and finished me or*lly for the second time.
There was still time for a further massage of my neck and shoulders before time was up.

As long as you don’t mind limited English, Taylor is a really nice punt as she gives you 100% attention for the full time. There are probably better looking girls of the same type available but for a natural, dare I say it unspoilt all services type of Thai girl you could hardly do better. Great stuff.

Recommended: YES

Would you return: Trust me he do!! -Aisha

London’s No.1 Asian P.S.E.

Also I must let you know I have update to showing you Taylor’s photo gallery. Have a mix of photos from two different studio shoot she do before.

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