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Announcing Aisha’s Supergirl gallery has been reworked

August 15, 2010.

Hiya my horny boys and sexy girls.

This Aisha speaking. Have a quick message for telling you about new update have for our website.

Yes I promise last month for have my Bedroom Secretary photos come online but I sorry not yet. Hey hold on! Not start spank me yet bigboy. I not that bad hunny. Just now have new remake of my Supergirl gallery. Because same I say before haveing alot for change and update the site. My site is young, (same my p*ssy), so understand have lot for learn, (not same my p*ssy), and lot more the surprise for you is coming.

Last month one my client is tell me the gallery slideshow is not work him Blackberry so I think is important for change this. I hope now is work for you guys and all you having the iphone. Please can go checking and let me know if is work or not. Or can buy me iphone I go check myself! Heehee.

I promise soon I put my new Secretary photos online. For sure I can see is very popular because have lot the request for wear my Secretary outfit. Yes I know how you mind is working you horny guys on the train go work looking the sexy girls on you phone. Then after calling me for complain why the gallery slideshow not work! I hope is better for you now. But not too excited please not want you get the trouble from your little friend sticking him head up for have the look and bump someone on the train. Is very busy and not alot the space on the rush hour to work. Maybe better you just wait and come see me yourself have lot the space for play in my bedroom.

Time me saying bye bye give big kiss for your little friends.

Love Aisha


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2 Responses to Announcing Aisha’s Supergirl gallery has been reworked

  1. ChrisTongue

    I agree, it’s mouth-watering, and I did enjoy those stockings wrapped around my head (with Aisha in them!). But it is SO cruel to keep us waiting this long for the photos.

  2. worldpunter

    I can highly recomend aisha dressed in her secretary outfit. very sexy indeed . W.P.

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