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Aisha’s first post of 2011 and special thanks

February 17, 2011.

Asian escort AishaHi guys this Aisha. Yes has been so long for me not do any blog post. So sorry for that. And sorry I must say late the happy new year and happy valentine for you.

So a lot have been going on from last time I do a post and yes there be so much thing for tell you about. Before I do that I think most important that I wanting to do is say thanks to everyone for all the help get through last year and make sure my website be still here in 2011.

Some persons have been very kind to me and I want them know the help they give me is very special to me. I’m sorry please not angry if your name not here. I am really do appreciate everything kind you all have be to me.

Not think have any order or is mean something about who come first or who is last. Not paranoid please this not Aisha’s best shag of 2010 like you naughty boys do gossip on Pnet forum.

And this not just the list of horny old punters who be book the most escorts last year. These are all kind people that have shown love and kindness in them action and never ask for something return. It not matter what they be do in them private life. Ok not look good that start with London’s number 1 Asian-punt-hunter who probably in the Soi Nana just now spanking the bargirls after them English-Falang Oral test.

Special Thanks to


Tiggy7 is one of the long time member on Pnet forum. He has more than 4000 posts on the forum now so is a very popular guy (but he always be argue with somebody if get too long from be away Nana Plaza).

I remember back long time ago maybe before 2008 I first hear about him from owner A1 agency. Tell me same this guy the number 1 VIP customer who is love Asian P*ssy too much.

I first meet Tiggy in February 2010. Before my website start Tiggy take me out to lunch to Thai restaurant for help giving me advice about start new agency. He has helping me on many things. He helped when there was problems with other Thai working girls getting robbed. When some bad person try for do fake reviews make my name look bad, he was busy helping me just few hours before he had to catch a plane for go abroad. Thanks for help me Tiggy and help recommend my website. Thanks for help me feel strong and not be lonely when have some problem.

He is a lovely guy, with a good heart and helps take care his family a lot. Big big wet kiss for you Tiggy. You have a big heart and bigger sex drive!


Chris I be knowing now two year and half. Is from my last agency Chris be regular for come seeing me. Always bring bottle of red wine for me, just how my favorite drink he know.

After I go independent we lose contact eachother. But is lucky him see me on the Pnet. Just what start mr christongue on the forum.

Chris have a lot experience with all the different kind of escorts you can find in UK. So guys he is good person for go ask advice and him always fair.

Before I add some new escort come for join my site I always ask Chris what he think. Is good also he send me private reviews about other new escorts not on my site so can help me see who is going for be the next star. Thank you Chris for help me so much. Thanks for check nearly everyday my site and let me know is looking good. Thank you for recommend my agency to other punter. And thanks a lot for help me find new escort that have good service.

For up two week before christmas he go around London see different escort everyday. Him explain he want to find some new escorts for my site. See how lovely guy he is. Poor boy just think how hard work his little friend is have to do! Sure you punters thinking same me, him such a hero! Heheheee.


Worldpunter I first meet from Punternet forum. He is the first guy for write a Field Report for me when I start the new agency. From then he has come for see me many time again and every time is want something more horny! I think if I meet him when I bit younger and be more the innocent girl I fall in love with this guy for sure. Him style for be very sweet guy and love to make the girl feel special. Lucky I know this style of punter. Thai girls be the escort one day all learn same this. The guy be too sweet like this him butterfly 100%. Go fly from one sweet flower to another one. And I was ready when he come for see me. Can think him similar to a James Bond style of punter. But my ninja p*ssy was ready for him! And I think Mr. Bond lose that fight.

I only joke him not so bad. He show me over long time now that is not the game he play with me and still be good to me after the game is finish.

Now maybe you guys are wanting know how can I be a James Bond kind of super punter. Well listen I give you a little of the secret things for do. Whenever him come for see me, he always have some special present for me that make any Thai girl fall in love.

You probably think is Perfume, Flowers or Diamonds.


(Yes him bring red wine for me, but that because Chris tell him that my favorite!)

Him give me fresh fruit like Mango that be import from Thailand, Korean-style chocolate sticks, Thai Mama instant noodle and even Thai import bed sheet set. Guys this the kind of stuff that a Thai girl long away from home be love.

So next time you little Thai sex toy be annoy you for get her Apple Mac, give her a banana and tell her go f*ck herself!


Thanks OneEyedPanda for help me many things. Was very nice for you send in your field reports that be taken off Pnet so everybody can enjoy themselves read a horny story. Thanks for be gentleman and help me when upset about some the problems have from start the new business. Thanks also for recommend my agency for help start get popular. And even before my website start he be recommend me on the forum. Yes even before I start be member the forum many time see your posts about me. Thanks for help Aisha not be forgotten.

One of my favourite posts last year was by OneEyedPanda when he say:

…best to book with an open mind and let the punt develop. The wg should be treated as a person not a pokemon.

Thanks for be a gentleman. Big kiss for you.
Archived Escort Field Report made available exclusively for Aisha

Dr. Steve

I think you all maybe know who is Dr. Steve. Have a search on the field reports system for see why. Thanks for long time be help me and write reviews for me. Even before Aisha Invasian start he help make sure I busy by write reviews for me.

Did Nana break Dr. Steve?

Was very kind for you send me your private extended review so I can put up on my site for all them horny guys. Too many punter send me message after that complaining them too horny for go sleep after read! Hehee.

I understand is difficult take your time for do now having your new job in another country. So was nice for you take out time like that for me (and the horny boys).

I hope you are well and sorry last time I can not see you and recommend Nana for you. I only tell her for get ready a bath for you. That all I promise! I’m so sorry for hear you talking “Aisha’s friend on the Edgware road who nearly broke me last Friday”. Heheee.


Thanks shopboy for helping not only me but all the Oriental working girls when have robberies last year. Shopboy and Tiggy and many more punters is come together for help those girls be unlucky have bad stuff happen to them like that. Shopboy and them help for wake other punters up and open them eyes for see whats really the going on around them and we all learning more about how we can help and what for do for keep safe.

Thank you for recommend my site for another escort for come join and for the punter for help keep my site popular.

One thing I never forget is Shopboy helping me on the timing when maybe 2 -3 month after my agency start I have a big problem from some another big websites. This be the first time them see I have new website so maybe them want make me scare and show them big. Yes I know is sad have people do bad like that. (Maybe when young them mummy not give love to them and them daddy make too much love to them!)

I remember shopboy is call me and speak for 40mins with me and make my feeling calm and good again. One thing I keep for tell myself whenever have the problem like this and make myself stop feel for give up:

Think if you open the new flowershop business next to another flowershop, they wouldn’t be happy and probably angry with you. Any business be like that. You don’t be scare because them show already they are scared of you, just why angry because they can’t do anything about competition from you.

But talking with shopboy is make me feel I have a lot for learn from him. I never meet before another punter is speak like him and understand this business like he do. He know too much about the secret in this business, and teach me a lot in short time on phone with him. Maybe him have agency before or maybe he some kind superhero for help wgs. Shopboy my supergirl panties are waiting for you!


Thanks Paul for the reviews you do on the punternet for me and my site. Is help a lot and good for be honest. Thanks for help recommend my site. And thank you for help me protect my and August reputation back in summer last year.


Thanks for reviews and recommendations last year Siliconfan, was very nice for you do like that. And whenever have some problem same like a gentleman he quickly contact me for give help to me. For reply your duo review, I’m sorry I not let you f*ck Devon, my p*ssy need love too. Anway, for gift to you I soon be put on some photo of me and Alicia for help remember your favorite girl. No have to close your eye for fantasy about Alicia when you w*nking.


Thanks for help promote my site when I first starting last year. Was nice for you recommend my new site on ISG forum. I’m sorry we still not be meet yet. Understand is difficult you be working on you own far away in Europe where they make the best hard p*rn moveis. Must be very hard for you.


Thank you jack for all the help and advice and information you give me last year. Was very kind for you take your time for try help protect working girls from bad people. I don’t think jackjones is even on the punters that go see Asian escorts. But when he hear about Asian working girls not getting help from them agencies when being robbed he quickly contact with me for help. Thank you jackjones. Very kind heart you have.

Galahad and Punternet.com

If you not know Galahad be the owner of Pnet website. Without Galahad and him work for make his site maybe you not be read this now. I not sure if my agency even be alive for this long time be active already. Thanks for your hard work. (The new forum style is working very good!)

When I leaving my last agency the owner wanted to make sure I cant survive going independent. He tell all the clients I be gone already back Thailand. If you look still have my page on that site and say Aisha give up working.

Aisha's old listing

Yes I know you shocked! Even Aisha know have to start writing sentence with capital letter.

Then in about December 2009 I saw a thread on the forum saying “Worthy replacement for Aisha?”. This I knowing was going to be the time for my last chance save my future in London. I quickly sign up the forum and did my first post say hello the punters for first time.

Thank you Galahad and all the members make me more confident and not be so shy because my english is not all very good. Just why I can even do start a blog and keep for trying to better my English. Most important is probably it is give me chance for living with nobody controlling me and is help me be stay independent when have to take care myself and the persons I love.

What I thinking good about Galahad is him not give up being independent and chase the money like 99% another people do in this kind of business. This business is easy for cheat punters for them money. Its so easy and just why so many people in the business for only make money from cheat. For someone like me trying for start a new agency is very difficult because hard for advertise in the fair way. Most of the web is control by few companies that own groups of websites and directories. And so is nearly impossible for a new agency to do business or come up on google without paying lot of money for advert on their directories. (Think about all them fake website with photo of Japanese models. Really you is think someone start them for make money on bookings? Look at how they linking to each other in the bottom them homepage).

Galahad and his website give me another way.

Big big kiss for you sir!

Friends, Clients, Supporters and Asian P*ssy Lovers throughout the World.

Big thanks for all you help me. Is good feeling about life when have person help you and never be ask for something back from you. Is because person same you I not feel lonely, I not scare and I never give up.

Thanks for your help in 2010 and making Aisha Invasian a success.

Love from Aisha


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4 Responses to Aisha’s first post of 2011 and special thanks

  1. Dr Steve

    Aisha – you are so kind to say such nice things about a grumpy old man like me.

    I have to say Nana is a lovely lady (and very naughty too) and I’ve now had two lovely encounters with her (and yes I’ll be posting an FR about her soon) when you have been not been available. But I do really want to see YOU again. I’m having lots of problems punting since I’m spending too much time abroad. I’ll be back in a week or so. Hope I can see you then! Luv ‘n’ kisses

  2. ChrisTongue

    Supergirl, you are too kind.

    My highlight of 2010 was finding you again after your ‘retirement’.

    Don’t worry about my little friend (not so little when I see your photos on here). Maybe I work it too hard with too many girls, but all the suffering is worth it when I think it may help you.

    I’m already looking out for a special bottle to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. But could it taste as good as your sweet self? Surely not!

  3. worldpunter

    That’s very kind Aisha,this post,this blog now confirms to me that you are the number one thai escort in London.

    Can I say to all you guys out there,no other thai wg would go to this extent to thank her friends and customers.No other girl would take the time out to remember her clients in this way.

    This is no advertising ploy, this is straight from Aishas’ heart,with feeling. She is one in a million.

    [ ok,maybe there are still another 900,ooo I have yet to interview]

  4. Paul

    Thanks Aisha. How nice. Had a lot of fun with you last year on the way to getting over my problems. You were always very sensitive and understanding with me. You would make an excellent sex therapist!

    I’m currently travelling around Asia and have already been in Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Thailand soon. Wow, asian pussy everywhere! haha!

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