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An early Christmas surprise for you naughty boys

November 25, 2013.

Hi guys, this Aisha. Great surprise for you guys something I only find out last week. Mata is due for come back to start work in London this Tuesday 26th November. Yes I know some you guys nearly give up on Mata ever come back, every week call for check is she back from Thailand over the time she take holiday in summer. And then when she come back she go outside London, so I know can make you feel annoy when someone you been waiting to see so long have be come back but them stay just little bit too far for meet them.


So I have be speak with her already and she happy for come back in Notting-Hill area. Mata say she ready for work out-call and for any you new guys for my site Mata can work duo with Coco, Tiffany, Marina, Erica or Natalie.

About Mata, why she so popular maybe you ask? Well I can tell you is nearly impossible for find a natural busty Asian girl with smooth skin and a real sexy shaped body. Plus her character is someone enjoy joking and for meeting new people. Yes don’t have to ask about her experience, you can check her reviews or see the many good comments about her on the forums.

Sure so good luck for Mata and enjoy your early Christmas present.

Oh and must not forget our lovely brave talent scout, that naughty guy Worldpunter, have to say thanks for him help introduce Mata for come join us on Invasian. And where is he be now? Have the guess.. Yes you probably is get the right. Worldpunter somewhere deep deep inside Bangkok. Say hello for him, and hope he find his way out that be very dark and slippery hole. Not forget your brain down there please! You know the katoey and street girls can smell blood from tired falang long way when you walking back your hotel from finish disco in Nana plaza. I can hear them now be chase after Worlpunter. Oh I feel sorry for them. Them street cats is going for get shock playing with guy for him Vanilla sex is some flavour most people never can imagine for taste. 😉 LOL. x Big kiss for you worldpunter. Have safe and fun time.



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