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Announcing the release of the updated Reviews Landing Page

March 7, 2014.

Hi guys.

Hope you are all doing fine and enjoying doing the naughty things we love to do! So I just want to tell you that have today be update the reviews page. Yes I know for long time maybe is get you confuse why only have old reviews when you go on that page for the last couple the months. Sorry about that!

So I hope you already is see that now on every girl page I put all them reviews on there for make easy to read. After her details and keep go down after her photos will show her feedback.

And so about the Reviews Page this I want to do something different. I not see any other escort agency website do before and you know my style is like for keep update with the fresh new ideas. I think you punters can see already how after about 3 years slowly slowly now have another agency site borrow some my ideas. No problem for me.

So now have put together different things about the data is get from all you guys feedback. Yes I want to say thanks to everyone who take time to put feedback.

And about the time for do feedback, I would like remind you and for some the new client for my website show you how quick can do feedback.


From your phone is just two taps you need to do for get to the on-line feedback form. So after you finish your booking can just take you couple the minute for give some feedback and get yourself discount on your next appointment.

And please if have any problem with your appointment give call to my reception straight away and we be work hard for help you and hope for fix any thing happen. Is no point not for say anything and then just after go do review somewhere else for complain. Sometime I not see reviews on another site, so is not the best way for fix any complaint you might be have. And I only can keep make sure the girls be giving the best service if my client is stay in contact with us and give me feedback direct.

Big kiss for all you guys.



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