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Coming too soon – face the facts

January 9, 2013.

For some guys coming too soon them get little bit shy about. But really that nothing for worry about honey. But I not talking about that thing now. I want to talking about TDW is maybe lie himself about coming too quickly!

After Cherry is confirm she ok for booking and client is get the booking confirmation already. My reception is send text:

“Once you get there, if there is no response from the intercom please call us. We will call her notifying of your arrival. Sometimes she can’t hear the intercom buzzer.
Kind regards, Invasian.”
Sent: 11:08, 01/01/2013

TDW reply:

“I’m already in Bayswater because of the restricted tube did not want to be late!”
Received: 11:14, 01/01/2013

Hmmm.. He in Bayswater already and sound pretty excite. What you think, him can control himself not to try ring the bell early?
In first post he do on punternet he saying:

So him say first on time, then go back 12:05, then wait couple of mins, then go back and ring couple more times and after that then is text the agency.
And the text him send:

“I’m worried again. I buzzed bang on time and was told ‘5 minutes please’ – so I buzz again 5 minutes later- no response. Am I wasting my time here? I’m really disappointed given the amazing feedback and reputation the agency has. I you’re going to ask me to confirm before 10am and ‘be there’ at 12 prompt – surely I deserve a similar level of respect for complying? I’ll give it 5 more but I’m already in low spirit now.”
Received: 12:06, 01/01/2013

How long you think for write long text message like that? Can someone please try and check how many minute for do? Phone no have button, is from the Iphone. So if we getting him text at 12:06 maybe he wrong about what time he first get there.
And why not call reception same we first ask him for do in text we send him 11:08?
Remember Cherry is say “1st time you ring the bell is early, before booking time and she ask you for give her 5mins.”
And why I going into detail about the time? Because being there “PROMPT” is used by TDW a lot in him story for add more and more effect that something bad happen to him. Poor guy, he so lovely but have so bad luck huh? Why do all the bad things only happen to good innocent peoples? My buddha. Remember he is do nothing wrong all the time.
But just have a reading of what he saying in the text. Is like him setting up for do or act something later when get inside already. In the later post I explain more to you.

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