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New Years Day Bathtub incident

January 9, 2013.

Hi guys, happy new year. Ok not everyone so happy.

Maybe you see already have a thread on the punternet about a booking going bad with Cherry start by member name TheD*****W***k, http://www.punternet.com/forum/index.php/topic/28330-cherry-of-invasian-escorts/ . You can see have for read on that thread, and TheD*****W***k (call him TDW because I not want to give him website any link) have alot for say. And we already invite for him send his feedback in and now him do I can try give reply.
So have lots work already for Aisha do start the year try fixing this problem.

Have lots for reading on that thread and too much for easy get confuse. So I saving you time. Simple explain for you like this:

  1. TDW book for see Cherry.
  2. TDW go for see her.
  3. No money ever change hands.
  4. TDW and Cherry argue about booking time start late and why bath not ready.
  5. Booking is cancelled.

I hope you understand why no money change hands is important. Punternet Field reports rejected if no money change hands and I think most agencies same not going allow review for a booking that is not go through and have client walk out. Other punters is tell me not for worry about that thread and no point for do reply, one is tell me “This guy just needs to ‘sound off’ but he will get tired of it soon. You don’t need him but there is no need to tell him…”.

But same I be do for Toaster review on Sabrina and show I be stay in middle I ok for him give his feedback.

TheD*****W***k’s feedback

*Thanks have one punter tell me is not good for my website have same words TDW do on his website because he put same feedback on his website. When google looking is think maybe I copy something from TDW blog. And maybe is give value for TDW website have my website talking about his blog. So I puting his feedback in the photo for you read.

Cherry’s Side

Ok I try give Cherry side of story now.
Have to be fair to Cherry and let people hear what she say about this.

I am not saying I agree for what she say. I am just give what she answer to me about what happen that day. Just now I have to stay in the middle for be fair to client.

I speak with Cherry 5 times for ask about this and so help me check for see have something change in her story or not.

Cherry say 1st time you ring the bell is early, before booking time and she ask you for give her 5mins.

She explain that she do get bath ready before appointment time. But time close to start she have to go toilet and after go inside bath for clean herself. After this is getting late already and she rushing and forget to start bath again. She not answer intercom after because she not hear the bell.

When you inside already you never give any money to Cherry and straight take off your clothes. Then start complain why bath not ready. She trying to explain that she will do now and is not take long but you get angry complain again why is bath not ready.

She get very stress out from both you two not understanding eachother. She try to tell you the bathroom is not far and is not long time to wait for bath get ready but you not listen her. Both argue together some more.

You keep say you “not happy”, you “wait for see her 1 week already and why you not wait on standby for me have the bath ready” then say you going to call agency. Cherry feeling had enough now and believe is no point for both you just stay argue. You not listen anything she try for say and nothing she say or do is calm you down so she believe booking is over already.

You tell her you going to call the agency. She not want you stay in her flat anymore for just keep get your anger out on phone to agency so you can finish by telling her cancel.

So she tell you “I cancel you first” and tell you for go but you not listen her. She keep telling you for go but you not leave. Her feeling you is not a real customer. Make her more angry.

You ignore her and stay in her flat only wear boxer shorts and call the agency speak my reception. After that you is go.

Everytime I ask her about this problem Cherry answer say yes she agree the booking is start late and the bath was not ready and she apologise have say sorry for that.

Her feeling Cherry wish you be stay and have finish the booking with her first and then she be more ready for see your complain after. She say you keep tell her I wait for you 1 week and I not happy, why he can’t wait couple mins for get the water in the bath? Why keep to go on and on and not let her even start bath and not get anywhere. Cherry say you tell her so excited for come see she and spend time have fun with her and she ready for have fun start New Year Day in good way is important for her to give good luck for this year. But all that is impossible because some water. Her mind if start late and bath not ready is too much bad for you, is too easy for just say no thanks and go. But you is stay in her home for complain same Tsunami hit her flat.

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