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Best comments, punters, reviews and girls photos of 2013

January 18, 2014.

This the last my posts for talking about 2013. I just want to say thank you for all the guys and girls be make last year fun for all of us enjoy. Thanks for the guys be take time for send in comments and reviews.


295 Comments/Pic-punter photo captions in 2013.

Top Pic-punter was Jon. He get 73 captions approve and published for my photo-blog posts. Thanks Jon! Please let the reception know next time you be make a booking because with you discounts for your comments (£10 off your next 7 bookings, see offers) also I will have a bottle of champagne waiting for you win top Pic-punter for the 2013.


Thanks all you guys for send in your comment for the girls photos. Here couple of my favourite. This comment from worldpunter I like because I know what a naughty boy he is and sure this true what him say about Zizzi’s sexy bum:
like this punters comment


And in my mind I also be like this comment from Graham. Maybe because this the simple kind of thing make me laugh:

funny punter


255 reviews published for 2013.

The top punter with the most reviews published for 2013 was Dr. Steve with a total of 17 reviews. Thanks you Dr. Steve. Has been very long time now we be enjoy your reviews and is help many girl and clients for when them punting. Thank you. Big kiss for your Ananconda 😮 ka. x.

The girl get the most reviews last year was Zizzi. Well done for she get all good 38 reviews.


493 Posts published in 2013.

From just looking at only the photos I post in the last year the highest voted was for Vicky


My favorite photo from last year was this one. Maybe because I be there and get to see her sexy bum in the real 3D HD Ready* (mean get *Hard Dick Ready* 😈 )


I know I keep to get punters asking when am going for do some more “At home” photos for the girls and let you know is have plan for do very soon. Hope we all going for have good time in 2014 and again Happy New Year for you naughty boys!

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