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Reception – both sides of the fishbowl

January 9, 2013.

Now I am sure my reception is do nothing wrong from try fix this problem on that time. But there be couple of question I have for them and this can be help clear for everybody find out answer.

  1. I wanted for know what is the client say on the phone that time he just leave Cherry’s flat.
  2. What is happen for make TDW get angry and hang up phone.

First couple time we miss him call because ringing same time Cherry call us.

Speak with him maybe 2 minutes later.

He was REALLY angry.
Same TDW is confirm in his 3rd Post on Punternet:
Angry client

We apologised.

He start blaming agency and my reception straight away say: “Why was I made to wait… why wasn’t this done” etc. Client say it was “failure of the agency”, “didn’t do your job correctly” because bath wasn’t ready when he ordered one etc.

We tell him sorry again. And we do send request for bath to Cherry.

He not listen and keep for blaming us: say “I confirm when you ask me… why she not open door on time… you not do job properly…” Keep to go on, say things like: “… you treat your customers like that is disgraceful… my booking for 12pm so she have to open door at 12pm…”

My reception have to stop him and is ask him straight:
“What you want us do? Do you want us to put a gun to her head and make her open the door?”

His reply was something like … “but you have fail make sure it was done like my request. I do everything you ask for confirm in morning, for be there on time… but why she not do same you promise?”

My reception is quick for answer:
“We are an agency for make bookings based on time only. All we can do is convey your requests and messages. We don’t control anyone and nobody is work for us. We in the middle for do a booking service between client and provider.”

For stop any more him reply about disagree that, we telling him:
“Nobody is allowed for force another person do something in this business. IS ILLEGAL FOR ANYBODY TRY FOR DO PUSH SOMEONE LIKE THAT.”

Next thing him start is for say we are doing “fake advertising”, and our website is “cheat him”. He say we are “misrepresent” the girls profiles. This guy then start for say:
“I have been punting for over 25 years and I have been working in this business running my own escort reviews and adult entertainment website for years now. I have seen many type of escorts around the country… I never been so cheated in my life how your agency has just done to me… Is not acceptable how you run your business and I’m going to have to go out on Punternet and warn other customers about you… You are misrepresenting the profiles with the feedback you publish.”

Pause 1 min please When I read that is make me feel very hot blood inside me. Really I not know if I can keep in control if it be me on the phone when him say this. I lucky Tim is speak with him and have to say well-done him for keep calm. Tom say I know 100% when he say the word about that Punternet website what is going for happen. “This going to be a big problem for you Aisha… I can see he is decide for go make a problem in the public… I know I have to keep calm. Can see this the game he is going to play. I feel bad is nothing I can do for stop this happen to you. So I am sorry for that Aisha but I know I have to try calm him down for make this problem he going to make bit smaller.”

Next thing TDW is want to know who else available. Only Olivia be available and he asking is she like Maylo and Maria and Cherry. We know this is going to be very bad idea for try make any booking for this guy again. Him so angry about what happen with Cherry is be crazy for even talk about Olivia. Reception is want to turn him away from jumping on to talking about another booking. Tom is want to talking more about problem with Cherry and get him for look another way about what happen and why is go wrong.

Reception is have to stop for answer anything about Olivia but can’t just say NO to him… ask him softly… think maybe can we talking about this Cherry problem first… apologise again from Agency and try also apologise for Cherry… want for get him understand from Cherry’s side… try to explain it as “clash of personalities”… he just flat-out disagree… he not see acceptable for Cherry to treat him and act like that…

Tom say (copy from text he send me):
“Try to look at it from her side. OK language barriers and cultural differences don’t help, people react differently to criticism…”
HE CUTS ME OFF STRAIGHT AWAY WITH: “So you’re blaming me?
MY REPLY: “No sir I’m not blaming you. All I’m saying is how would you feel and react if a stranger, a person you never met before enters your workplace or home and starts complaining about you from the very start. Nobody would like that.”
AGAIN: “So it’s my fault you’re saying…”
MY REPLY “No that’s…”
SPEAKS OVER ME: “Thank you very much you’ve said all you need to and it’s clear that you are not willing to help me.

Reception not going to give up easy like that. Know already this guy is not going to see it from Cherry side so no point even try for explain. Wait 10mins for give him time calm down and call him back. Make apology for time start late, for bath not ready, for him upset… Offer for give him a discount from next booking but he say he not going to ever use Invasian again. We try for answer him about feedback on our site is all real. To prove for this tell him send in your feedback even if you never pay any money, we still going to put on for be fair to customers. Tell him again we have to be in the middle there no point for try go on one side more than another. And we can’t control any girl and can only send through booking requests.

Next 20 mins we send two more text for him for explain this again, say him can call in for talk some more and welcome him send his feedback. This guy he not going to forget what happen with Cherry and we know already he is going to try and make a big problem for my agency. Send him text also can helping make sure he not going to forget what we trying for do for fix this problem.

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