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Celebrate 10 years of Invasian Escorts

June 29, 2020.

This April was the 10 year anniversary for our agency but not the right time to be celebrating when we all locked down at home. So I want to make this short post for you.

Thank you

Invasian can not do it ourselves.

Everyone here is involved and helped with friendship, support, advice and love.

I don’t have to tell you about the successes, mistakes or challenges we faced throughout the last 10 years. Everyone been hurting these last 3 months.

But I want to say thank you from the heart.

Thanks for friendship.

Thank you for being by my side, and all of the girls both in good times and those naughty times.

Big kiss, Aisha.

Plans for the future

So I have lots of ideas for make changes to the website and update for a better experience.

I’m thinking new styles, new menu, online booking option, live chat, members account and lots more.

I will update the blog with new changes for get your feedback.

Important for get your help with this and I hope you be follow me on twitter for keep in touch @aishainvasian

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One Response to Celebrate 10 years of Invasian Escorts

  1. James

    I think providing a live-chat video service for the girls to speak to customers/fans would be fantastic. A chance for the girls to earn some money in these tough times, and a chance for customers to support them. Keep up the good work!

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