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Looking for Cherry and the bathtub posts?

January 10, 2013.

Sorry guys if I have confuse you.
I know have many posts I put online for try reply this stupid problem.
I put all the post out at the same times.
So the first one you see on blog page is really the lasts for read.

I know confuse! 555, sorry I not helping!

Please remember at bottom the post you can vote out 5 stars if you like or not.

OK here are the list order for read all the response I do.

  1. New Years Day Bathtub incident

  2. Reception – both sides the fishbowl

  3. Where there’s smoke there’s fire

  4. Efforts to resolve

  5. Loose Cannon

  6. Selling the dream to a pathological liar

  7. Coming too soon – face the facts

  8. New Year Resolutions

  9. Setting himself up for a fall




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