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Do they know it’s Christmas?: Bob Geldof’s band aid apartment sells for 7 million

December 12, 2013.

A mansion in Chswick, London has just sold 7 million pounds. The value of the property is not only base its idyllic location which is overlooking the river Thames but, because of its strong connection with music from the last 50 years. The song that you here every year called to they know it’s Christmas? Has made millions for Charity over the years, and it was written and recorded within the basement of the Chiswick house. This property is seriously cool. Some of the most famous artists have completed work here from films to recording songs which has made it into an iconic place and one which is highly sought after.




Back in the 1960’s (1964 to be exact) the house was featured in the film A Hard Day’s night by the Beatles. You can clearly recongnise the living room if you watch the film thought accept it has different furniture which was put there for the filming of the movie was the owners had something a little more traditional at the time. The Original owner, Ure sold the house to the previous editor of NME, Alan smith who changed the property into the clean, modern place it is today which took him around six years.

With the recent sale the string of people in the music industry has come to an end. The house has been sold to an elderly owner who Alan was happy about handing the documents over to. There will not be any Asian escorts booked to here anymore!

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