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Efforts to resolve

January 9, 2013.

  • Communication – discussing what happened


Most the time when have some problem with booking or have a client complaining some Thai working girl is can be difficult for ask the girl what happened. Many time the girl get upset and thinking “why you asking me, because you think I do wrong?”. Really too many time things like this is start for get some girls not trust their agency anymore. Because is going for stay in their mind and always is remember when have some other problem with them work. Sometime the girl can be think this some game agency is play with me for try do bad to me. Sometime they think agency is not trust me anymore so I can’t trust them. Most the time they gossip something like this with another friend. Maybe she also have some similar thing happen in the past. And together is agree, yes we don’t like that agency anymore.

If try for ask them more than one time about the problem is get even more worried. Think “why keep to ask me?“. Many girl is not understand or not believe the agency is trying for get more understanding about the problem for try fix it with the customer. But I can not blame the girls for feeling like this. Because I know and seen before some agency using this kind of story (the problem with customer) for hiding what they really planning for do. Maybe have some cat-fight or some jealous game going on with each other. Yes Miaow maybe small and live in the house, but have same brain like Tiger for hunting!

And what about Cherry?

Well I have call her and speak with her 5 times already about this. She never have any problem for talk with me about what happen. And I feel not difficult for try get her to give me some time for answer my questions again. She is understand why I be asking her. Is NOTHING TO DO with NOT BELIEVE her. Is just because I need to knowing more for try help her and for fix this problem for my agency.

Another girl who not care about client and not care if she do anything wrong is not going for want to speak more than one time about this. Trust me. I experience this same with my agency before. I have in the past some girl on my site after ask them twice about what happen because some client is complain, after relationship is finish and we can not work together anymore. Not just one time! Happen maybe 3 times already.

OK, Cherry not perfect. But nobody is perfect. And yes she make some mistake but even after 5 times of talking on phone with me, she is not get any bit stress with me asking her same questions again and again. She already apologise for any mistake she make and is apologise for give Aisha problem.

She ok with me keep ask her about this. Because I not be asking her “WHY, WHY, WHY YOU DO LIKE THIS!!? WHY YOU DO TO MY AGENCY AFTER I HELPING YOU SO MUCH!!” going mad same some other agency do because get angry have problem for them business because some bad booking.

Sure she OK with me because I asking her “WHAT HAPPEN THAT TIME? AFTER THAT WHAT IS HAPPEN?”. I not want her keep apologise to me after first time. All the other time I be calling her is for information. I not calling for get some blood and tear from her.

So Cherry is give me a lot her time already for answer my question. And she happy for do. And I sure she be happy for give more time for talk about this problem. She know I trying to do good because my clients is very important for me. And she trust me I not trying for blame her but for try helping her same time fix this problem. So thank you to her.


And what about this guy TDW? After he leave Cherry flat and when we call him back because he hang up phone we do tell him please give us call again for work together try fix anything we can about this problem. And also again in text tell him this. Him reply like this:

“As I said, I appreciate the part you play in all this… I can’t see there being anything further to discuss….”
Extract SMS Received: 14:16, 01/01/2013

  • Actions – following the event


Cherry she be on her best behaviours after this problem. I surprise even when have all the bad gossip this guy have start on punternet she has been quite busy. Not been any problem again about start late. She still been answer booking request quick. So I happy all this horrible thing start by this guy TDW has not make her feel for give up. I know most girl would be take a holiday or not feeling for work after something like this. I think if me I do same and take some time off.
Even have good feedback for her: https://invasianescorts.co.uk/reviews/cherry-05012013/


Sure in him text, he say on Tuedsay:

“… I needed to vent my frustration.
I still now need somewhere to release the sexual frustration and that’s where my efforts are now…
Feedback will follow tonight.”
Extract SMS Received: 14:16, 01/01/2013

But not get any feedback that night. Maybe he busy trying for get out him sexual frustration. But I don’t think he can do. Because next day, Wednesday 02/01/2013 he start thread on Punternet forum same he say he going for do when he threaten my reception on the first phone call after Cherry kick him out.

Oh and not forget on first phone call after leave Cherry he wanting to jump to book another girl. My reception want to talk with him more about this problem with Cherry but he hangup.

What he be do is put effort for do maximum damage and probably is feel him very popular now. Oh lucky guy! I sure too many punter is want to be like him when them grow up! 555. Is difficult for understand what he doing and why. Yes of course he be busy on punternet is not just because him angry. This is also for help promote him escort review website. Maybe this why it so difficult problem because he not just the normal punter, him trying for do make his business popular. Maybe this why he not changing anything about him character. Maybe both.

  1. TDW he is show him not be the willing for make any change in him life and him character.
  2. He not have any the realisations him needing to change.
  3. Of course this guy just going to make same mistake again and again. But in him mind he is not make any mistake and everything happen is just him bad luck because other people/escort is give him problem.

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