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Escort Gigi’s new video update

July 24, 2014.

Hello horny guys. Hope you are enjoy lovely hot summer. I know maybe is get you hot and sticky so am sorry I have new update for Gigi going to make you more hot and maybe sticky in your boxer shorts.

Now on Gigi page can see new video we make together. Just a short movie and sorry not professional. Is just me do the camera. And one my favorite toy my pony tail rosebud. Well maybe you hear from gossip from them naughty boys on punternet that Gigi she start learning for do A level. So just my idea for go check how much she be learning. Must say thanks for some you guys like Tongue Twister I hear you open her bum same like you do to me before 😀

Anyway she still bit new for A so I not want any you crazy guys go visit her. Please be respect her choice and be gentleman.

Escort Gigi video update

Same before when I put on Emma’s exclusive video please if have problem when you try for watching the video can let me know.


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5 Responses to Escort Gigi’s new video update

  1. Marshall1

    Hi Aisha – so, I did indeed see the absolutely delightful and adorable Gigi yesterday – Invasian and PNet reviews on the way! In the meantime, I thought I’d just report that she was a real trouper with her A-level test – passed with flying colours (I was ‘gentlemanly’, so hopefully she hasn’t got a ‘sore bum’ today ;-)!). Probably not yet quite up to degree-level, but I’m sure that with a little bit of (gentle) help from us ‘crazy guys’ (and your pony-tail butt plug!), she’ll soon gain her BA (‘Batchelor of Arse’ – haha!). Hugs and kisses to you and Gigi, Marshall1 😀 xxxx

  2. Marshall1

    Hi Aisha! OK – it HAD to be done – I’ve booked to see GiGi (on Weds) – haha! I will most certainly be wanting to help her along with her A-level studies ;-)! However, in contrast to your re-Tweet about me giving her a ‘sore bum’ (haha!), both you and she can rest assured – I will equally most certainly be respectful and a gentleman. I’ll let you know how I get on – haha ;-)! Hugs and kisses, Marshall1 😀 xxxx

  3. Marshall1

    Hi Aisha! OMG! What a totally amazingly explicit XXX-rated video? Not seen anything like it on any other agency websites – this is now the benchmark! But poor Gigi – it’s all very well you telling us ‘crazy guys’ she’s just learning her A-levels and to ‘respect her choice and be gentlemen’, but we’ll be queuing up to get some of that ‘rosebud’ action – haha! Sorry, but you started it ;-)! Nevertheless, I am sure we will be good boys and play nice! Big hug, Marshall1 😀 xxxx

  4. James

    Very erotic. Love the sexy commentary too.

  5. Tongue Twiser

    My fantasy would be double bum fun with Aisha and Gigi.Great video!

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