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Happy New Year 2014

January 9, 2014.

Happy new year from Invasian Escorts

Hi guys. This be Aisha want to say Happy New Year 2014 to all the punters and girls. Wish you be all have a good luck this year. Thanks for all the fun and the help last year for keep Invasian busy.

Sure I have to say hi for many my clients because I not see them long time. I hope you all be OK. Yes last year I not have much the time for do bookings because I busy for get my business grow and have many things for take care of. I hope you understand this kind the business have lot the competition and is very difficult for keep bookings coming in and have to take care many things like updating my website and advertising and same time have to keep make sure any problems with bookings be get fix.

Many girls I know when them start agency for themselves is just wanting for get someone do everything and pay that person so not have to think anything about what have for do for get them business be work. But problem always be is that this way the girl is give up control for that agency to someone else. After that girl is lose money for pay everything for start up the agency and lose most any the commission. After that agency is stop getting any booking the website is just be take away from her and then become another one of them fake website you see all over on Google. So is be difficult and take most my time for be independent keep my agency working good. Thank you for all you gentlemen be patient, send my love for you.

Big kiss for all of you and good luck for this year. I hope everything is be good for you and your families.



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One Response to Happy New Year 2014

  1. Tony

    Happy New Year, Aisha. Greetings from Africa!
    Thanks for the New Year blog post. Sounds like a real challenge to keep your business going but you are doing a great job. Missing your charms & talents & nice company & hope to see you soon. XXxxx Tony

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