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Maylo’s new photos plus Invasian Exclusives

October 9, 2012.

Hi guys. Sorry is long time yes I know. I think many you already be follow Invasian long time is knowing I be the paranoid my english not very good. So this year haves been very shy girl for writing blogs for you. Not worry you know Aisha never shy when she get you in the bedroom! No have change there na can relax guy! So thanks worldpunter for tell me not be shy for write blog agains.

Ok so last couple the week Maylo I see is be get the very popular on punternet have lots of guy keep talk about her. Not talking about worldpunter and christongue. Them always be recommend her, nothing new for them two horny boys. Good for see Soi Cowboy come back to book again from my agency, is be too long. I happy you have the good time with Maylo and thank you for do field report for her.

Ok so about new update for Maylo:

1. Maylo move location. She now be move from Bayswater and available incall only in the Notting Hill. Is only maybe 4mins walking from station. I see keep for have guy calling for her late night. Sorry she only work to stop at 8pm. (So if you horny after 8pm I think can look her new photos and be go w*nkspider website play yourself.)

2. Maylo new studio photos. So last couple day, I thinking Friday I put on her new studio photos. This she take from studio on September 24. Yes you probably is see the background before! This the number 1 popular studio for the girl choosing for get them photo.

3. Maylo Exclusive Home photos. I thinking for long time now is better for take photo in the girl flat. I think customer is not believe most the girl photo because take in the studio. I try explain this for many girl but them not think same. Many the girl say them idea for get the customer come book them from see amazing photo and after them can get the customer for stay because give good service. But I think opposite. My mind is that customer see the amazing studio photo and not believe. After see too many girl studio photo make all girl look the same and just not book any them. Can talking alot about this so I gonna stop now and sure maybe talk in future. OK so here my answer for this problem. Is exclusive photos show Maylo at home. I thinking if she already be do the makeup and take the day holiday for do studio photos I ask her for when finish come home and then can take photo for my site. So this new photo is take same day as studio photos. No crazy retouch just show her natural sexy look. I want to do for all the girl on my site. I hope you like. Can go see on profile page for Maylo.

Both photo take same day. Studio or Amateur. What you like? If you same me how I feeling about p0rn movie, I bored the studio film and amateur be the one for get really horny from watching.

Here can see all Aisha Invasian Tag archive for Exclusive Photos. Have already do exclusive photo for Cherry and Olivia. Soon have Holly photo maybe come.

Thanks my horny guys. I hope you understand my blog and not get too much the confuse and get headache. I sorry if you do get headache read my blog. Remember old man not mix vi*gr@ with paracetamol, is give your heart problem! Better can clear your head in 2 min put one finger in your bum and give Hello Titty handshake to your little willy.

Big kiss


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2 Responses to Maylo’s new photos plus Invasian Exclusives

  1. Sorry, Maylo she do only outcalls.

  2. bjarne andersen

    Going to London 14-15th of january. Is it possible to meet Maylo for that niught at my hotel?
    bd andersent

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