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Aisha’s naughty but nice INVASIAN Update

July 15, 2010.

Hello my Punters, escorts and Asian p*ssy lovers

This Aisha speaking. I hoping that you well and having the good time in London now. But must say hi to all the Oriental lovers around the world. Having alot the people from many different country keep to come visit our site. My web guy is tell me too maney different country people take alot the time and reading alot the pages.

Is be up two months from my site is start and sure I having many the customer come on the work trip or them holiday is call me.

First time have the call from number Australia I confuse. I think have the horny guy want to have very expenses phone w*nk. Yes I was 50:50 right. Him horny guy sure, but him phone for book Yumiko.

Already is be many my customer come from outside England, have from Singapore, France, America. So big hallo for them! Is funny, stay so far from Asia, but this be one the best place booking the Asian wgs.

But must say thanks to my horny friends have do say nice thing for tell people about our site. Thanks to Kiwi69 for recommend me on ISG website. First time I hear this ISG is make me worry. I confuse thinking maybe is some party drug or maybe is the sick is getting from too much boom boom! And also have some people from Finland website is talk about our site. I not sure what them say because I not understand Finnish, only Tinglish! But hope is say nice thing. So Finland guys hello for your lovely d*cks from Aisha, and please can let me know what is the guys gossip about me!

Well is be the long time from I do my last post. So am very sorry for keep you waiting. And please not think I lie you when I promise about all the new updates coming from my post last month. Aisha is not lie you, I not the bad girl, ok not that bad but can not spank me. Am not say thing like that just playing make you horny, same word I learn in London, I not be the c*ck-tease. No sir! Is not my style. My style is be the girl say give me c*ck-please! But can see from that post how good girl I have be for you. That time I say if you the nice punters we get one new escort, but I do triple for you, have be 3 new come! So maybe is you have to take the spanking from me.

I think you can understand why is take the long time for my post come. Be very busy with our new girls, and be having alot the calls from naughty customer get them early Christmas, because find out have hardcore escort Taylor is back. But also have the bad news I not want talk about too much. I be quick. Yes is about England team is kick out World Cup. Have be too many guys for Aisha be busy take care for stop upset. No I not the Doctor. And no horny man I not have Nurse uniform. Well not yet! Aisha is take care them with Supergirl style, suck out all your bad feeling make your forget from the football. Is can guarantee. Is can make you forget you wife so am sure me and my friends can make you forget the football. Am sure have too many you guys around the world is need this same service. So you know what have to do.

And having remember please is not just my customer di*k I have to fighting. Have another di*k Aisha fighting with. Is this time talking about the dicktionary. I sorry is my English not that good so have to take the long time when do the post update like this. Is just now I start learn what the red lines is mean every time do writing on the computer. Thanks for many you guys say nice have my words better in them English. But really is thank the computer for that!

Um sorry is you listen me or you still thinking about me with two di*k in my mouth! No worry I same love that, but that story for later. See I tell you Aisha can make you forget about football.

So this post I want for make start of new things for our agency website. And in next posts I want to give you preview for what is come. Is can make you believe me I not try tease you c*ck. Yes have alot the work do for make this website better. I know that. Is only nearly the 3 month old now. Thanks for keep interest my site and happy for you enjoy. I sorry is my first website so am not the pro for make perfect website. But sure can ask too many people Aisha the pro for make perfect f*ck.

Take care yourself and your little friends. Love Aisha. x.

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