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Looking back on 2013

January 13, 2014.

So last year have many different things going on and time for 1 year be finish is go very quickly. I know many guys thinking because Aisha not do booking with them is mean I same on holiday not do nothing. And here I be just want put together some the things in 2013 for what keep me busy, give me headache, make me lose sleep but after is feel good for get work done.


Hard work from day 1

From the first day of 2013 there was a big problem with the first booking of the year! Oh my buddha, I had a lot the work for do start from early morning 1st January 2013 for next 9 days. There is a real cunter (not the punter) who I think many the escorts around the UK is know he real sick guy. He have his own website just for make himself feel important. But is bad luck we have to deal with one the most crazy evil guy who enjoy giving working girls the hard time. Lucky one thing is that it be Cherry he go visit and not another girl because I don’t think another girl going for stand up to him.

Sure it be bit funny now think back about what happen and how stupid he is just take his clothes off and sit on sofa with his mobile phone telling Cherry he calling my agency now for complain about her. Him get a shock when his plan not work. Maybe he not experience enough with Asian girls because he not expect Thai girl can be the tiger and can make his snake look like the worm.

But he have experience for giving bad name for any girl and enjoys for giving problems to that girl and make it difficult for that girl get bookings. So from that first day of the year I have to work and get this guy for give up trying to do bad to me and Cherry.



It take me about 9 days I not reply any the stuff he talking on punternet and by that time him start think he is win and try show off for all the punters who always be say good things about my agency. Too many punters and girls waiting for Aisha do her reply because this guy nobody is like him from his posts he do on the forum and want him for shut up. So it be make many punter happy when I be put 9 posts for my full reply for this problem. Please go read Cherry and the Bathtub Incident, all these posts are still have the highest votes of any my blog posts.
From read my posts too many punters go on the forum (search for Cherry of Invasian Escorts) for tell TDW he is a silly guy. I love the last post one punter say “a whole new meaning to “hung like a donkey”.

But one thing I not ever tell anyone is that not the end of the Donkey. After about 4 maybe the 5 month he send text to my agency again asking for another chance for see Cherry! Yes this is a crazy person.


Site Updates – Aisha’s Style

January 2013 – I put on the new page for client can send in them questions called Punters FAQs.
Ask Hostess Aisha: Escorts FAQs and Guide

I have to say sorry because I have many many questions for still answer. Sorry guys. Not spank me too hard! I promise I will be put on the answers very soon. Just now total be 127 questions from punters. About 40 I be answer already. But yes for sure there are some crazy questions that I not going waste time for put on… maybe if funny I going for put online. If you have some question you can Ask Aisha.


January 2013 – For problems with my website I put on page for Website improvements, suggestions, issues.

I remember in the past sometimes have people saying bad about my website design. I not sure if really have problem or if them just want to say bad about my agency. So now if really have some problem you can be let me know direct and I be get that fix.


June 2013 – Website redesigned

On 18-Jun-2013 was happy day for me because the website is go live with big update same I talk in my blog post that day Invasian website redesign.

Am sure my client who be know my agency long time is remember my first site Aisha Invasian and all the crazy style I always do for update. But also be problem some time for client. So when Invasian is start in May 2012 for long time I be try keep things simple. After 1 year I really be want get my site for look different from any other. I need for make it look same this is Aisha style and so customer is not going for forget. For the logo I get designer for make using one my photo.


And for background have one my client take photo of me and one my friend have fun in the bath. Many my client remember because I have the very big print photo in my room before. So I use that photo and get it rework for make good background.


You can be see the left be from photo original how it is be look and then after move to the style I use for my background. About the background is take long time for get design to work good for when looking on Ipad or on the big screen.

And this update is make my site be easy for use from the smartphone for booking requests.

The menu bar I like idea because keep on the top of the page all the time. And keep all three important thing easy for the client find: can call from your mobile phone for booking, can see menu dropdown for different areas the site, and can be quick go to any the girl page have all the girl name in dropdown list on the right.


September 2013 – Gallery for girl pages is get update. Before when be on the girl page the detail be on the left and on right I have show 5 big photo and have to go click next page for another 5 photo. But this I change for put all the photos on only one page for each the girl.


October 2013 – Homepage and girls pages be get new style updates on the right hand-side for show what new going on. Same before have to make it be work also for smartphone or the tablet Ipad size. So when screen small them update be is move down to keep important part the page use all the screen. I know is help because many my client very naughty boys, them eyes be gone bad from looking too much the sexy movie 😈 !


December 2013 – Girls page be update again. Change the way detail be show and have two more big things different. Now have for some new photos slide show style gallery when click on thumbnail small photo. And now I show all the reviews on the girl page after her photos. So not have to get lost go looking another page if you want see her feedback.

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