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Inside perspective of London’s escort Industry

September 29, 2010.

Long before starting her own escorts agency, Aisha found herself in a rather perturbing situation, one that she had completely unexpected. In London the month of April in 2008 saw the closure of the two largest escort agencies, A1 Asian escorts and Oriental Gems.

Marketing decisions faced by Service Providers

Aisha A1 listing

Photograph of London’s best Asian escort, the beautiful Aisha. The image was taken from a set of photographs captured during 2007. Then Aisha was listed for promoting her escort services with A1. The photo-shoot was taken for this specific purpose. Aisha can be seen smiling as she raises a glass of red wine, her favourite aperitif. Viewers of this image will note how perfectly proportioned her female figure is.

Having listed exclusively with A1, Aisha was left without an agency to promote her services, a worrying time for any escort. Like many other Oriental escorts operating in London at that time, she had to decide which of the numerous agencies to list her services with.

In this industry it has been observed that the marketing strategy most widely employed by escorts is to list with multiple agencies. The rationale warranting such an approach is the escorts belief that maximising their exposure will maximise the number of bookings received.

Inherent competitive qualities of the Escort Industry and adopted marketing practices

Escort agencies find themselves vying for bookings with escorts that are also available from their direct competitors. This effect is more pronounced for an agency operating in a niche segment of adult services, particularly one where the demand is largely characterised by the local scarcity of service providers. Such is the situation that presents itself to the promoters. Seeking to minimise this competitive disadvantage, an agency typically adopts the tactic of promoting service providers under different names from those which their competitors’ listings use.

If price competition is not present and historical results show no abnormal benefits are realisable through the cutting of prices, market forces will see that prices will largely remain constant. Markets where these sticky prices exist show agencies relying more heavily on the use of alternative names in their portfolios. Agencies behave this way due to the prevailing market conditions and inherent market imperfections, or constraints, leaving very little else other than this form of product differentiation to compete for bookings with.

Implications for the Punting market

After A1 and Oriental Gems ceased operations, most if not all of Aisha’s fellow escorts chose to list with several agencies. The handful of which are today considered as household names in the business are of direct consequence of the decisions made at that time in 2008.

Choosing to have multiple listings, with competing promoters, saw the majority of Asian escorts in London adopting a variety of different ‘working-names’ given to them by each one of the agencies. Aisha, instead, opted not to use multiple different escort names as a way to get more business. Instead she worked exclusively for Asian Selection agency using a single identity to develop a loyal and broad customer base.

Since these escort agencies operate in a purely internet-based environment, potential customers naturally discover multiple listings of the same escort through their browsing habits. The potential customer’s almost zero cost of seeking alternatives, inherent in internet-based sales, guarantees this. For the punter this can be a source of confusion when having to decide which escort to book. For unscrupulous fraudsters this represents an opportunity for a “bait-and-switch” scam. Most damaging though is the uncertainty introduced in the market from the presence of multiple listings and duplicate agency websites.

Aisha’s alternative approach proved successful

Artistic imagery of Aisha, taken at time of starting her own agency. The viewer is presented with light colours using a colour pencil effect overlaying the original image, Aisha looks stunning.

With the intention of giving every customer an excellent level of service, the reasons for having multiple listings were redundant by Aisha’s logic. Furthermore she didn’t want to contribute to practices that give the industry a bad reputation. Likewise, she didn’t want to be regarded as a person who seems to be fine with hoodwinking a client.

Aisha’s profile page

Here you can find all of Aisha’s reviews.

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3 Responses to Inside perspective of London’s escort Industry

  1. Aisha

    Hi derek this aisha do reply for you now. sorry if u not understand me well, and i don’t mean any bad from what i say.
    I not sure if 100% true or not but i think have a problem for i do know alot of Asian working girls they don’t like for see the black guy. And we have this problem about 2 times already in the booking from my agency.
    So i happy for you asking this because i thinking for long time for put on somewhere update in my site about if the girl ok for can see black guys or not.
    Last time we have this problem my guy work reception is speak with that client and he think is good idea for have.
    anyway i probaply confusing you so please can call and the reception Tom will explaining for you better than i can do.
    i not sure why have problem like this and i don’t want really speak about it. and i can not make any the girl do something they not want. is them choice and i can not say much about that. i hope you understand.
    but after last problem with booking about this i do call all the girl and confirm is who can do and who can not.
    so i can let you know Devon, Tiffany, Vivien and Saiyuri them ok for do booking with client who be black.

  2. Derek

    I am black and would like to see one of the girls but I heard that most Asian girls dont see black guys,is this true?

    I am a 38 year old responsible black male living and working in London.

    Best Regards

  3. worldpunter

    Aishas’ website seems to be moving forward all the time. It will soon become known as the only oriental site in London to put true up to date photos.

    All the girls on this site are genuine, i find Aisha to be true to her word, she has the punters pleasure foremost in her work.

    Aisha deserves all the success she has achieved so far ,in a short time, due to her hard work and honesty.

    No dissapointments here, guys , no reason to look at other sites . W.P.

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