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MP’s spend your money on Vanity portraits

January 13, 2014.

England is certainly not the wealthiest country in the world anymore – in fact there are many problems across the UK with tens of thousands of people on the polity line and more going that way due to job losses happening on a daily basis. With so much turmoil occurring in our once great land you would expect the latest move from Politian’s; to spend an estimated £250,000 on self-portraits. Yes that’s right and it is coming right out of your pocket and this lavish spending seems to be something that the government cannot give up on as there have been numerous cases over the last several years of blind money wasting. It all started off with the MP expenses claims which were released after a freedom of information request – Ever since the public have wanted to know exactly where the taxes are spend.

Before the debacle that still exists to this very us, the public have always had a certain trust with our MP’s, somewhat like we trust our parents. But, now is seems like the media are now our parents warning us about the childish decisions of our elected representatives. The point of this article is to highlight the point that our representatives in parliament are not representing our interests. No, Diane Abbott we don’t think it’s a good idea to spend £12,000 on a painting. Most people are annoyed by with the fact that a photograph would have been a much smarted choice but, the ruinously expensive paintings were opted of. More to the point it is symbolic of how out of touch the MP’s are with the public because a lot of people are do not even have self-portraits from their own pocket.

The paintings can be seen at the, Portcullis House block opposite Big Ben.

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