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New exclusive photos for Patsy online

March 16, 2014.

Hi guys.

Have update for Patsy page with some new photos we take in her flat. I know many you punters is been asking me again and again when I going for take more photos of the girl in them home. So about week ago I go shopping buy some clothes for Patsy, I want get her some outfit for dress same sexy secretary. Because I know when you guys going work everyday and you see the Asian girl in the office is make you very excited. And probably is make you do the many mistake at work 😉 . And I think many my punters is get bit boring with schoolgirl uniform.

So when I go for drop off new secretary outfit for Patsy I think good idea to do a few the photo same time we drinking wine and she trying on new clothes. Is good because I like for get to know the girls better so I can understand why them popular with my clients. Patsy is sweet girl so is easy for understand why she popular.


On Patsy’s profile page now have all the thumbnail links for her exclusive new photos. For these photos I be put them online in the photo blog post. So please can remember to give rating for the photos and also can put your comment on.

I know the photos is not from the professional studio so maybe you not think good, but I think most punters is tired of studio glamour photos and them want to see the real thing. So I try get some super closeup of her bum for show the real thing same make want you touch, lick or spank. 😈

I hope you enjoy. We not have lots the time for take photo because we too busy talking! And can send in some more your idea for next time when I go take another girl photo. Can put some comment under this post or in any the photo blog posts.

Take care naughty boys!

Big kiss ka.


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