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New Year Resolutions

January 9, 2013.

OK so have some punters talk about Cherry is up and down. Sure no body is perfect. But for say she up and down is like say she is 50% good 50% bad. That I can not agree. If anybody going to be like that I not going for keep them on my site. Simple I don’t need take 50:50 chance have problem for my client. I think most punter is know Invasian and know history my agency are understand already how I feel about that.

Cherry she not for everybody her character some guys not understand and some guys just don’t like. But this going be the same for everybody. She is a person. She is not the robot.

And not forget every other girl is not work on that day. They take holiday. Some them take holiday all Christmas. Same I do. But she is try for do start the New Year in good way. For Thai people doing good on New Year day very important. Is for give good luck to you and your family. This guy TDW never think maybe today is important for some people. He not think “let me try think someone else than me and my d*ck”.

She know that she not perfect and is make mistake some time. But she is try for start the New Year by working hard and just why she accept booking request for 12 noon on New Year Day. She could just cancel the appointment in the morning if she lazy. Or she could be say she feel sick and can not work. But she do try and yes maybe start 5 or 10 mins late but lucky is start at all.

And how about TDW? Anything new or change he make for start the New Year?

Think all the punter can see from his posts on punternet he seem for be very angry with punting having bad experience just before he see Cherry.
One of the bad booking he have with another Asian girl on December 31st:
I think everyone can see he already bringing the baggage and bad feeling from 2012 to appointment on New Year Day.

And from text just before he go inside for see Cherry:

“I’m worried again… Am I wasting my time here? I’m really disappointed… I’m already in low spirit now.”
Received: 12:06, 01/01/2013

Why he not try change how he thinking? Why not be flexible and try something new.

I speak now to TDW:
Its new year day don’t you want maybe change something in your character? When you start get the angry feeling this I’m sure you are not stranger for know that feeling. Why you not want to try control or stop think negative like that? But instead you go crazy and no be patient when you inside and then you even more angry because you not understand someone else don’t want to take your bad temper on the first day of the New Year? You have show you not want to change. Everything you be doing and saying after that appointment is show this. From your fourth post on punternet:
Can see you still be affect from everything happen last year and you not really understand or you lie yourself what is really going wrong with you and your punts.

Instead for hide your real problem you trying to hurt other people trying for make yourself popular and keep busy to do this because is help your own escort website and this keep your mind off try answer real problem inside your head.

TDW is say he punting for more than 25 years now. So message from my homepage not just for new punters, is for all the guys understand:
Enjoyable interaction with Escorts

Thank you everyone and happy new year and happy punting.

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