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Announcing return of Taylor for full on PSE services

May 22, 2010.

Hi Punters, hope you all well and healthy. Today I feel have the best news for you about my website. I really never think is going to happen and only sometime dream this day is come. My friend name Taylor is come back work escort and is now ready for take your bookings.

If you not already happy and horny from read this news, is my job for explain now why all the other punter read this having the smile on their face and a bump in them trouser. Not worry little boy, your Mamasan Aisha is tell you all you is need to know to be a big strong punter. Come suck my nipple and listen me I teach you about Taylor and how you need get ready for your one-to-one punt with Taylor. Have to listen hard na, because Taylor is a very hardcore girl.

For be the serious Asian escort Punter you must have try Taylor one time in your life. If you not get time for punting Taylor before, is very lucky for you she come back start work again.

Taylor is available for booking now for in-call escort services in Bayswater W2.

Taylor: A spitting, strutting Sex Pistol

Taylor same like me start work with agency A1 Asian and is where she get popular from her work style. First time I hear about her was from my friend Alicia, she my lesbian duo partner. Alicia keep to talk and tell me about Taylor is very strong for work and she deep throat professional.

And so is how all keep for talking about her. All the girls want for Taylor teaching them how can deep throat the guy. Too many girl is want to go learn from her how can work for make them a star. Everyone say same thing: Taylor she too cool can do anything.

After A1 Asian finish, Taylor she work many agency. Every escort agency is want for her work them website. In them mind if have Taylor photo them gallery is make them look like one the top agency. Same the agencies is know she a superstar. When have a new girl start the agency is like to send them to Taylor for duo job because she number 1 sex teacher. But also is same like have them own test review for a new girl, them want Taylor check how good the escort is.

Agency is respect Taylor for how she a sex expert. They never have for worry when recommend Taylor for a customer. Any job, any customer, any service they ask about have Taylor always cool give same answer: “O.K. honey what time?

Taylor: The depths of Sin

I thinking you is already knowing I not like list services for the escort same another agency do. This time I must do for Taylor because this is why Taylor special and what make her Superstar escort and is what she professional for do. I know myself from the many time we party and work together.

Deep Throat Specialist
This is what make Taylor famous for all the other girls keep talking about how deep she can suck. Too many girl ask her for teach them.

Sex Toys
I always joking about Taylor about her Sex Toys. Every time I go her flat she have something new she order from internet. I joke she same like James Bond have too many crazy toys.

Taylor expert for Role-play and have too many different style clothes ready for do, have Secretary and Teacher and Nun! Taylor do many time before and can switch on start role-play same have button.

I know this very popular for customers and too many is request when call for bookings. Is lucky Taylor flat before have the big bathroom.

Lesbian and Bisexual Parties
Taylor not same most the working girl scare and shy for do Lesbian. I do many time with her before. Taylor she can also work with the gay guy for do bisexual booking.

Same I joke with customer, Taylor from the A1 University and is easy for her do A-Level. She only I know can do double an*l with customer and her toy. Yes I know you thinking WOW!

Bondage and Domination
When she wear her PVC I like calling her Catwoman. Her body more tall than other Oriental girls and she is look the serious Dom-girl. When do like this always make me feel scary but horny same time.

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One Response to Announcing return of Taylor for full on PSE services

  1. Hi!

    In London on Tuesday. Is Taylor available in the evening?


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