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Selling the dream to a pathological liar

January 9, 2013.

TDW say in his first post on Punternet:

“This agency sold me a dream… I bought it, I nurtured it for a fortnight or so…”

Is this the dream him talking about?

TDW 5th Comment
We block all his 22 rude comments he put on the photoblog, include 17 comments on Cherry photos. This way we not encourage him dreaming about what he going for do with his small d*ck.

“Would Cherry allow me to take some photos or some video if I book a session?”
Received: 16:30, 27/12/2012

“… I’m looking for the most exciting of the 3. The most unpredictable and unrestrained in a filthy sense. The dirtiest and most adventurous…
I look for and long for the extreme hooker experience…
If you can advise, I’d be grateful.”
Received: 19:01, 28/12/2012

We ignore his texts and not ever recommend any girl to him.

After checking google I find “fortnight” is mean two weeks. But his first comment on my site 15:09 27/12/2012 and his first text he send to me 16:30, 27/12/2012. And next day in him text he saying:

“… Only just really found Invasian and love the ethos and spirit and attitude…”
Received: 19:01, 28/12/2012

Fortnight not same as four days.

My mistake for not save him number to blacklist he get a booking from call through to my reception.
After he make the advance booking him text day before appointment:

“I’m not sure whether I should give a heads-up on what I’m after,but I will: shared bath would be nice along with her famous extreme pse including A level service.”
Received: 14:25, 31/12/12

From his first post on punternet you can see my reception reply.
We do our job correct clear to him we only going to send through a request for a bath. So we not promise or sell him any the dream he having same he talk about in his comments.
Pause 1 minute na ka, have to see him say a shared bath “would be nice”. In 23 comments and 3 texts from him before, he is never talk about shared bath. He only talking about some “extreme hooker experience”. But because the bath not ready he start act so angry and crazy and can not wait for few minute for water in the bath.
And the bath is a request. It not the order. Its not the promise. Its not the guarantee.

But then he change story can see in his feedback he say:

“… Having built myself up for this – having done meticulous research to find the right girl for what I was looking for…”

OK so was not us selling some dream for you… it was you go to University and research same like scientist and this is decide for you to book Cherry. Wow and you have time for post 23 rude comments on my photoblog, wow you are amazing guy!

And in his first post on the punternet he talking:
amazing field reports
Maybe this some his research study??

And nobody sell him anything. He never even take money out his wallet. All he is do when Cherry leave him alone for 1 minute is quickly take him clothes off walk out her room and start act his crazy complaining.

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