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Setting himself up for a fall

January 9, 2013.

  • Actions before + after = dishonesty

There many things TDW saying and doing before and after Cherry kick him out her flat that make me not trust him:

  1. He have some escorts review site.
  2. Trying to contact for make booking and keep telling he have some escort website and saying he not a “bullshitter”.
  3. After he leave Cherry flat how he threaten my reception on the phone he going to tell everyone on Punternet my agency is try for cheat customers.
  4. He not want to talk with me about what happen that day.
  5. He do go straight to punternet for start make problem for Cherry and for me.
  6. Not only my agency but he doing same to other popular agencies for do marketing for his escort website. The history his website is seem to be mix for do bad review for get revenge on some people. But now maybe he trying for do both revenge and get his website popular.
  7. When talking on forum he up and down for say good then bad things about my agency, maybe because other punters is not agree for him blame us. But when send feedback in all he have to say is bad because we promise him for publish. Some reason he want only bad thing for get on my site.
  8. Many the things he saying is not the kind of comment experienced punter is make. Like In 28 years of punting he never been so disappointed same starting appointment 10 mins late and haveing to wait couple more minutes for bath. Really? Maybe this just overacting for his marketing plan or maybe he just problem be the delusions his head. But I’m thinking now is both.

  • Conclusions on what happened

After thinking about this more than one week now I want to talk about what I think is happen on the booking day. Same I talk at the end of post “Coming too soon” how the long text he send just before get inside is like something he be setting up for do later when he get inside.

  • Both give same account

Important thing is that his feedback and what Cherry say is nearly exactly same.
Only thing different was Cherry say he ring the bell early.
But everything else: Him strip naked, he complain about bath, them argue, she telling him go, him ignoring her and calling agency – This is what both of them say.

  1. We already have told him in a text we send at 11:08 that sometime Cherry can not hear intercom and for call us if not get reply from ring the intercom bell. But he not call us when get no reply from intercom. Instead he is sending long text saying: “… I’m really disappointed given the amazing feedback and reputation the agency has… I’m already in low spirit now.”
  2. After 28 years punting him don’t think let me call and find out what happening or just forget the booking if he feeling so bad already?
  3. This guy not stupid. He is do him research. He know how important in my agency for client be happy and he for sure have read other punters experience how we take extra care for make sure booking is smooth. So for send text like that he is already start his plan for make complaint.
  4. When get inside Cherry flat he not give her money when he quickly take his clothes off and go for walk around her flat.
  5. Now start his complain game, not listen Cherry, be unreasonable and try show how angry he is.
  6. He so angry and upset about bath not ready, why not just leave then?
  7. He try to make Cherry worry and scare by tell her he going for call agency complain.
  8. Him plan for try get Cherry do what he want and for try get something extra by calling agency and complain. Remember he not even give Cherry any money. It is more easy for get discount before he give any money. It is more difficult for get some money back through discount if he already is pay the full correct price.
  9. By now Cherry she already telling him “I cancel you” and telling him for go. But he don’t listen. And just sit her sofa in his boxer shorts and call agency for try get something extra for him. He still thinking that if he complain to agency he is going for get what he want and Cherry be scare and do what ever he want.
  10. Reception is tell him straight: “If you not happy and she’s telling you go then you have to leave.” Him realise then that his complain game not going for work this time.
  11. When he speaking on the phone with reception after Cherry kick him out already reception is try for get him understand from Cherry side and that maybe both have “clash of personality”. This he get so angry about and saying “You blame me?” I think is give himself away because he is the guilty conscience for acting like idiot and this is why Cherry cancel him.
  12. He think wrong that girls on my agency is be popular because we control them. And he mistake for think because client feedback be important for my agency if he do complain a lot he going for get some discount or extra time or just make Cherry worry enough so she become his “sub-sl*t” fantasy.
  13. Maybe this why he so angry with Cherry because he not expect her for be so independent and strong. I think he shock that some uneducate Thai girl is not take any his bullsh*t and kick him out.

I think is lucky the booking be with Cherry. Because another girl I don’t think them going for be strong enough for stand up to this guy. I can see him so surprise that maybe him past he not see European girl be strong same her. I remember when I work for last agency I have some guy come to see me and when he say not enough money I telling him for go and agency is do same call him for leave. But that guy not go. He just sit there maybe 10 minutes. That time I stay on my own and I not know what to do. Yes I scare.

  • Unlucky day for Cherry. Not Cherry on a bad day.

So when have the posts on the punternet forum have guys saying “everybody have bad days” thanks you honey I know you try for protect Cherry but this was not her on the bad day. This was a bad day because unlucky have some guy like that come for playing game with her.

  • Oh my baby. How uncomfortable you must be?

Can see from TDW first post on punternet:
Not a pleasant experience
And from his feedback:
Genuinely uncomfortable
I mean just come on guy! Someone telling you for get out them flat and you just ignore them. Walk around them flat in your boxer shorts. Take your mobile phone. Sit down on them sofa. And then start make a phone call. And YOU are feeling uncomfortable?

All the anger you be showing in your posts and comments about Cherry I think is more for do with your plan backfire and instead of get your kicks from be bully and dominate some girl you be get scared because some Thai girl about to kick your ass.

  • You missed out.

So when you saying in your feedback:
“… to describe her as the best Asian PSE Experience available is just WRONG…”
First thing… this what some punters is say. I not say that. I never have sex with Cherry.
And second thing: how you can say is wrong? You get kicked out for being stupid and not get chance for experience anything.

Don’t forget I not have any reason for keep any girl is not be good enough for Invasian. Yes Cherry is not perfect. But nobody is. And there got to be some thing good if so many client is keep for see her again and again. She must be do something correct.

This time she unlucky this guy choose her for try play his stupid game. And is sad that many punter just jump on that train and not even think about what this guy complain was. You not see that what you doing is same a buffalo just follow and not know where and why you going that way.

Thank you for everyone time wait for me reply this guy.
I not have any more time for waste on him.
I am be careful for not put his website name write on my site because I don’t want this guy get up in google from have my site mention him.
I know I have alot for say. When I first start look this I do in the fair way. We treat him good same he real customer. And I be fair give both side the feedback. Same I talking in another thread about why have to look who the punter for write feedback is important I have to go through him action and him comments for understand who this guy is and why he is saying this stuff. Because I not have any feedback from him before and I never do booking for this guy and never see him on pnet or field reports before I only have him actions on the phone, him action writing posts on pnet and him feedback he send in to me. After that I don’t care and I don’t want to know anymore this guy.
Thanks for all the punters be stand up for me on the pnet. I sorry I not be on there because I don’t want be get lost in some other arguments. I have to keep everything simple and look I have 9 pages for reply this problem!

Thank you for punter is help me writing all this stuff. Big kiss for you.



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One Response to Setting himself up for a fall

  1. Kevin

    Have read the donkey saga. Complete respect to Aisha and all her team for dealing with this awfully difficult situation and such a particularly odious individual in such a professional way. Wish you all good things, and hope that 2013 turns out well for you.

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