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Aisha and Devon Hot Sexy Girls Party

June 11, 2010.

Hi Punters and all you horny people. Hope you is good health, fine body and strong horny! I very sorry na for not do update for long time but not worry I not run away.

Yes I know I bad girl leave you long time like that. Same I be the bad girl for not talk on Punternet Forum long time. If wanting you can come see me spank my little bum for be bad girl like that. But careful na I maybe spanking you harder before I finish let you go home! Heheheee. Yes Aisha is back my horny friends. Time for Aisha say hello your little friends now.

Promise my baby I have many the new update coming just why be busy last two weeks. Sorry I can not make update come that quick same I know how make you come quick. Please not think Aisha only be busy play myself with my toy and you horny guys. Has be very hard work for me and all time keep for learn. So is mean the very kind to me for so many you Punters tell me how you like my new site. Is really help support me make more strong for wanting make better. Big thank you for that. And thank too some very special Punters, I think them know who, really take care helping me. Maybe good idea you thank to them because help me keep going so can make you keep coming.

Hey boy stop play yourself! I not finish yet. Do pause that dream in your head have me and you doing same you read them naughty guy Dr. Steve and One Eyed Panda is do me in them review. Better can start play again after read 3 new Escort Review Updates coming for me and Devon from another naughty boy name World Punter. Also having updates with new Photo Gallery for me and one more for Devon. If everything is go ok we have new hot escorts come join the site next week.

The Ultimate Duo

First update I doing for this month is new Duo Gallery for me and Devon.

Is not very long for me get to know Devon but everyday she make me more happy and fun for party with. First time for me working with Devon is only last month in May. We have the booking with Siliconfan. He was regular customer for my friend Alicia when I first start working with A1 Asian and I think him di*k is still lover her! That time in A1 Alicia and me very popular for duo booking. We both loved doing duo and keep to same push eachother for go the next level. Was good time. We both happy because can feel we both enjoy. So very lucky for me this guy is do good test for see how Devon is for working.

In my mind is very important I have to work with another girl for understanding them character and them style. Sure is have review can help but not same I taste for myselves! Only when work together I can see what kind customer will enjoy with them and more important is what kind style and sex is the escort enjoy do. Also help me for see what them comfortable for do and what them limit. But number 1 I looking for is are them a horny girl inside.

So I very happy after few day see in Forum have some horny guy is gossip about us:

“Due to an unexpected bonus at work I just indulged in Aisha and Devon together from Aisha’s new agency. Fantastic duo and too much for me, really, but it was wonderful having two petite Thais attend to me at the same time. ”

And then after Siliconfan send me email him say:

“Hi, Aisha.
I had a very nice time with you and Devon last week – thank you. I wanted to make it last a bit longer but you little devil, your BJ followed by your tight p*ssy just drained the juice out of me – I couldn’t hold back!
I’ll have to book Devon alone next time as I didn’t get to pump her sweet little p*ssy – and I’ll never last with you first!”

For sure after first booking with Devon I sitting the taxi go home have smile my face. Can feel we be good friends now and we going to have fun time working together. But have Siliconfan, Mr. Alicia Lover, hungry for go back see Devon is bonus point make sure Devon is pass our horny test!

Aisha and Devon: Time to Play

So last week me and Devon is party for relax. We stay her flat drinking and joking together. She doing same her style dancing any time same time she talking with you she not stop when she enjoying her feeling. So I think why not can just take some photos now. Is our time for relax and same any girls them like try on sexy clothes and doing makeup. Was the good time and we having the feeling same we excited get ready for some guy come party with us same like we wait for our customer coming.

I sorry the photos is not that good. No studio photos! I think about time you guys is just see some natural photo of us having a party. We only take use my camera up 3 year old I buy from Thailand. And problem the light not enough. Ask any escorts them have too many the choice of soft light for give mood when work. But for take photo not have any strong light in the flat! But me and Devon we never care any that. We just enjoy play with eachother.

Sure you punters all have same problem for when come choose two girls for duo bookings. How can tell them two are comfortable and is work good together. Most the time girls on the same website don’t know eachother. But then many the time have two friends not be comfortable for work together. Sure this more problem because too shy for do lesbian. Yes you thinking same me, too boring na!

Just why I want this photo for be showing us having the fun together and enjoying life. This not the first website you is see and for sure this not your first time for learn the word escort. So I not need waste my time write same like a poem for the advert sell perfume when have tell you about any escort on my site. You is not believe it. Just why same this site and my bad English I want to show the real Aisha and Devon.

We just two sexy young girls who is enjoy sex and like party. I sure na you guys is know what you looking for have the fun party with two crazy girls. You guys are not stupid, maybe confused in cute way same after I put my finger you bum for make you c*m in my mouth.

After I do Devon makeup and give her too many different clothes for try wear my feeling same she like little doll. Is make me remember how that day Siliconfan is play with us. He control us same we his two little doll and get us keep change position for him do anything him like.

We first start photo next to her flat door. I have same lock her on the door for keep her stop dancing. I keep for make her feel same have the customer come f*ck her with her back on the door. Same time I keep to lick her nipple and soft touch near her magic button. Is magic button sure because her eye is close and her clothes and legs is open.

After when take her the bed and start off take her belt and is easy she let me keep put my hand inside down her skirt. She never care because she like so much. All is Devon keep saying is speak thai word “Si-aow”. If you not hear this word before can check next time you punting the girl she say this or not. If she do, then good job man you is do something right!

This time she looking 100% little china doll having the big smile and eyes close. We both stop care have photo look good can see us ok or not, we just enjoy ourselves have good time. Is good way for us relax sure. But just short time because next day in morning am feel more stress is wait same hungry for sex with first customer of day.

Aisha & Devon
London’s No.1 Asian Party Girls

  • In-call Bookings: Kensington, London SW5
  • Tube Stations: Earls Court, Gloucester Road
  • Booking Hours available: Flexible
  • Provide Out-call Services: Yes
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