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Where there’s smoke there’s fire

January 9, 2013.

First time I ever hear about this guy TDW is 27 December when have the comment on one of Cherry photo waiting for me approve.
TDW 1st Comment
After I find out what meaning for “slut” I not very happy. I block his comment. My mind I blacklist this guy for sure him not allow for use my agency. I think this guy is stupid for sure.
Then have two texts him send for me:

“Would Cherry allow me to take some photos or some video if I book a session?”
Received: 16:30, 27/12/2012

“____ from www.thed****yw**k.com escort reviews adult entertainment review site, by the way.”
Received: 16:30, 27/12/2012

I not reply text like that ask about photos and video, when get those text like that we know is going be not real customer and not customer that I want for my site and not one I want for waste time with. And extra not like when see him website name. So him think of escort is same a donkey? And what for telling me like that going for get him the booking because he have some escort review site.

Next day have 22 more comment from this guy. I block all of them. I think that even if one of them he not use bad word or talking the girl same “slut” I still not going to allow on my site because I don’t want him think is OK for be disrespectful guy.
Maybe you can get idea from what is going on in this guy head. I don’t like for sure.
From read the comment what you think how old this guy?
Here some.
TDW 2nd Comment

TDW 3rd Comment

TDW 4th Comment

TDW 5th Comment

TDW 16th Comment

TDW 18th Comment

Just lovely. What a sweet guy.
Never have any guy send in comments talking the same way this guy does. Not even 1. But this guy send me 22 in 1 day.
Bottom this page I be include all his comments for you can check.

Same day in the evening have another text from him ask for help recommend girl for him.

“I’m looking to book either Cherry, Maria or Aisha on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. I’m looking for the most exciting of the 3. The most unpredictable and unrestrained in a filthy sense. The dirtiest and most adventurous. My name is ____. Alias as far as your site goes is TDW. I own thed****yw**k.com sites. I’m originally from Sheffield, been living in London since October. Only just really found Invasian and love the ethos and spirit and attitude.

If you look on my sites you will see that I’m no bullshitter.

I look for and long for the extreme hooker experience. I’m 40 And have been punting since I was 15 – consistently.

If you can advise, I’d be grateful.”
Received: 19:01, 28/12/2012

Same before I not reply him because I decide already this guy is not for my agency.

  1. Him comments I don’t like. I never before have any person put on bad comment like this guy is do. First time ever I be get angry from comment that somebody put on my site.
  2. I not answer him first two text. But he just keep send text again.
  3. Why keep to talking about him “own thed****yw**k.com sites”? This I thinking you do for try get escorts for think you someone special for try get show yourselves have credibility. This not going to make me trust you. And honey is show you really from outside the business. Because in business like this, people don’t go around saying they the owner of this agency/business. And agencies don’t want to do bookings for someone work another agency/business. And I not like because name your website is make me believe idea I get about you already from your comments.
  4. Before I start my agency I do work independent on Adult Work and have experience get message sound like that. So when you is say “If you look on my sites you will see that I’m no bullshitter“, have alarm ringing in my head. Come on man! After you say this, I know already you are. Only guys have something for hide and have history for making problems and wasting girls time is going for be say something like that.

My mistake

Yes I have to say and speak true now. Is my fault you is slip through reception for get the booking. Silly girl I am, not save your number properly in phone in the blacklist.

And how he get booking? Sure he not get any booking by send text. December 31st he call in and speak with Receptionist for book Cherry advance for next day. Not Tom fault. He don’t know about any the comment and number not come on blacklist because I forget for save. Oh yea and not talk anything about he owner thed****yw**k on the phone. If he do that time, my reception is never going for do booking for him.

Full list of TDW comments

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