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Hi it’s Aisha! Welcome to my new website!

April 21, 2010.

Hi everyone, this Aisha speaking. I would like say welcome and big thank you for coming see my new escorts website. Big big kiss for you!

Yes I know having for wait long time for me start the website. Sorry for that. Is first time I do like this and I never trying make a website for myself before. Is be very very hard work for me and same you can seeing now my English not good! So make everything do double hard for me.

But I try hard and work hard and after make you hard I hope! Hehehee. Sorry I cant help be cheeky girl. Just my style for make you laugh. And also is very exciting make me for starting new website. So now starting for us all have big fun together. Is good time. Just now having the good sunny weather come to England now. Is make feel like summer. Make feeling me good. And soon can start wearing sexy clothes when go out. Not just wear the sexy clothes stay the room when work! I hope this summer gone be fun time for us very much.

New Escorts Coming Soon
Not worry yes I know just now only two escort on site but having many new come soon on-line update. This week I have update maybe 1 girl and 1 ladyboy. I not want give up surprise so tell you them name after. But areas them work Paddington, Bayswater and Kensington. Also in future having plan put on-line my friend have mix having Asian girls, Asian guys. Everything for all you Try-Sexual punters, like for Try anything! Heheheee!

For booking can calling me I have contact lot of friend not just them you see on my site. Same last 4 months I be independent and do many booking for customer many different girls. I have friend work all the website. Even no have them online this site I can still do booking them. Just now I do writing from this post I come back from have duo booking with Lilly, she work many other sites I thinking.

Just let you knowing now my style working this agency. When I having new girl I let you know all them website other agency they work and different name them using. Same I help customer confuse on the forums. I not have anything for hide. This big big problem sure. Do like this is no good. And them like do because for cheat customer. Just why I only use 1 name Aisha all from time I start 2007 working.

Contact Me
If you want speak with me can call me my booking line 07747 521 438>. Sometime I cannot answer sorry for that. Maybe I busy boom boom some lucky horny London guy. Please you leaving the message for me. Maybe one day you that lucky guy! Not worry for me call back get you in trouble your wife. Relax man, how we can party if your wife cut off your little friend?

Can always have fun with me on the forum and joking. I start this web not just for bookings. I make for everyone love the fun Asian girls. Have to do because this life is short and you only have one time for be alive.

Message to Pnet Members
I having say big big thanks a lot to all them help me make me feel for be more strong for try write English. And not shy any more because them all love my Tinglish (mix Thai/ mix English). Is first time I know about something like this. Never have in Thailand before. I check for my review when I working the agency A1. After I start to check forum more everyday because funny all the punter having fun talking enjoy them life and punting important for them. Same is important me because my job. And I wanting enjoy my job so happy reading joke and fun together. Help me learn english for reading. Only December 2009 I start for do the post on them forum. I think if not do I never enough strong for make this site. I have to make this site because my job very important my life. And not having be shy I speak bad English. Everyone enjoy contact each other never care speak 100% English or not.

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