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Welcome to p*$$y town

May 13, 2012.

Hi guys, this Aisha speaking for say welcome and thanks for coming see my new update website. It not be finished yet so sorry for have any problem you maybe see just now. Please can let me know if you find something be wrong and need for fixing. Or if you be have some idea for make something be better or for more easy make when you use can let me know. You can just be text in.

Ok so just be clear if you not see is not only website style be change but have new address now. So now when you come for looking my website please be use https://invasianescorts.co.uk/ . I be already change detail on punternet, (thank you Galahad for do so quickly, I know you busy-body man), so when do field report is still registered Aisha Invasian.

Ok so let me first be say thank you for everyone be help me last couple the week. And have to say special thank you for Worldpunter, Tony Champagne and Christongue. This 3 guy not just be living in p*ssy town, them 3 guys be sit on the council for p*ssy town. Big kiss for you guys thanks so much be help support my site up 2 years now.

Yes and must say happy birthday my site be have its two year birthday just gone in April. I know is hard for believe be two year already. I happy my site be still alive and this I hope be show my idea and style for do how I want the agency working is different and be what the client punters is want. Also from another way the girls be like my agency and this be important for me same.

So I very happy for see last week have onlyliveonce on Pnet forum talking about my agency and show what I be trying for make from this business. Thanks to him for use his brain and be look at business in clever way, not from just only him Mr. Willy thinking for him. (Hey relax guy, this the happy post, I have to save energy for fight other agency keep my new escorts promotion). No worry I still the best friend from Mr. Willy. But have to remember Mr. Willy him only have one eye for see the world, so can’t just be lazy and use him eye when you having two eyes for yourself. Many thanks for you sir:

– Be passionate and knowledgeable about your products
– Stock quality products
– Take pride in the display of your products
– Seek feedback and happily list both positive and negative
– Treat staff well and ensure a safe working environment
– Probationary period for new staff
– Personally, hadn’t thought of offering reduced rates for new staff in a similar way that software companies have beta testers – Impressed!!
– Involve your customers and establish loyalty. When you consider the lifetime value to the business of a customer, attitudes up till now have been shocking. I would have done this a different way but the photo-caption competition is clever. Administered correctly and I see Google loving this.
– Strive to be better than your competitors …. always
– Establish the attitude throughout the industry that a Cv including you is highly respected e.g Goldmans for bankers, Savills for Estate Agents or Storm for models
– Last but not least, understand that sometimes turning down a sale/booking is the best action

Aisha appears to have done all this and more …. kudos to her

Ok I know just now the blog post be not looking very good. But I think more important for getting some welcome out there for the everyone. There be alot the update and for new stuff coming soon. I let you know, promise.

Big Kiss,

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2 Responses to Welcome to p*$$y town

  1. Hi Pedro.

    On every page the menu bar at top is stay there. and the left says Call.

    This you click for show both phone number and if you using smartphone can also be click that number and your phone be call us.

    can see my post Quick Call to Booking line.

    Call bookings line

    hope you be ok. long time is not hear from you. Thanks for comment.


  2. PedroT97


    Make certain the telephone number is available on each page…

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