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Witheld numbers are not answered.

- Calls that come up as "unknown", "witheld" or "private number" will not be answered. Some hotel room phones may display as so.


– Calling is the preferred method over texting, in some cases we will not be able to secure your booking request unless you call in, especially if you are a new client.

Minmum notice time – 15mins for incalls.

On weekdays, avoid disappointment by booking in the morning prior to 11am.

Outcalls 40-45mins

is standard across London agencies.

Correct format for sending a text request- Polite, Include Who, Time, duration and your Name.

Example of correct format:

"Hi I would like to book (escort-name) at 5pm today for one hour. Thanks, John"

To keep safe, new clients may be required to call in to fully confirm the appointment.

Example of an unacceptable text:

"I'm in Paddington and very hard, are you free?" (*Actual text)

Aisha's gay friends love a sausagefest, you have been warned!

Questions regarding services

- please CALL for clarification of the suitable escorts that may meet your desired experience, PRIOR to making a booking.

Remember we will not answer texts that don't include your name or don't specify a booking time, duration or service provider.


This is not a pharmacy. Aisha reccomends you to try Boots or Superdrugs, they have good customer loyalty schemes.


Aisha's agency has two aims, to provide the punters with the best girls, and provide the girls with the best punters.

Be a Punter not a Cunter!


- surely you don't need to hold your best friend's hand every where you go, if so, time to grow up.

Further requests or questions

– please try and resolve any queries regarding services, rates, flexibility of booking time and duration prior to confirming an appointment - CALL in to discuss.

Advance Escort Bookings - Must Confirm

Procedure as with on day bookings. However, prior to 10am on the day of the booking you will be required to call in to confirm that you wish to keep the appointment. (Sometimes text is permitted.)

Should we not hear from you we will not be able to guarantee the booking. As we refrain from contacting clients outside of direct replies, we will assume you do not wish to keep the appointment.

Your Privacy

We refrain from contacting clients unless a last resort. This may occur on the booking day prior to the appointment to give notice of an alteration, a cancellation or some other emergency that will affect your appointment.

After the booking we will not contact you unless in an immediate reply via text message to any feedback or comments that you may text in following your appointment.

Outcall Escort Bookings - Hotels Only

Please note we only provide outcall services to Hotels. Private residences are not catered for.

Hotel name, room number and your LAST NAME are required

To verify the outcall location it is a requirement that you answer a call made to you by us via your hotel room phone.

Hotel reception ask us to confirm knowledge of the guest's surname prior to allowing our call through.

Legal statement on Services

Rates are only for time and companionship