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Sexy brunette Chakila hot new member for summer.

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Typical Hours: Claimed 24hr availability.

Saturday 25th January 2020: Active per standard hours .

Provides Outcall Services? Yes

Duos with:

Bookings line: 07920-156-455. New clients please read the bookings guide.

Area of Operations

In-call Location: Bayswater W2, London

Tube stations: Bayswater (District and Circle Lines) 3min walk, Queensway Station.

Travel tools: Journey planner, tube map.


Stats: Height of 160cm, 34C Enhanced, brunette, dress size 8 for this petite Asian Female.

Has school uniform, PVC outfits and toys including those of the strap-on kind.


Incall rates: 30mins - £100, 1hr - £150, 1.5hrs - £220, 2hrs - £280, 3hrs - £400, 4hrs - £500.

Outcall rates: 1hr - £200, 1.5hrs - £300, 2hrs - £360, 3hrs - £500, 4hrs - £600.

*Price Match is available* See the Offers Section for details

Chakila's Portfolio

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Chakila's Reviews

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January 30, 2016, 30 Min Incall appointment, First visit by DH

I met Chakita a few weeks ago near Queensway and found her to be sexy, perky and very eager to please. She was a tad reserved at first but warmed quickly a we chatted and I had a shower. She gave a fantastic OWO followed by a very vigorous session. She was very attentive, listening to what I liked and working hard to please. My experience was nothing like the experience like the previous reviewer.I have to say that I respect Asian Invasion for including both positive and negative reviews of their girls.

July 11, 2015, 60 minutes Incall appointment, First visit by Siamese Tomcat

I don’t like leaving totally negative reviews, but I’ve now had 24 hours to consider this and I feel that the bad service that I received from Chakila needs to be exposed.

Often there is simply no “chemistry” between myself and the girl but nonetheless she does her job with a professional smile, I get my rocks off, she gets her money, and there’s absolutely nothing to complain about from either side. I almost invariably go home with a stupid grin on my face and I can either move on to a new escort the following week or see a regular favourite.

With Chakila it was different. After disappearing for quite a while to stash the cash she returned and dimmed the lights to virtual complete darkness – I asked her to turn them back up but she simply opened the door to the en-suite to let a little light in. She then turned on a very noisy knackered fan right next to the bed and, when I asked her to turn it off, she refused and also closed the door to the bathroom, plunging us back into virtual darkness. It was all becoming a little uncomfortable.

To try to get us both in a relaxed mood I offered to massage her but she was not at all enthusiastic, immediately cautioning me not to get baby oil in her hair – why on earth would I? I persevered with massage and kissing but she had numerous no-go zones (including anywhere above her neck or between her thighs) and was more interested in interacting with her phone - I was getting absolutely nowhere.

I let her take control but it quickly degenerated into very poor and disinterested mechanical OWO. Quite frankly, I got bored after a few minutes of this and repositioned to return the service, which is usually mutually enjoyable. However, she would not let me within six inches of her pussy despite the fact that she knew three days in advance from Invasian that RO is an absolute deal-breaker for me. She fallaciously claimed that my three-hour old meticulous shave was too rough, and as a back-up strategy she also said that she’d just finished her period!!!

It was now forty minutes into my hour and, for the first time in 108 punts, I completely lost both my erection and all interest, sexual or otherwise. I could see no point in staying a minute longer with Chakila and so I abruptly got dressed and left. This was my worst ever punt….and by a huge margin.

I really respect Invasian and they are now the only agency that I use. Chakila is a new signing and I assume arrived with recommendations and so I thought she was a reasonably safe gamble. What happens during the booking is obviously out of their control and they were genuinely sympathetic afterwards.

Of course, your mileage may vary - for what it's worth Chakila is a pretty girl, much sturdier than her photos and with nice soft boobs.

Have fun!


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