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Currently unavailable for bookings: busty Cherry, previously of Bayswater W2 has been a star for several years.

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Typical Hours: **** ON HOLIDAY ****

Sunday 16th February 2020: **** ON HOLIDAY ****

Provides Outcall Services? **** ON HOLIDAY ****

Duos with: NA

Bookings line: 07920-156-455. New clients please read the bookings guide.

With a substantial client return rate and an extensive regular client base, Cherry can be difficult to book if not arranged in advance. If you intend to book for a meeting later that day, it is advisable to call before 10am, especially so on weekdays.

Area of Operations

In-call Location: , London

Tube stations: Bayswater: District/Circle (1min walk). | Queensway: Central Line (3mins walk).

Travel tools: Journey planner, tube map.


Stats: 5' 5'', 36E Enhanced breasts, Slim and Busty. Traditional Thai buddhist tattoos on this fine Asian Female.

High: Prior to her recruitment, Cherry already had over 2 years ranking as one of the very best. Countless punters name her as their choice for a PSE punt. With almost legendary status, Cherry was a much welcomed addition to Invasian.


Incall rates: 30mins - £100, 1hr - £150, 1.5hrs - £220, 2hrs - £280, 3hrs - £380, 4hrs - £500, 5hrs - £600, 10hrs - £1000.

Outcall rates: NA

*Price Match is available* See the Offers Section for details

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Cherry's Reviews

** UPDATE 26/11/2012 ** Where there is no clash in personalities, and in bookings with her regular clients, feedback has been good.

*Discounts are available* submit a review for Cherry via our online form and get £10 off your next 1 hour incall booking*. (*Call for terms and conditions.)

2013-03-24, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Thos

First visit to Cherry. What a force of nature. I just sat back and went with the flow and had an amazing hour, the full pse. Cherry is pretty quirky, I see that as a positive. I am sure I’ll be back!

2013-03-01, 1 hour incall, return-visit by James

Fantastic time with Cherry. She’s a far more sensitive soul then first appearances would make you believe

2013-01-04, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

For the first time Invasian actually managed to muddle up a meeting, so I ended up missing out on visiting the lady I intended. However with a line up of stars such as Aisha has on offer, it was no surprise that the situation was recovered in a satisfactory manner. The result was another intense, athletic and highly erotic encounter with Cherry.

Cherry may be one of Aisha’s more mature friends, but her boundless energy and her girlish enthusiasm combined with her glorious but tiny body sometimes has you thinking you are being attacked by a sex-crazed schoolgirl. A visit is always exhilarating and delightful, but for timid souls (like myself) occasionally a bit overwhelming. If you’ve not seen Cherry I would highly recommend a visit!

2012-12-26, 1 hour incall, return-visit by John

I have seen Cherry at few times and she recognises me and my tastes. It is great have a regular like her because she so welcoming and so open. I must say she may be in my all time top 3 escorts which is amazing since I have been punting for more than 10 years. I do not wish to give too much away however, just say she is popular for a reason.

Thanks Aisha, this is definately this my favourite agency!

2013-01-05, 2 hours incall, first-visit by James

Well after reading many positiver reviews about Cherry, I thought I would take the plunge and sample Cherry for myself.
I can concur with other reviewers that Cherry is just like her photos; a slim, attractive woman with nice enhanced breasts:-).
Her sexual prowess and services are exceptional; rimming, oral, DT, anal etc were just superb.
Cherry is also quite a character and she can frustrate and elate you with equal measure. Although I found her to be sexy and funny. And I am glad I took the time to read her reviews and visit her.
Cherry maybe an acquired taste for some, but I for one have acquired a taste for her and think she is a fantastic punt and highly recommended to see over and over again.
I would also like to thank the agency for such a smooth booking.

Thanks you James. I happy you have the good time todays and everything is go good not have problem. (Yes I worry too much some times). Thanks for you review about Maylo, lucky for get booking with she just before end the 2012. Must be say happy new year to you and welcome for be client Invasian. Thanks you for come back so quickly.
big kiss.

2012-12-27, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Charlie

Absolutely stunning; slim, big boobs, gorgeous. Sexy as hell, very imaginative, and genuinely friendly at the same time. Couldn’t have been better.

2012-10-11, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Freundlich

Am starting to think that all of Aisha’s ladies are mad as a box of frogs! As far a Cherry’s A-Levels are concerned, they’re good enough to graduate from Uni!

2012-08-20, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

Cherry is not exactly for the faint hearted but if you do screw up the courage to visit – which I manage to do every few months – you will get an exhilarating time. Cherry can be slightly manic but god what a body she has – and she entertains with such skill and enthusiasm.

This was my tenth visit to the lovely lady. As on all others I was treated to a awesome experience, wild energetic sex with a girl eager to explore your limits and her own.

Just as the site says Cherry is busty, she’s an A-level Expert and she gives a PSE, which will blow your socks off!

2012-09-21, 1hr incall, first-visit by xs650

Wonderful experience with Cherry, truly out of this world sex. Had been waiting a while to find the right moment for the Cherry experience and wasn’t disappointed, will be back as soon as I find another good chance.

2012-09-16, 1 incall, first-visit by Jimbob

Cherry is a really nice, friendly girl. I read the previous feedback and I have no doubt that she can be amazing. Unfortunately I think she was having an off day when I came to visit, but that’s what too much dim sum will do to you I guess.

2012-08-23, 1 hour incall, first-visit by David

Cherry was amazing. I’ve never had such a raunchy experience with an escort. She was ‘up for’ anything; amiable, friendly. it was a true porn star experience – nothing phased her – a true pro.

2012-08-31, 1hr incall, return-visit by Tongue Twister

Amazing session with the legendary Cherry, see you again soon!

2012-08-08, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Charliebear

I’ve seen Cherry many times, & she is always fun & very enthusiastic. This session was no exception, thanks again cherry for a great pse:-)

22/06/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Ian

“Hi, please thank Cherry for a fantastic time.”

06/16/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Paul

“Thank you so much for the amazing service.
Cherry was a delight and gave me my most intense, fun and memorable experience.
I will be back!
Please thank Cherry and tell her she is a superstar.”

Cherry: “He superb star he have amazing eye and he funny guy, I don’t know how to say he happy today and me too. thanks. Cherry X X”

“Thank you!”

06/12/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Bob

“Thank you. Excellent directions.
She is certainly a fireball. All I could do was hold tight and go with the flow.”

06/01/2012, 1 hour incall, return-visit by John

“Can you give my thanks to Cherry for the amazing time she gave me earlier on today. It was like the best GFE and best PSE I’ve had all rolled into one.”

05/31/2012, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Aron

“Please thank Cherry for amazing time.”

05/09/2012, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by u_go_girl

“Overall a wonderful, no holds barred PSE…. but I was a bit spaced out during it all!”

02/23/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Mister L

“Had a good time with Cherry today, been wanting to see her for a while and she was well worth the wait. Thanks.”

01/14/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Anthony

“Had a great time with Cherry. Will be back to see her again.”

01/12/2012, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by David

“Dear Aisha – I had a very nice meeting with Cherry a week or so ago – thank you.”

01/09/2012, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Tony

“Cherry was fantastic thanks.”

10/31/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Jamil

“Thank you for the booking you made today! Please pass my thanks to Cherry.”

08/11/2011, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Mike

“Please pass on thanks to Cherry. Lovely, friendly girl. Also booking very efficient. Thanks, Mike.”

Cherry replies: “Kob kun kapx :D ” which is Thai for thank you. Kind regards, Invasian.

“Thank you and Cherry very much. All the best to all of you. Mike.”

07/22/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Andy

“Please pass on my thanks to Cherry for a great hour… I’ll do a field report pnet for her.”

05/21/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Brandon

“Had a great time, (with Cherry), thanks!”

05/19/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Chris

“Fantastic. Thank you and especially to Cherry.”

05/16/2011, 1.5 hours incall, return-visit by Graham

“Thanks Aisha – WOW, excellent, she is the best (apart from you!) – thanks a lot..”

05/10/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Marshall1

“Hi – just had a delightful and raunchy time with Cherry – will put on Pnet (Author name: Marshall1 – only reviewed Devon so far) as soon as I’ve recovered! Best wishes..”

(Aisha): “Excellent news sir! Was a bit nervous that the delays may have got the booking off to a bad start. Great can relax a bit now! Have a good day sir.”

“No delays didn’t make things kick off badly – Cherry was lovely from the first moment..”

“Hi Aisha – I was just going to put a glowing report about my meet-up yesterday with Cherry on Punternet, but see that reports on the same establishment within 30 days will be blocked! My report on Devon was only about three weeks ago, so I’ll have to wait a bit. In the meantime, please could you pass on this message to Cherry (I’ll just modify it a bit)? Many thanks:
Hi Cherry – thank you so much for giving me such a delightful and raunchy time yesterday – your lovely smile bubbly personality, fabulous body-built-for-sex, double porn videos (on telly and laptop!), mirrors everywhere, passionate DFK and cuddles, amazing oral skills and no holes barred open mindedness made for an incredible combined GFE-PSE experience – no wonder you had no trouble making me cum twice in an hour! Still got a smile and a hard-on thinking about it! Hugs and kisses”

05/07/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by PedroT97

“Worth the wait! Can’t get much better – surely? Pedro. Cherry at 1705.”


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