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No longer available for booking.

, London

From £100

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5'2", 32C Enhanced bust, Petite, slim, brown hair. Asian Female.

Has gained good experience through being in this role for well over a year.

Wednesday 18th May 2022: No longer available


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4 hours £500 £600

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21 Reviews for Foxy

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There was an immediate connection and from that point on everything was completely honest and straightforward. I wanted her and she wanted me to want her. And she was passionate! A wonderful time, thank you Foxy.
Her place is great, albeit 3 flights of stairs. Her place is like her. She is organized and cool, in control, but completely open (if you are cool too).

June 14, 2015, 1 hr Incall appointment, First visit by Peter

First of all, the flat was very easy to find. The buzzer was rapidly answered and I made my way up to the flat where the door was open, waiting. Very clean and spacious inside. Foxy is very attractive, a great , fit body and instantly recognisable from the photos. A quick shower to start off and then straight down to action. Foxy has wonderful oral skills and she speaks english ok too. After, a relaxing Thai massage expertly delivered and then back to action, Foxy leading but being sure to please as she had from the start. All in all a wonderful GFE experience, just like meeting up with your gf after a few weeks away. Finally another shower and a coffee before having to leave. I am sure that I will see Foxy again, I know that I want too.

May 30, 2015, 90 mins Incall appointment, First visit by Dave

The vast majority of girls I have visited in the past (from other agencies) have not warranted leaving feedback about. Most are merely time-filling moments of distraction and very mild pleasure, if not just mildly rewarding.

Not so Foxy. She's polite to a tee and highly respectful of your belongings and your time. Her flat is compact and extremely neat.

She greeted me with her (apparently trademark) tartan short-skirt and tight-hugging bra to reveal the sweetest face and the most pleasing body that teases with its warm brown skin and its prominent features in all the right places!

She offered a shower which I declined and then we were down to the gentle business of pleasure procurement which might I add she scores very highly on! Her caresses of the southerly regions with her dextrous tongue will have you scrambling for her delightful features and her playful nature, malleable and perfectly ripe for your whims, will ensure your explosive conclusion is memorable and pleasing.

Somehow, in some way, this does feel closer to the GFE and while Foxy's English is limited her range of talents most definitely is not wanting and what she lacks in language she makes up for in courtesy; warmth: sincerity and sensual gifts..

June 1, 2015, 30 mins Incall appointment, First visit by Frisson

Communications with the agency were first class.
Address was easy to find.
Arrived on time, greeted by Foxy in a schoolgirl uniform (not requested) but she looked amazing. Was offered a drink and a shower to freshen up. Shower has seen better days but perfectly acceptable. Opted for a massage to start which Foxy is an expert at. If you like proper Thai massage, then go see Foxy.
When suitably relaxed we progressed onto a fabulous GFE. Foxy is good at all aspects, including lovely French kissing. Everything was done with enthusiasm, she generally wanted me to have a good time with her. We chatted like old friends as I have some connection to her part of Thailand.
Fantastic time, Foxy is first class, and I will return as soon as I can.

May 30, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Gary

Genuine gfe from somone who whats you to have a good time. Like meeting your hot girlfriend after a long trip and for that 2 hours you are the only two people On each others mind

May 21, 2015, 90 minutes Incall appointment, First visit by mark

The natural photos don't lie: Foxy is amazingly beautiful! She met me in a school uniform-thingy, but it was difficult to stop looking at her gorgeous face. Thankfully, her friendly manner matched her looks, so I felt comfortable immediately after entering her tidy&cosy flat. Foxy was very attentive throughout the session, providing me the perfect girlfriend-experience. Friendly, smiling and nice to talk to before&after. And such a natural lover that the time spent on carnal pleasures flew by. Hope to see her again soon, when I return to London. Take care, babe!

April 6, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by norpunt

She opened the door and looked just as stunning as her photos. It was a great gfe, she was lovely. After the 1st round she gave a lovely massage. Highly recommended!

April 28, 2015, 1hr Incall appointment, First visit by Daman

What an experience. Foxy is bordering on PSE, she met me in school girl uniform and knickerless (not my request but lovely all the same), and after the shared bath, she popped on a bikini and stilettos (my request) and it was non-stop from there. I loved the way she watched herself in the mirror, you can tell that she likes that. We tried a couple of positions and she finally finished me off with an oily hand job and asked me to pop a finger in her butt. One for the bank and I'm going back.

April 14, 2015, 90 Incall appointment, First visit by Ian

Foxy was great. very sweet girl. made me feel great

April 10, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by yeeyeeyee

I took a liking to Foxy straight away as she welcomed me into her apartment with a sunny smile. Within minutes we were sharing soft kisses and all clothes had somehow made their way on to the floor. Things seemed to be moving fairly quickly and I tried to rein things in a bit so I could take more time to appreciate what a beautiful cutie I was holding in my arms. She was happy to let me kiss her all over her petite sexy body. Then Foxy attended to my needs very well, and when I started to run out of steam she gently laid me back, broke out the baby oil and indulged me with some remarkably explosive hand relief. I think we were both fairly surprised at the powerful and copious result of that, and after a wide eyed pause we both collapsed into giggles. Above all else, what I loved about Foxy was how relaxed and comfortable I felt with her, and how her smile lights up the room. We finished with a good massage and made a date for a shared bath next time. Thanks Foxy, you are such a lovely girl.

April 8, 2015, 1 Hour Incall appointment, First visit by Vita

So Foxy is back! More cute, curvy and petite than I remembered, but perhaps that's the new hair style/colour!
As an old irregular from the past I was made very welcome. Catching up in the bath about previous visits proved most pleasurable. This was followed by a divinely sexy time with a beautiful, skillful and generous young lady. Being old and slow has perforce taught me the delights of slow, Tantric(?) pleasures. Like slow cooking, it makes the end result that much more powerfully intense. Foxy, while quite adept at the fast and athletic if you are in the mood and capable, turns out to be very good, and shares the enjoyment of the slow and gentle approach. Foxy is outstandingly beautiful with a very sexy body and an ability to give you prolonged excursions into realms of heavenly joy! There are many pretty girls who are willing and able to ensure you rapidly arrive at your desired destination. Few that are as good at making the journey so mutually delightful.

March 29, 2015, 2 Incall appointment, Return visit by syzygy

Foxy was just back from long holiday, she is very cure , beautfiul , with a great smile . Fab body , and great company . I was sadly a bit late, and so lost 10 - 15 minuntes of my hour , which is a shame , and makes me wish I'd re-scheduled . However , aside from that , all lovely and would re visit .

March 10, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by woody-48

An absolutely stunning beauty, makes you feel at ease straight away with her gorgeous smile, cannot wait to see her again!

March 12, 2015, 1 Hour Incall appointment, First visit by Ad

With Macy away at the moment (come back soon please Macy!) I had to find another cute girlfriend for my trip to London this time. Flicking through the profiles on this site, I came across the beautiful face of Foxy. So I duly booked, and later that afternoon I found myself in front of Foxy herself: what a gorgeous, beautiful woman. From the very start she was the most wonderful host: calm and quiet, but so kind and attentive. A quick shower, and she led me to her bed - surrounded by mirrors which showed off her wonderful slim but curvy body. And wow - she did the most amazing things to me with her mouth and hands - and also enjoyed the return favour as we turned into a 69. Lots of lovely deep kissing throughout, and it wasn't long before we were f***ing in various positions: the sight of her perfect bum, slim waist and beautiful long hair in doggy were too much, and I exploded. After that, a proper deep massage which eased away the London heaviness - and then back for round two. Foxy has a really beautiful face, sexy body, and a wonderful calm but sexy character. Thank you Foxy - I will definitely be back to spend some more time in your company. Xx

October 16, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Alan-A

I saw the lovely Foxy for 90 minutes yesterday evening, and had a very good time. Her flat was close to a pub with lots of people on outdoor tables, but noone took notice when I entered. Spacious room with bed, a coach and a fridge from which she served a good white wine. She gave a soapy bath to begin with, which got me to admire her soft, tiny body. We then moved to the bedroom to continue the fun. Foxy is a sweet girl, with a great smile. With me she was kind of quiet, and not the chatty kind, which suited me just fine. Maybe she just read my mood...? She also gave me a pro level Thai massage at the end in the time I had left.
Foxy, you are a lovely companion, And I'd love to see you again on my next visit to London. Cheers.

October 1, 2014, 90 min Incall appointment, First visit by Rhonny

I’ve been meaning to see Foxy for ages and we finally got together at her current place just off Edgware Road, where she has a very spacious and comfortable bed-sitting room. There’s a bath next door for those that enjoy bubbly fun.

From the very first second Foxy was an absolute delight; she was dressed exactly as requested, which caused some difficulties as apparently I was the first one to ask for that particular outfit – so thank you to her and to Invasian for sorting that out. She was exceptionally affectionate and friendly, and her excellent English and fun sense of humour made our time together feel very relaxed and natural. As said below, Foxy’s “casual” pictures give a far better representation of how she looks than the formulaic studio shots - I particularly like those taken in the park, which I think convey her charming and totally unspoilt personality.

My time was a classic GFE, even down to the attentive undressing and redressing which seems to be a forgotten little service among many of the new arrivals from the Orient. Foxy has a mirrored ceiling – something I always thought would be de rigueur with escorts, but isn’t - and so I spent more time than usual on my back, both during the lengthy oral session and during the sex, admiring her wonderful bum (of which she is rightfully very proud) and her tiny waist. I spent most of the remainder of the time gazing into her incredibly deep and captivating dark eyes as she really does maintain tireless eye contact throughout the intimacies.

In truth, her technique did get a bit panicky in the final minutes – I hope that I made her understand that I do not blame her for my occasional 60+ year-old short-comings, or to be more accurate, non-cumings! She really did her best and I left feeling very contented.........but maybe a little slower when I return in a few weeks please? Cheers!

Thank you for lovely review Mr. Tomcat.
Am happy you are enjoy your bookings with my agency and hope we can keep you happy enjoying your weekends fun.
Deep french kiss for you because I know you like that too much!

September 20, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Siamese Tomcat

Chilled out, no rush kinda time spent with this beautiful young lady. She has a body that will leave your mouth open and a smile that can melt a thousand hearts. She is smart, funny, seductive, sweet by nature and even sweeter by taste. Can write a whole essay here but its best to experience her rather than read about her.

September 5, 2014, 1 Hr Incall appointment, First visit by Kit-Ket

Foxy is a lovely sexy lady. Great to spend time with. Highly recommended.

August 6, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Mr P

Absolutely stunning, she made me genuinely feel like she was my thai lover on the side which being honest is just about as much as you could wish for.

July 1, 2014, one hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Sean

I am genuinely surprised that Foxy hasn't had many reviews on Invasian. She even admitted to me that she's rarely very busy. She deserves more praise in my opinion. Highly impressed with her service, with the snuggling in bed, her OWO and great sex. Very intimate GFE. The COB was a bonus.
I would recommend Foxy for anyone looking for a chilled and sensual session with a really sweet girl.
Special thanks to receptionist Tom for his patience when I was trying to decide on which alternative girl to visit - a pre-booked third visit to Zizzi couldn't go ahead as she was unavailable, but Foxy more than made up for everything.

February 28, 2014, 90 minutes Incall appointment, First visit by Mister L

I arrived to be greeted by a very friendly and gorgeous Foxy Lady, she's based in a good discrete flat in Bayswater, with a nice spacious room, and speaks very good in English. Down to action Foxy was a great lover, enthusiastic all the way, followed by a quality massage to round the hour off.

February 2, 2014, 1hr Incall appointment, First visit by xs650

Foxy is a cute and petite, small and sexy young lady with natural feminine curves above and below her tiny waist. The ‘naughty smile’ recent bedroom potraits are probably the most accurate agency photos ever to portray the person you will meet, but even they understate the vibrant 3D beauty of the real thing.
Everything requested was provided with skill and generosity, and attempts to give pleasure were received with apparent enthusiasm. More the wildly willing, naughty nympho girlfriend than the full on PSE, Foxy is a gorgeously sexy companion for a couple of hours. This was the second time I have seen her, I hope it wont be the last! Highly recommended.

2013-11-03, 3Hours incall, return-visit by Syzygy

Foxy is a great girl. Very pretty and very eager to please. She’s got a great attitude and performed all the required services with enthusiasm and charm. She’s got a fantastic Latina type body, really gorgeous curves. Great bum and legs! She speaks English well, and is easy to get on with. We also had a very good shared bath, and she gave me a fantastic massage, 1 of the best I’ve had from these ladies. I had a wonderful time with Foxy & will return to see her again soon. Thanks also to Invasian team for arranging everything so well.

2013-09-29, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Comfortably numb

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