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Advance bookings: how long?

February 1, 2013 by Aisha

Hi Aisha,

I just read the recently posted questions and answers and I am wondering how far ahead can an advance booking be made (as I see that some girls can be booked far in advance)? Is it days? One week? Two weeks?


Alex (different from the Alex asking a previous question)

Hi Alex,

Not really have the limit for how long can book in advance. If you know for sure what time and day you be wanting the bookings for no problem for call and book in advance. Many time I have client coming from another country for short time stay in London for work meeting or maybe some holiday and in the past we do booking in advance more than 1 month. So no problem if you want to book 2 or 3 month in advance.
If you coming from another country same day you make the booking for please let reception know if you can not be confirm before 10am because you on the airplane. So we be keep booking for you and understand why you not confirm in the morning.



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