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At Home Photos

July 13, 2013 by Aisha

Dear Aisha – I love your “At Home” photos of the girls! Such a unique idea and I think they look better in these photos as well. I see the studio photos and I think “hmm, maybe”. Then the At Home photos appear and I think “Wow, YES!” and make the booking. Please, more At Home photos of the other girls!!

Hi thanks for you lovely comment. I hope punters be like when I get photos show the girl how them really look. Long time even before I start agency I be bored about the girl photos because is them all get from same studio. I know some guys and some girls also not think same me but is OK. I still put on photos from studio also.

Yes I do want for take more photos for the girls but big problem is not many them want to do. They scare them gone look ugly and not get any booking. Just why is them happy for take in the professional studio so not have to worry them not look good. But I sure you guys know is can be problem if photo look too good and some time is not look like the girl!

You can help for change the girl them thinking and next time you have a booking can tell the girl you think she should let Aisha take her photo! Nothing for scare. I not going to eat them. Well maybe I not. 😉

For look some the photos can try these Tag Pages: Exclusive Photos, Amateur photos and At home photos.

Big kiss,


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