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COF or CIM service

January 27, 2013 by Aisha


I wanted to find out which of your escorts if any offer the cof service specifically.

Would be great if you can let me know.



Hi Simon.
Sorry maybe you not going for like my answer but I hope is helps you guys and helps the reception because getting the many question like this about service from the girl.
My agency is only do booking be based on the time you stay with the escort. We can not be selling some sexual service because is illegal in this United Kingdoms.
I can say maybe have reading some girls feedbacks or can ask on forum like punternet. But still have to remember just because the girl maybe do with some guy is not mean she going for do all the time. Just have to understands about girl be have choice what she do.
About COF or CIM, I think maybe more girl is feel ok about do CIM more than do COF. Because COF after have to clean makeup and hair sometime! (Yes I know is free hair-gel 🙂 )
Thanks guy

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