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Communication, suggestions and Pic-Punter offer

February 1, 2013 by Aisha

Hi Aisha,

You might find my comment a bit too forward, especially coming from a person you never met. I read through your website and I really like the concept, especially the idea of having a long term relationship with the client and looking after him. I have read your blog entries with great interest and I really think you should keep writing – your English is going to get better and better!

You mentioned that you look forward to suggestions of improvement and I have a few, if you are interested. However, I notice that you don’t have an e-mail to get in touch and I am a bit hesitant to post all my ideas on an open forum, such as this.

Hope my message reflects the gentleman I consider myself to be and the respect and admiration I have for you for your great work with the agency.


PS. Thank you for the positive moderation of my comments – hope you and the girls will like them.

Hi Alex. Thanks to you for your questions.
Sorry take me long time for reply because wanted to first put on new website update I think will help me give the answer for you:

escort website suggestions

New: website suggestions form.

Long time I want for fix problem about try get help from client about what for fix my website design or send me message if somethings not be working. So now have the new page for do this: Site issues.

Pic-Punter offer scheme.

Thanks for your comments on my the photo blog. I think you already speak with reception about make the booking advance for see Kate. And just for let you know again because you have 42 Pic-Punter comments you get the £10 off next 4 bookings. Anybody else can please reading Offers about that.


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