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Considering booking requests by email

June 10, 2014 by Aisha

Hi Aisha. Have you considered taking booking requests by email? Other agencies do. I often find it easier to send an email than to make a call, if I am working in my office for example. I would like to support your agency, but I would be more likely to do so if you accepted email requests. Take care. Roger.

Hi Roger thanks for you question. Yes good idea for me answer this question so I can be explain why I don’t be take booking request from the email. I see yesterday also on the forum have one punter say about this. I understand you like to make booking by email and feeling it be more easy for you. So I am very sorry if me not taking booking by the email is make more difficult for you. But there many important reason why I not allow email booking from my agency. And also extra things I be setup for make booking easier for my client.


Even if you can’t be call in to the booking line because you in the office, is no problem for send text to us.



Keep bookings safe for the girls.

The number one important thing for my agency service when do bookings is for make sure the girls are going be safe.


Is sad because the truth be is that there are dangerous man that are not safe to be stay alone together in the closed room. And there are some guys have problem in them head, some kind of sick thinking, them love for give problem to working girls and like to play games for scare escorts. Is make them feel have power or give them good feeling because them mommy not give them enough love when they young. And can not forget there are be many gangs who make them business from rob working girls.


If you are working as the independent escort you are invite guys you never meet before into your home. You not want to have some bad person come into your home and hurt you. If you want be safe you not just going to give your address out for anyone. And when the girl is promote with an agency they are be give the agency the job for try make sure only give them home address to safe clients.


So in my agency we not take booking from unknown or the withheld number and not take bookings by email. When do booking by text message still I like for ask new client for call in before confirm the booking. Because I want to make sure we speak with client for get better idea who they are. This is be why I pay the British male guy for work reception because he can get better idea just from 10 seconds talking with a guy about them going for be good client or not. Yes I know this still not make all the bookings 100% safe but is just one thing we try for do make more safer bookings for the girls.


I know another agency them don’t care much about the girls safe or not. And they not try hard for keep girls safe if have chance of make some money. For them is about get commission is only thing they care about. Have to understand when do email booking is more cheaper for that agency owner because them not have to lose some percent of the booking commission to the person working reception.


In my mind as be working girl for sure I not be feel safe if some agency who promote me is just going to give my home address out to anyone on email. I would not be allow agency do bookings for me like that so I must do same for another working girl who I promote on Invasian. I want to make sure for every booking we have do everything we can for keep safe. Many of the girls on Invasian they are my friends so how can I be look them in the eye if they get hurt because something I not do for try keep them safe because I chase after money from commission? No this not me.


Really I am say true that for keep the girl safe is more important than make money. This not same other agencies I know. Same reason why I only do outcall bookings to hotels and not for private house or apartment. For me I am fine for lose some money for make sure the booking be safe.



Knowing who you do business with.

Similar about the safety is be when get booking from email you can’t be know this person real client or maybe him just some horny guy in the night who be going forget about making booking the next morning. Maybe this guy just like to waste the girl time. Yes I know have problem like this when do booking on the phone also. But is more easy and free for make new email address and continue play game like this. And can’t be forget that there are many horny guys under 18 on the internet and if you care about your business you don’t want to have serious problem that be possible with anyone too young.


I not just get some other Thai girl answer phone or some Thai guy who can work answer phone much more cheap for me. (My English bad enough 😉 ). For my agency I pay more for have British guy answer phone for me. This not just because the client can better understand my receptionist. From quick call my receptionist him can better know answer for when the girl asking: how old this client? Where the client come from? From different areas in UK people have different English accent or accent from another country this my receptionist is much better for know this. Is more difficult if English not your first language for know the different accents and double hard for help a customer can not speak English good if you also can not speak English well. (Just look how hard for understand my English 😳 )


One problem I worry with email is you don’t know if the guy him in the country or just some horny guy other side the world, not have any plan for come to London. About bookings for clients from another country maybe can say this is be why have email booking service for make easier for the client. But from my experience run my agency 4 years now nearly 25% of my clients them booking from another country and them fine for use international mobile for text and calling us.



Smooth appointment process.

Big problem if make a booking by the email be the agency and the client can not contact each other close to booking time. Sometimes have some important update about the booking, maybe the client come late or the girl need to move appointment time. Maybe the client lost and him need help find the girl location. This is easy for fix if can communicate between client and the agency by the phone. What if the client him get to the appointment but the girl not answer the door. How he going to let the agency know that the door bell not working? Is be take too long for him have to go find internet cafe for log in email and get message to agency. Yes maybe client him have internet from the smartphone but then no point for do booking by email anyway if have the phone.



Give quality booking service to the girls.

The way I be think about my agency is not that just the punter is my customer. For me the booking service I do for the girls is important same. They are also my customers and I have to make sure I professional and make appointments for them with no problems. I don’t want the girl to lose bookings even if this from another agency my competition. I want to make sure we have do professional job make sure this a real client for her accept appointments from my agency and give up chance for get appointments any other way. I want the girl to make money I not care if this she do with another agency.



Your call is important to me.

Same I say before for Roger and another client who feel similar, I very sorry if not taking email booking request is make it more difficult for you. For help my client make bookings more easy I get a British person for answer phone. But another thing I have setup is we have two phone numbers for bookings. So if one line busy you can get through on the other number. And for make more easy for call my bookings line my website design for help make quicker to call us, in June 2013 I blogpost about this update: Quick call to bookings line.



Thank you for your question Roger. I understand is difficult sometimes to make a phone call if you in the office. Remember you can always be text in to both the booking numbers.

Big kiss.



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