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Lesbian Duo Suggestions, Advice and Options

March 18, 2014 by Aisha

best lesbian duo

Hello…I had the best lesbian duo with Nana and her friend. Who would you recommend to give the same experience?

Lesbian duo

Hi Aisha
Is there a Duo that does provide a true lesbian show?

New booking / Duo advice

Hi Aisha

I’ve been punting for a long time now and sadly, most of my experiences have been bad. I absolutely LOVE Asian girls, i think you’re truly beautiful, but I have had problems finding a good girl who will treat me right. Some are unclean, some give poor service… etc.

I have problems with shyness, partly because I have a very hairy body (so English girls find me unattractive). But I’m good at sex when the conditions are right and if the girl I’m with is being nice and friendly.

I am also a qualified massage therapist, so I like to do massage for some of the time during the punt. Some girls don’t like this, which is disappointing.

Anyway, i’m looking for a good experience and I’d like your advice. I’m waiting to hear about a job I’m doing, which will bring me some extra money. If it happens, I want to spend some money on a Duo Experience. I had a Duo many years ago and it was terrible. The girls didn’t want to do anything except massage and hand relief, but I paid in advance for full service and lesbian play. Not very good.

Can you recommend a duo for me who will be good together, who will treat me well? I like to do DATY and 69, rimming and maybe A-Levels. So what I want is 2 girls who will be open to all of these activities, and lesbian + 3-way play, and not try to change the rules after I’ve paid. I’m clean and average size, so assuming the girls are OK with a hairy body (trimmed in some places), maybe you can suggest which girls I should book.

Somebody recommended Mercedes. But I’d like you to tell me who are the best girls to book for a duo if I’m uncertain. Thank you.

I’m a nice guy and if I find the right girls and the right agency, i will keep coming back for more business.

Finally, if I don’t get the good news on my job, I will have a single punt with one lady. And I’d really like it to be you. Please tell me what days you are available for first appointment (11 am?). I’ve read your reports and seen your pictures and I want to find out for myself! You look stunningly beautiful 🙂

Thanks for your advice, Aisha.

Hairysteve xx

Hi Hairysteve. I will be answer your question about body hair in another post. Don’t be worry.

Best options for 2 hour threesome?

Aisha, who would you recommend for the most kinky mind blowing 2 hour lesbian threesome duo?

Email me at (email removed)

Yes this is very popular question I get from punters. This because can be hard to find Asian duos who be fine for do lesbian with each other. Most Thai wgs don’t do lesbian.

So from what my regular clients is book when they want the bi-girl duo I would say can try Mercedes, Patsy and Leila. Mercedes and Patsy been with my site more long than Leila. So many time we make booking for this type of the request with Mercedes and Patsy. Sometimes when one of them can not work and also when some my client feeling really horny and think him superman we need for find another girl who them can do lesbian with. So in the past Mercedes and Patsy always recommend Leila for come join them for the booking. And just why after we get Leila for come join my site.

Another good bi-girl duo we make regular booking for is Olivia and Emma. Just recently have one my long time clients Marshall1 go see them and do good feedback for them. Thanks to him because have many the regular clients who be see Olivia and Emma nearly every week they don’t have time for give feedback. I think after the appointment maybe them too tired!

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