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Love and escorts in general

March 19, 2013 by Aisha

Hi Aisha,

I want to start by saying I’m a tights/pantyhose freak. I have some questions:

1) I would like to know if Love will accept to wear pantyhose for the entire booking? The pantyhose would have a hole in the “pleasure area”. I can bring the (clean&new) pantyhose with me.

2) Would she be OK if I also wear pantyhose (her and me)? I have worn pantyhose all my life and I enjoy GFE fun the most if the woman and I are both wearing pantyhose.

3) I would like to know also if any other girls would accept this?

I would like to make some bookings with some of your escorts, but question 1) is mandatory for me. 2) is optional but would make me become more regular customer.

Thank you!

Sure honey. Is big YES for all 3 your question.

Is nothing new for me have many guy like this and I like same because feel very nice and smooth when rub each other legs and body together. I sure Love she is enjoy for play together like that. None of the girl is going for have problem about that. I think they going for be more relax and enjoy if you wear same time honey.

Can check the photo tags page for find something maybe you like to order for you booking. Maybe good one for you is be tag page for tights:

But have many other is be similar you can go see honey.

Sorry for take long the time for answer to you question.

Big kiss


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